Interview with a Milab Supersoldier Recovered from Military and Reptilian/Drac Control

 By Eve Lorgen

This is an interview with a male abductee I will call Zed, regarding his unwilling involvement with the Reptilians as an abductee mind controlled slave and MILAB Super-warrior via a joint alien/secret government program.

Zed corresponded with me after reading some articles on the MAAR (Malevolent Alien Abduction Research) web site about trauma based mind control and alien manipulation. Zed became aware of the Reptilian/Draconian overlord hierarchy of his mind control program after working diligently for over a decade to free himself from abductions, MILABS and reptilian/Drac mind control. The healing and recovery process involved prayer and exorcism, advanced meditation skills and a persistent diligence in becoming free.

Zed’s experiences involve classic abductions by Grey aliens, Reptilians, and MILABS in mind controlled ops as a super warrior, in Navy Seals type black ops. This case demonstrates the Reptilian mind control programming, spiritual warfare and black ops metatechnology employed, which underwrote human secret government military Superwarrior programming. A key point realized in Zed’s recovery was that the reptilian programming undermined the human military goals. In Zed’s case a secret government military faction worked in liaison with alien controllers to create the perfect superwarrior mind control slave.

Due to the ongoing dangers of harassment, Zed has chosen to remain anonymous.

1. Who or what material led you to my work/me?

I first read an article, by you, about mind control on the Malevolent Alien Abduction research site. Upon completing the article, my Higher Self instructed me to email the author and start a dialogue. So I did, and here we are.

2. When and where were you born and raised?

I was born circa 1969. {On American soil, from several generations of red-blooded Americans‘.}

3. Were either of your parents active in the military, intelligence agencies, aerospace, or involved in any secret government types of careers?

Not even remotely. Totally mundane civilian work and lifestyle.

4. Are you aware of any family ties to secret societies or cults?

My parents were Pentecostals. I believe that is a cult movement of Christianity. It is possible that my grandfather was a member of the KKK (my family was very NOT racist. It was frowned upon. But the family history is another matter).

5. Do you or any family members have spiritual gifts or other talents beyond the average, ie., clairvoyance, healers, superior athletes, musicians, artists, very high IQ’s ?

My mother is very psychically intuitive. She says she the Holy Spirit speaks to her often. As an observer I have noticed how her ego stuff negatively effects her accuracy about things. But she’s got the gift, no doubt. My father is a pretty good faith healer, and also very intuitive about spiritual matters. He would never identify himself this way, but I would say his spiritual practice is more like early Christian mysticism than other Pentecostals. Dreaming the future, hearing “spiritual” voices and healing through the laying of hands are common.

{As for myself. I tend to score anywhere from the 160’s to 180’s on IQ tests. I have noticed the ability to sense or sometimes even “see” things before they happen. Sometimes, far off in advance of the event, sometimes, milliseconds. I’ve been a practicing “laying of hands” and have been told my hands are “gifted”. But I know I’m just scratching the surface of my potential. I was competitively athletic for sometime. I did really well. Not always the best, but often second best. I think the milab program wanted to enhance my performance, while the rep program wanted to screw with my psyche, so I’d be set to win a race and then I could feel myself “losing” and my power would drain just enough to fail. Only when competing. Never in practice. And it wasn’t being under the eye of people. I could publicly speak to hundreds comfortably. I’ve always been above average at everything I do without even trying. When I apply myself I can be downright impressive. This could easily sound like boasting, buts it’s just not intended that way. My goal is to merely state the facts as I understand them.

Now I have to just lump a lot over other things into the “psychic grab bag”. This could any one of more than a dozen manifested psychic abilities, that I’ve been able to do consciously or unconsciously, more than once in my life. Some many times but without a firm understanding of the mechanisms that activate such abilities. Some it’s definitely a learning curve. I’m getting a lot better these days at others. To lay all this out in this interview I would have to consider an act of “laying out all my cards” and I don’t feel that’s prudent at this time. Suffice it to say that it’s a forward moving growth curve on many levels.

