Reptilian Strategy Revised

 By J Bartley, San Diego, California


In honor of this great day in human history I am calling this treatise “Common Sense.” There seems to be so little of it in what passes for the UFO Research Community that I am compelled as a reasoning and compassionate Human Being to speak out in order to raise the awareness of abductees to at least a rudimentary level. The rest is up to the individual to exercise what’s left of his or her so called “Free Will.” At the present level of understanding most of you should worry more about raising your awareness than about raising your vibrations.


During this series of commentaries I will be utilizing lessons learned from military history to underscore certain points about the nature of the all out Spiritual Warfare in which we are engaged.

The human race as a whole has been turned into a pacified race of peacenik bondservants. Because of this anti-war pacifism we have failed to learn much that is useful from the long history of human conflict. I have the maturity and common sense to recognize the reality of the environment in which I am a part as well as the self worth and sense of personal sovereignty which allow me to say “enough!”

Lord knows there are enough useful idiots out there in the “Muppet show” (the UFO research community) who are ready and willing to stigmatize me as “fear based” or a spiritual degenerate merely because I have the self worth to proclaim “ouch” when the aliens and reptilians do things to me which are painful. The pain I felt, emotional, physical and indeed spiritual were real and not the result of spiritual retardation on my part. Derogatory terms such as “Fear Based” are utilized by manipulated New Age La-Dee-Dahs to prevent otherwise intelligent people from coming into their own truth because of the fear of being unacceptable to others. The Herd Mentality in action. It is the “Herd Mentality” which explains why people even listen to New Age La-Dee-Dahs and other assorted Useful Idiots in the first place.

Over and above everything else, the reader simply must understand that the first line of defense for the dark side is the UFO research community itself. I will draw a parallel between the legendary “Double Cross System” utilized by Britain’s MI5 in which captured German agents were “turned” by their English captors and were made to send bogus and misleading information back to their German controllers on the continent which led to the American breakout from the bloody hedgerows of Normandy (ironically code named “”Cobra”) and the apparent defeat of the Nazi Regime. As we have seen, the war with that particular brand of evil goes on.

What does that have to do with the alien abduction phenomenon? Quite simply this: Many of the most prominent UFO researchers and lecturers are literally Host for reptilian beings and other malevolent entities (usually more than one entity although the dominant entity is typically a reptilian male regardless of the sex of the host.)

These entities have lectured on the UFO lecture circuit, been guest on the Art Bell show, facilitated abductee support groups and basically operate as a fifth column within our very midst. Because of the “herd mentality” which is peculiar to the human race we find ourselves in the ludicrous position of being “taught” about the UFO subject by the very entities and intelligences that are bent on our perpetual spiritual enslavement. Most of these useful idiots have no idea as to their real status vis-a-vis their alien and reptilian handlers.


Academics have also been seeded into the mix to further confuse the issue. We are so ready to defer to the judgment and opinions of so called “experts.” I don’t care if you’ve got more degrees than a bloody thermometer, if you haven’t had the experiences you’re not even qualified to venture an opinion about the subject. I don’t want to know what you know you are not qualified to tell me anything. I will write a whole commentary about the “Educational System” in this country and how it leads to ignorant numbers crunching Americans who could not even give you an adequate definition of Free Enterprise or Entrepreneurialism because they are ignorant about this country’s history and what made it a great place to emigrate to in the first place.

It is significant to me that a growing number of people in my home state of California who practice Free Enterprise are immigrants from other countries whilst the hirelings the latter employ to sweep their floors are people born and raised in America. Why? Because the “Educational system” of America, thanks to the nefarious influence of the so called “Endowments” such as the Carnegie Endowment et al are responsible for turning Americans into a consumer minded hive of employ-bees rather than business minded entrepreneurs. 98% per cent of all Americans are dead or broke by the age of 65 and if you don’t believe me why don’t you ask the Social Insecurity Service because that statistic came from them!

So if an American wants to have at least a fair chance at beating the system the last thing they want to do is go to “College” or “University” and be taught Socialism instead of Free Enterprise. If someone wants to become financially independent i.e. no debt, no job, large residual income and as much spare time as they want THEY DO NOT ACCEPT COUNSEL FROM A BROKE BUSINESS PROFESSOR WHO HAS NEVER OWNED AND OPERATED A BUSINESS, IS IN DEBT UP TO HIS EYEBALLS, HAS A MISERABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS WIFE AND IS A VIRTUAL STRANGER TO HIS OWN CHILDREN. HE/SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO COUNSEL YOU ON YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE BECAUSE HE’S/SHE IS A BROKE PERSON. THE BEST YOU COULD EVER HOPE FOR IS TO HAVE THE SAME THING THEY’VE GOT WHICH ISN’T MUCH.

