Reptilian Abductee Reports a Forced Crusader-like Baptism Ritual

Ken Bakeman, a reptilian abductee, writes about his recent series of ET encounters with a toad like reptilian and a mantis being who forced him into a strange “Crusader Soldier Baptism” ritual. In Part One of his testimony, Ken describes being thrown a crumpled crusader-looking shirt, with a red cross emblem on it, and instructed to wear it.

Here is a excerpt of his story and more to come in his bizarre ritual like encounters with different ET types:

“…He pushed this article of clothing toward me repeatedly and along with some crude telepathic prompting make it obvious that I was expected to wear it.  This waist-length shirt reminded me of something that an altar boy or low order priest might wear.  At this point in life my attitude about religion and the existence of God ranged somewhere between agnosticism and atheism, with a decided inclination toward favoring the atheistic view.  The idea of being forced to dress up in any kind of clothing with a blatant Christian symbol on it, even under what might be considered ordinary conditions, would have been very repugnant to me.  But under the current circumstances I faced a mind boggling scenario of a monstrous creature, looking like something that might have come from another planet, insisting that I wear a Crusader’s tunic.  After attempting a feeble protest, it was made abundantly clear by the aggressive motions of my captor that I didn’t have any choice in the matter.

     I now stood in the gloom wearing my worn out pair of blue jeans, soggy canvas sneakers and a ‘Christian Soldier’ tunic pulled over my undershirt.  To be continued in Part 2:

– My Baptism Ceremony
Wherein I was forced to my knees and had ‘holy water’ poured over my head and neck by a reptoid priest . . .

– My Ordination by an Insectoid Cleric
 Forced to stand in front of a 7′ tall insect-like creature who held an old, worn out parchment document in Latin for me to see, recite and accept the assigned duties and obligations . . .

– Meeting the ‘Lizard Pope’ 
Was taken to the high altar and throne of an enormous, obese, decrepit looking white reptile creature to be ‘blessed’ . . . 

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