The telepathy has been the most fascinating and the most difficult. Sometimes its like hearing voices. And I’m sure the debunkers will say that I’m schizophrenic, not telepathic. If so, it is an incredibly coherent and consistent schizophrenia, the likes of which I have never heard. Who’s to say most of the world’s diagnosed schizophrenics aren’t mostly latent telepaths who’ve been improperly diagnosed. They’re not psych-o, their psych-ic.

6. What is your cultural heritage, and can your family genealogy be traced back to any royalty?

Somewhere way back, I’m supposed to be related to an Archbishop of Canterbury. Other than that, nothing that I am aware of. In fact, one side are pretty much Appalachian hillbilly mongrels.

What about blood type, and any inherited medical conditions, unusual allergies, etc?

Can’t recall my blood type. No inherited conditions. Used to have bad allergies. Not anymore. Since my big deliverance and healing my allergies have been all but nil. Otherwise healthy and above average in all categories.

7. What religion did your parents practice and raise you as a child?

Pentecostal Christians. I do believe this provided me with ‘some’ protection when I was younger. But clearly not enough to keep 100% safe from harm.

(* It has been observed by many abductees who are serious Christians or spiritual practitioners who admit that deliverance and/or exorcism alone will not entirely keep out alien abductions because aliens function on another level other than just being like demons. It is naive to consider all abducting aliens as demons functioning under the same laws‚. Many are not and are living beings who can die just like us humans.)

8. What was your earliest UFO or alien abduction related experience?

I’m aware of abductions as early as 4 years old. {I have two parts of this earliest memories. Overt. A period of time when the whole family was have sleep problems and hearing lots of “footsteps” in the hallways and so on. My mother was convinced, quite fiercely that the household was under demonic attack and we called a minister from the church to do an exorcism of the house. Apparently this was a rough experience for him and felt hands pushing and pulling at him that he couldn’t see and it was a consensus by the minister, his younger assistant minister and my parents that a serious spiritual battle was taking place. The other are the repressed that I didn’t remember until more recently. That first bit, though, I remember from my whole life. Repressed memories include a ride in a large saucer shaped ship. Probably 30m wide. The inside of the ceiling of the craft had this weird quality. Since there were no windows, when the ship was in motion the entire ceiling of the inside of the vehicle would act as a view screen showing you outside as if the roof were simply not there and you were looking straight out into space. It makes for breathtaking views. But also practical 360′ vision for the pilot and passengers. Then landing on the dark side of the moon and being led to a complex of buildings where our training was to take place. Any number of other purposes may have been the goal here as well. I can’t speculate.}

Are you ware of any other family members with alien visitations?

I suspect many or all of them may have at least once. But no one will admit to anything if they remember and no one wants to hear me talk about my experiences. It makes everyone uncomfortable. But I think mostly for reality reasons. ET’s and reps kind of screw with the Pentecostal ideal of where we are right now. They don’t like to hear it.

9. How many alien abductions do you think you’ve had?


When did you notice any military and secret government human involvement?

I have memories of a military officer with grey hair talking to one of the handlers (cloaked in black robes) from about when I was 5 or so.

10. What was the nature of military involvment, can you tell which branch or group is working with the aliens in your experiences?

The officer was in light khaki, so I think, Navy. I recall training that was very SEAL like. So again, I’m thinking Navy.

11. Describe any training scenarios, that the reptilians, other aliens or military involved you in when you were a child or teen.

That could really involve pages of detailed memory. To give an overview, lots of games in holo-scenarios that involved, hunting, tracking, team goal accomplishment, hiding and evading, climbing, hiking, running, swimming. Sparring hand to hand and with bo-style staffs. Edged weaponry didn’t come until my teens. Guns and special arms, when I was a teen. More sf style tactics and the goals and games got more complicated as we grew older.

12. How did these training scenarios shape what you experienced later in life, as a career or other mind controlled ops you were forced to take part in? i.e., Superwarrior, Navy Seal stuff, etc.