A broke business professor is not qualified to tell you anything about making money. What you need to do is find someone who is in life where you want to be, submit your ego to him or to her and say aloud “tell me what I need to know to have your lifestyle.” That is what is known as “Accurate Thinking.” i.e. obtaining all your information about any subject from a CREDIBLE source and USING YOUR OWN BRAIN TO EVALUATE THAT INFORMATION INSTEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE’S. AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED THERE SHOULD BE A SIGN ABOVE THE ENTRANCE OF EVERY COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH READS “WARNING: ENTERING THIS INSTITUTION COULD BE RUINOUS TO YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE.” All that college degree qualifies you for is the privilege of filling out a job application, that’s it period and if you haven’t noticed most self made millionaires in this country didn’t get the much ballyhooed college education. I used college for my own ends: I studied abroad in Europe, took a foreign language study course abroad and read as many books about my favorite subjects from the college libraries and didn’t waste my time studying for midterms and finals BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO “TEACH” ME.

You may be asking by now what this tangent about economics has to do with all of this. Is has everything to do with living in America. If you are a product of the educational system of this formerly great republic you are probably in ecomonic bondage, every decision you make or don’t make is based on time or money, or the lack thereof. To paraphrase Thoreau, you are living lives of quiet desperation. You think that you are free just because you were born and raised in America. Uh uh. You are only as free as you allow yourself to be and in this country freedom has a dollar sign next to it. If every one practiced free enterprise in this country the way your grandparents did and if many became successful entrepreneurs who would be left to take out loans from the banks? And we just can’t have that can we?

The latter is just one example of ascribing Wisdom (Knowledge gained through experience) to people who are patently unqualified to comment on any given subject much less the subject of the aliens and reptilians who are manipulating and controlling the human race.

Moreover, the reader must remember that when these lettered boobs go out into the UFO paranormal research community with their puny egos activated, they are ripe for exploitation by the dark side. Remember: Nothing is simpler than activating the ego of the “UFO Researcher.” It’s been part of the alien modus operandi for years.

It doesn’t take long before these so-called researchers see themselves as being “above” the UFO subject itself.


I will also describe the manner in which individuals with a military or quasi-militarybackground infiltrates the UFO Research Buffoonery and establishes themselves as defacto “experts” on the Intelligence community. I will give short shrift to these “ex-insiders.” I am mature enough to recognize the difference between what I call a Surface Mentality and a Subsurface Mentality.

In the real world, not the phony James Bond world in which terms like “compartmentalization” and phrases like “Need to Know” are bandied about by wanna be-no nothings, but the real subsurface world, access is literally limited to Levels of Awareness. A robotic soldier cum thug who stands guard by the alien technology or genetics lab doesn’t even need to know that it has the potential for individual awareness or self determination. Why should he/she be allowed that luxury when all that is required of the organism is to apply muscle when needed? At the present state of genetic engineering and mind control it is not beyond the realm of possibility that at least some of these security thugs are being created on an as needed basis.

It’s questionable whether the latter even have Souls as we have come to understand the term. Moreover, the ones that haven’t been cloned out typically come from a background of emotional, physical and psychological isolation and are routinely recruited amongst the ranks of the Armed Forces. With a little indoctrination, narco-hypnosis and various and sundry other methods these people are transformed into effective security thugs.

Despite my own run-ins with these security thugs I cannot bring myself to hate or to loathe them because they know not what they do. What good does it do to hate something that doesn’t even love itself?

Likewise during those occasions when some abductees are undergoing various types of testing and training (i.e. decision making under duress, survival training, moral decision making, telekinetic enhancement, weapons training etc) we are seldom allowed to remember cogent details about our trainers/testers or the places we were at indeed the places we frequently find ourselves in are purposely made to appear innocuous.

A classic example of limiting awareness to those with a demonstrable need to be aware. Whether they are doing this for some charitable motive or because they need people to bus the tables and wash the dishes in the underground facilities during the cataclysms and upheavals on the surface (the Dark Gods of this mudball know very well the geological calendar of this planet and have developed their plans, religions and prophecies accordingly) remains to be seen yet the disturbing fact remains that most people are completely ignorant of the depth of their own involvement in all of this.

For all of these reasons and many more, I am very unimpressed with anyone who uses a background within the Surface Intelligence and Security apparatus as a justification to speak out as an authority on the UFO subject.

. Most members of the UFO Buffoonery cannot even differentiate between Intelligence on the one hand and Security on the other. Most think they are one and the same when they are most certainly not.


