Malevolence Vs Benevolence

By Colleen Johnston

It’s not easy coming to terms with the possibility many members of my family (including myself) have been involved with alien abduction for generations. Announcing this type of revelation publicly is like proclaiming to have been infected with a fatal yet contagious disease.  Even within the UFO community a few eyebrows still raise at the slight mention of it.  Alien abduction is the darker characteristic, “dirty little secret” of Ufology that some researchers (until recent years) wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

I need to clarify my own personal definition of alien abduction. Abduction has nothing to do with being contacted by benevolent little creatures that wish to share the vast secrets of the universe.  Abduction is a malevolent act of aggression towards the experiencer, invasive at every level and a horrifying, traumatic encounter that leaves the recipient traumatized and completely changed forever.  It often creates symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which adversely affects a person for the rest of their life. It can also leave a person with holes in their memory, genuinely fearing for their sanity and possibly having a nervous breakdown.

I have been experiencing what I believe to be alien abduction from the age of four onward.  Mental, emotional as well as cruel physical experiments have been performed on me, without my consent.  It is my opinion that these beings, whether Zeta Riticulans (small Greys, with large buglike eyes supposedly from star group Zeta Riticuli), several foot tall harshly malevolent reptilian entities or any other species do not have our best interest at heart. My genuine concern is they have a much deeper, sinister objective, which we may never fully understand.

Beings with spiritual understanding or a genuine love for humanity would not have to operate in such clandestine fashion. They should also recognize someone’s true spiritual awareness and genuine desire to learn how to help humanity revolutionize its ills. I have experienced none of the above, with these captors. Quite the contrary, it has been more akin to concentration camp like behavior with indifferent, unsympathetic entities that have their own malevolent priories and a hidden possibly sinister agenda.

I didn’t always feel this way. I once believed abduction was for our own good that these beings were spiritually advancing us in return for allowing physical and mental experimentation. A supposedly enlightened spiritual teacher convinced me that the beings were ethical, that I was to accept these occasional incursions without question. Not only accept it but also to feel honored because they had chosen me.  As these experiences became increasingly conscious, and some of the screens began to lift, my assessment of these creatures (or how I was brainwashed to believe in my opinion) dramatically shifted.

When I began to fight for consciousness at the suggestion of a well-known researcher the late Dr. Karla Turner, I began to ask myself a few really hard questions, Such as, what honor and spiritual renumeration is it to be subjected to total helplessness? In addition to the sheer horror of watching a fetus is being harvested from a loved one? Then, if that wasn’t enough, being forced to calm her then required to remove gauze like packing from her vagina after she has hemorrhaged from the brutality of it all?  Or watching my mother, two sisters and my sweet daughter huddled into a small cramped, caged area completely in a state of traumatized terror urging me that if I didn’t cooperate with the beings they would be harmed, possibly killed?  I have witnessed no honor, no warm fuzzy fireside chats about humanitarian missions or spiritual advancement from these beings, ever.

We must do whatever possible to stop the experiences from occurring all together. We must fight for conscious recollection of the abductions and expose these captors for what they are. I know once I began to fight for recollection, I began to see another side of the abduction scenario. When we begin to fight for consciousness we can begin to realize the contradiction that’s really happening to us; and what masterful screens our adept controllers have placed within our psyches.

Consciousness may hold the key which could possibly find solutions to stop abduction once and for all.


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