I was very close to a lot in the military. Believe it or not, I turned it down when Yeshua appeared to me in a dream and told me not to. That really bad things would happen if I did. So I didn’t.

13. How did your alien (reptilian or other aliens) and milab (military/secret government liaisons, involvement) experiences/abductions/mind controlled ops change with time and age?

{That’s very difficult to say since I’m still piecing together memories. My impression at this time is that my resistance of the program peaked at a certain age (we’ll say 22) and I became pretty useless to the milab controllers. I was not free at this stage, but I was not making a very good slave anymore so I was given the command to self-terminate. This manifested itself in many self-destructive behaviors and even real suicide attempts. At least three that should have been a simple success, but were thwarted mysteriously.

I used a VERY sharp hunting knife to slash my wrist once. It took several slices to get passed the meat and to the vein. There it was, exposed and glistening, soft and pliable. I bared down, hard, three times and failed to cut the vein. Determined, I poked the vein with the tip and attempted to tear it out. It stretched, but didn’t burst or become remotely damaged. The pain was severe, but the only blood was from the gash through my skin. The Vein would not cut. I can’t explain that one.

Nor can I explain the shotgun shells that didn’t go off. Nor can I explain waking up from an overdose of pills and alcohol. Believe me, these were serious attempts, I really wanted to die. The program of self-termination didn’t stop running until my deliverance. Occasionally I do think about giving up, but only for a few seconds at a time, and not more than once a day. The thoughts of self-termination were constant for years. The rep mind control was more insidious and more persistent. I think throwing off the milab control was part of the rep program.}

Did any of your experiences involve others you recently met, new friends (other abductees) where they became involved in the shared mind controlled ops, sent on missions together?)

Not that I recall. I was kept very isolated from people around me. This was reptilian programming underneath the milab programming meant to actually subvert the milab program and assert its own. Part of that program was to make me very socially and psychologically isolated so I would fall into the natural pattern of the program. I maintained a spiritual moral center.

Mostly about the right and wrong of doing violence to one another. I think this really saved me. Otherwise I would have done a lot of damage.

14. What was the turning point for you to seek out help for these experiences?

I think it was meeting people who didn’t think I was crazy for having my experiences (not the abduction ones, I couldn’t even talk about it at this time) and actually had other explanations why things happened and believed that we are in communion with other beings from all over the place. But I was really searching for help since as early as I can remember. As early as I knew there was something terribly wrong with my world {(10-11yrs old)} I began searching for answers how I could know what it was and gain some kind of control over it.

15. Which therapeutic methods helped you open up memories? Of all these methods, which was most important to you, and if you rated these methods, which would you do first, and how would you sequence a healing and recovery process?

After my deliverance, it was clear to me that they weren’t just going to leave me alone, but they no longer had control from the inside. Whatever they did now was going to be external. My Higher Self has been my coach and guide through this whole process. I’ve mostly stayed away from researchers like yourself (both reading or communicating with), with the exception of one book by David Icke. At the most fundamental is a healing path in love and light for self and treating all life as sacred. Without a path of ACTION, not just thought or belief, no significant progress will be made. But most of the battle will be fought in the mind.} 99% of what I believe I know is because of SR (the “nickname” I will use for my Higher Self). The two main aspects of my healing and relearning about myself are him (SR) and the special mediation I learned called MerKaBa. Egyptian for “Light-Body-Vehicle”. To sum up, it’s a special 18 step meditation that creates a coherent energy field around the body that conforms to sacred geometry proportions and is coded with specific mathematics. With enough practice it eventually becomes permanent and just has to be “fed” from prana to be maintained. The bonus is that the field is like a computer hard drive. It stores memory and data and can be programmed to perform functions. Supposedly, unlimited ones. I keep my functions simple, but programs that seem to be highly effective include, “immunity to reptilian technologies”, “cloaking from the motherships”, as well as “total dominion and control over my nanites” (they’re in my body, therefore they are mine, and only I can control them). The greatest asset being the slow and steady cultivation of energy and Spirit. It makes one spiritually stronger, which is the greatest defense against these foes. { Anyone interested in this work should look at and look at the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek.}