For the most part these host and other assorted recyclable containers are not even aware of their true position vis-a-vis the reptilians because their ego’s have long since been activated Nothing is simpler than activating the ego of a so called UFO Researcher. A few “Parlor Tricks” i.e. telepathic communications, synchronicities, UFO sightings, and so forth and the useful idiot’s ego is activated and he/she becomes a propaganda asset to sow discord and confusion within the UFO buffoonery in true psychological warfare fashion.

If you are still comparing scoop marks and staying up all night atop a wind swept plateau hoping a UFO flies by you still haven’t figured it out. I’ve taken part in a number of “reptilian stakeouts” where I’ve slept next to a known portal entry in a house and the creatures have come out. I have broken into a number of facilities not only in this aspect of vibrational creation but in others in my astral body and have done much more besides but I’ve never lost sight of the fact that the struggle is within each one of us. This is because we are the products of long term genetic and soul matrix manipulation.

The opposing polarities are beckoning for us to go in one direction or the other. Because of the dark “Serpent Seed” which we have been programmed with we must always be on guard lest we allow these base primordial characteristics to consume us from within. The last thing we want is to be used as a scapegoat by the fundamentalist Religious crowd. They will point their plastic fingers at us and accuse us of being in league with the devil and lump us together with of the New Age La Dee Dahs when we are really just people who are caught in this cross fire between the light and the dark. Ironically some of us have faith and believe in some of the same things the Funny-mentalist believe in. We are just not as dogmatic and manipulatable and intolerant as they are. Well, I take that back…I am intolerant of stupidity and ignorance, which allows evil to hold rein over the lives of decent people.


What we are involved in is nothing less than all out spiritual warfare on a cosmic multidimensional scale. The consequences of our continued ignorance and indifference are perpetual spiritual bondage and cosmic vassalage. The truly sad thing about I will speak in great detail about “Soul Recyclement.” during this series of commentaries and the fact that most if not all of the researchers who are promoting the concept of human spiritual evolvement through friendly contacts with “Alien Ambassadors or Emissaries” are just manipulated pawns (Recyclable containers) in this cosmic game of chess.

Some of you out there call yourselves “hybrids,” “walk-ins, “star seeds,” “contactees” and “experiencers” when for the most part you are nothing more than a recyclable container to be used or discarded as the reptilian overlords of this planet see fit. The struggle for our souls comes from within. I will elaborate on this more later but for now suffice it to say a primordial baseness has been programmed into us which the reptilian overlords are striving to promote at all hazards. The specter of a society run by openly hosted individuals is too terrible to contemplate. It’s bad enough now with these entire political and military and religious host pulling the strings on human.


I am an abductee. I am a student of the Second World War with an emphasis on the Intelligence and Security apparatus, which developed during that time period. I am also a student of the American Civil War. Many Americans today are ignorant of the fact that wars have been fought in this country. Future events will show that the carnage and bloodshed of the American Civil War will be mild compared to what is to come.

My colleagues are well aware of the Occult Basis for the Reptilian Overlordship of the human race. There are aspects of the UFO abduction phenomenon which are indistinguishable from Demonic Infestation, Demonic Possession, Sorcery and Witchcraft and I will argue that point until someone else is blue in the face.

Some of you believe that “The Dark Side” is merely a Jungian Archetype. Your minds shut down when you hear words like “Demon” bandied about in your presence. Well, its high time that many of you grow up and recognize the reality of your environment. Realize that confusion and discordance are sown into the lives of abductees precisely to siphon off and harvest negative energies and emotions and to keep them in a harmless emasculated state.

Understand that many abductees are so entity infested that the best thing you could ever do for them is to pray for whatever iota of humanity is still left in there and leave that confusion and discordance in your past as you march on to your meeting with destiny before you are dragged down to their base primordial level.

As someone who has allowed reptilian hosts and demon infested people into my life at critical moments (both were “UFO Researchers” when they were in actual fact negative energy portals of Hell) and for extended periods of Time I can only say that its in your own best interest to be able to identify the latter when it is your presence because the very attributes and characteristics which make Human Beings a potentially noble and god-like race of beings, (Compassion and Generosity for example) can be potentially fatal weaknesses when mistakenly applied to evil and malevolent spirits in human recyclable containers who are bent on the perpetual spiritual enslavement and cosmic vassalage of the Human Race.

At the very least we must leave an institutional memory of the events that transpired during this era so that our descendants will not have to once again sort out truth from legend, the Dark Ages Revisited.

My three principal colleagues, Barbara Bartholic, Eve Francis Lorgen and Marianne Friedman are the most knowledgeable Abduction Researchers on this planet. They are all true spiritual warriors and are not popularity seekers. I cannot think of any others I would like to march with me into this uncertain future.


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