Reptilian Abductee Updates his Blog

Matt R is a milab abductee who has previously shared his reptilian abduction experiences. He updates his testimony about his “milab mall training” reptilian directed exercises before hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana back in 2005.

Joe Montaldo, a radio show host and director of ICARR, interviewed several witnesses regarding this “reptilian mall training exercise”, adding further confirmation to Matt’s story. Included is a short radio interview discussing a few more details discovered in this fascinating case.

Here is an excerpt of the opening blog entry:

“In an interview recorded on 10-23-12, Joe Montaldo discusses new info and findings in regards to the 2005 Katrina reptilian abductions. He has now found at least 30 other abductees, who were taken during these events. For the first time, he also goes into precise detail on what transpired during these trainingexercises. My name is Matt R. As a former NOPD officer,I was one of the abductees involved. I am mentioned by Mr Montaldo a few times in this interview. These abductions involved dozens of police and military members.The main purpose of these workshops were to train reptilians , and select groups of abductees, in crowd control. According to some of these newly revealed accounts, these exercises also involved the use of alien stun wands, wound healing devices, and telekinesis.”

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