My Higher Self

Made it clear that I needed to “hide out” long enough to cultivate this energy and develop my strengths to make myself ready to re-enter the battlefield. So far so good. I reiterate, this is the crux of my healing and protection. SR has been good enough to help me during mediation to identify lines of code and delete controlling and tracking lines, while editing lines that relate to special abilities. As well as being able to add my own lines of code where I see fit. (for instance I rewrote the first three lines of code for my nanites thus: (1) My nanites can rebuild, restore, and renew any tissue, cell, or molecule in my body (2) My nanites will go where I command them, in my body, and commit continuous energy in proportions that I specify until what time that new orders or given. And just to be sure….(3) My nanites are incapable of receiving or transmitting any signal originating from outside my body.

Most of the work has been done at this time, but SR and I continue to do some “clean up” work. I deleted my “handlers’ ID” and no longer receive or transmit signals to/from the Draco’s. When I think of how specific I had to do certain things to overcome my own programming, I find it difficult to imagine how anyone could just “happen” to figure it out and get over it. I’m also not sure what’s replaceable and what’s unique to me and useless to others. I’ve even encountered others who I’ve identified as “hosts” for reptilian technology and thought I might be able to help them get free. No luck I’m afraid. A lot of hours, weeks, months and in the end, no visible progress. Back to square one for a strategy that might work. Very frustrating.

I’ve had to sever all contact with these people to save myself. Like swimming from a sinking ship and having to leave drowning family behind to save yourself. Breaks my heart. I fear for their sanity or worse. I’ve done pretty good at getting over feeling guilty, but it’s sad to leave them suffering, wishing you could help. But I’ve learned from watching other people fail as much as I’ve learned from my own failures and successes. Self-awareness and self-control must be strong in the subject. Without it, they’ll just get led around by the ‘nads in whatever way is most hampering of your trying to help them. Sad, but true. The will to be free must be greater than any other will. Without it, there is little hope, if any. Survival isn’t enough, love isn’t enough, family isn’t enough, power isn’t enough.

Only Freedom was strong enough to keep me going when all else failed. I would be Free or I would die a horrible miserable death (which I REALLY wasn’t looking forward to) trying to my last breath. Love was a close second, and carried most of the daily load, but would give sometimes, and Freedom would pull through and save the day. SAVE the DAY. But that’s me. Does that apply to everyone? I don’t have a lot of other samplings to go by. I’m sure you have a better idea of some of the norms than I do. A belief in something bigger and better than where we are, because I had “seen and felt” it for REAL and then awoke to find myself imprisoned in something nightmarish that always felt out of place and out of synch with everything and everyone else. Kind of creeps me out, when I think about it. But a fierce belief that there was more than my cage to the world kept me going. I’ve seen others just accept the cage as the limit.

I’ve gotten them to peak beyond the cage, but they return obediently and don’t seem to have the same will I’ve had to resist the urges to do closed minded things. Or what appears to me the urge to be free. Like animals raised in a zoo.

I understand the frustration in some New Age platitudes with being told to “detach” all the time. When “connecting” with this (memories, recovery) is the only way to overcome it. As you say, remembering is key to having power over it. Detaching just makes you vulnerable by keeping you in spiritual denial.

{The real keys seem to be Love, Light, Freedom, and tremendous self-compassion. Of course some compassionate support is always a help, but in a situation like this, sometimes it is scarce.}

Can you describe a bit about the programming?

I know that there were parts of the programming that were like artificial intelligence. They morphed to adapt to whatever stimulus was working against it from the outside, or the inside. Very complicated. Sometimes the AI would get overridden by a sentient force that was living and adaptable and had a specific frequency of a Draco or Reptilian life form. But there was a surface program (milab) with several Drac programs running beneath it that were unknown to the military and actually counter to the milab agenda in pursuit of its own rep agenda. Very complicated. It was like living with a lot of people in my head for a long time. When I was delivered the first thing I noticed was the silence. I couldn’t believe that it is was possible to be that quiet. I couldn’t hear anything or anyone but me. It was bliss. I didn’t realize what it was like to have a clear, uninterrupted thought until that moment.

{At its most fundamental, the milab program is basically just a superwarrior program. Technically I’m a failed superwarrior. Funny, I feel pretty good at being a failure at that. All the sub-programs support a larger platform of combat, survival and obeying orders. The details are much more complicated, but the basics are pretty basic.

My rep program is way more complicated. I’m not comfortable disclosing the details of which. Suffice to say, very dark, very ugly. If you thank any god for anything, thank them the next time you get a chance that I never did what they wanted me to do. I don’t know if I could have made it back from that path if I had really descended. Scary. I think the most insidious part of the rep programming is how close it feels to the real you. Feelings that you might feel like anger, sorrow, jealousy become magnified. So where the feelings come from are usually obvious, but the intensity is way out of balance. Making mountains out of molehills. Reacting really big to something can often drastically change the outcome to a small reaction. How easy it becomes to confuse the program with your own identity as well. The program may induce something like, depression. You start to indentify with the feelings of depression and then become more and more convinced that you are what you feel. The emotions may be yours, but the intensity is not. You identify yourself with the power, even in a negative form like depression that is really powerlessness. The program becomes an overlay of your own personality and the strength of the program wears down your own will so you just stop resisting it and go with the flow. Then you become the program. But not really, this is just perception. You’re still you, the program is still the program. But you won’t see that until you separate them. Quite the catch .22. You can’t know your a slave until your free, but you can’t be free as long as your a slave. Very insidious.}

16. What other milab victims did you read about or meet and learn from? Were these persons helpful or recovered?

None. When I suspected that I was an abductee, it was part of my program not to seek out info on the subject, so I didn’t. When I was delivered, my Higher Self told me not to read any books or talk to anyone, that it would pollute my healing and recovery. And just to meditate and get in touch with Nature for a year. After that, and He and I had worked out a lot of my experiences and he helped me define them. At that point He said it was okay to start reading and talking to people and making connections with others, that I would be grounded in my own experiences enough not to be misled by anyone.

I have met other people I strongly suspect of being controlled abductees. They were not recovered, I could not help them, and they only hindered my progress. I think I’ve read two stories about other MILABS. I remember very little specifically, I was more interested in what experiences were similar, and there were enough to make it feel non-coincidental. I have met a few people in the flesh who I suspected, but they were definitely unaware, if they were.

17. Can you describe any of your reptilian coded mind control programs, how they accessed and triggered your programs–or recall how and when they were installed? How were these programs and triggering methods different from the military programs which were layered over the reptilian/alien ones?

This is really complicated. So pardon me if it doesn’t all quite “fit”. I’ll do my best. The rep coded mind control programs were accessed through remote nanites. This made it easy for the Draco’s to change programming, or remote control certain emotions, thoughts, desires, etc,, anything that can be stimulated via the neural system. They were installed in an incredibly brief surgical procedure where they were all (1000+) introduced into the blood stream where they found their way to their many destination points (key points in the central nervous system and brain, and key organs, including the eyes) (fyi, this used to cause me pain in every part of my central nervous system in which they were active) with plenty of roaming sentry nanites doing their jobs. I’m not comfortable discussing the precise purpose of my rep program.

Over the top of this extremely high tech control system was the milab system. Cruder. Less precise, but not to be pooh-poohed. Programming based on creating a platform using psychological trauma or some kind of hypnotic inducer machine. Creating a “blank” person that can then be taught skills. Technical, social, military protocol, and psionic or whatever. Beliefs can also be taught. Social, political, religious or whatever.

The seam between the real ME and the milab me is pretty tight, but my soul resisted and rejected the program. The seam between the real ME and the rep me is more seamless, but I still fought it. The rep program also helped subvert the milab program. This was intentional on the part of the reps, unknown to the milab handlers. The rep program was written to serve a draconian agenda, counter to the milab agenda.

I’m not sure how to describe the difference in triggers. The milab triggers stopped working when I was awake, and was only accessible when I was asleep. {It was truly a “sleeper” style program. I was meant to live my normal life, and just let the program “sleep” until I was needed.} The rep triggers would go off all day long, awake or asleep. Sometimes all I could do in a day was fight them to a draw. I resisted the triggers and the programming. They punished me continuously with pain and illness. I did not relent. I wished I were dead, a lot, but I kept on. {The rep program was a more active program. It was definitely trying to shape my outer life completely. It had a “design” on my life on who and what I was supposed to be. The milab program actually left some room for free will. I think they know this is inherently human and have probably had problems with subjects who’s free will they tried to completely suppress. Free will, of course, as long as it kept me within a boundary of loyalty to their agenda. }

18. Do you recall a specific alien programmer or handler in your experiences?

Two different ones, both cloaked in black robes. One alien, dark brown rep, 4-5 ft tall. One human military. {I have specifically identified the rep handler and at one point even knew his name. The human one, I think I could ID if I saw them again. But I’m not sure I could describe him, no remarkable features really. You know, military officer, short grey hair, in uniform. Nothing distinct, but I can still see the face pretty good, so I think I could make a match against some photos.}

What about military or secret government handlers who tried to access you?

No one has tried to access me, other than remotely. In fact, for a reason I can’t totally figure out, they seem to be afraid to get too close to me physically if I’m not unconscious. I’ve seen and sensed them very close, but they seemed nervous and almost scared when I caught their eyes. In fact that was always the give-away. I’d look at them and they’d look back scared, and then break eye contact.

Any well known to the UFO community?

*(Some MILABS have recognized well known researchers, authors within the UFO/Paranormal/Mind control community as handlers who were in the abductions, trying to mind control, threaten and harass them to remain quiet) We call them OMAGS or CHEOPS.

Since I don’t really know anyone in the UFO community, I couldn’t say.

19. When you were breaking programming, did any spooks (OMAGS) try to access you via trigger phrases or other methods which they were not successful?

Yes, several times over the phone, but again, not in person.

Are military/secret gov. methods of triggering and accessing your codes/alters different than what the aliens do when they abduct you?

The simplest difference is the milab method is more like a multiple personality switch, while the rep method is more spiritual, dark, but spiritual.

{The milab way is more the “trauma-based” style. With appealing to your base instincts, mostly fear and pleasure. Intimidation and the offering of carnal rewards if you performed. I’ve recently recalled a dark haired female controller who used sex as a reward and incentive for performance. I think she’s a love-bite type. But I’ve never seen her outside of an abduction.

The rep way is accessed through the negative emotions mostly. Fear, anger, jealousy, sorrow, take your pick. It was definitely important when I made the connection that I lost the most control when I was experiencing negative emotions. And was in more control when I suppressed them. Now, you can’t suppress these emotions forever, but sometimes its very important to keep them in check as to not be manipulated by them.}

20. Did any people within the secret gov. or other milabs/abductees in recovery help you become free?

Not that I am overtly aware.

21. Can you describe some military black ops you were forced to take part in under mind control? How many branches of military are involved in using abductees/MILABS as operatives?

Some missions with Seals in Central America, mostly putting the squeeze on the cocaine cartels. I have some other memories which I felt were out of context because they were in the past, like Vietnam, or seemed to be on another planet. After James explained how they use time/space travel, however, (which I knew they had and used, I just didn’t know they used it like this) it makes a lot more sense that way.

I remember spending a lot of time in the jungle. Apparently I do well there, cause they kept sending me back. Mostly surgical kill strikes to specific targets (communities) and sometimes individual leaders or their lieutenants. They need a lot of money to fund these programs. So we helped secure and move a lot of weight in cocaine for resale back in the states. I actually have a lot of specific memories about these events, but they’re still fairly traumatic, so I don’t really like to get into them. Suffice to say I’ve killed for them, and I have some serious issues about that, both the killing and being used to do so against my free will. It was actually the surfacing of this trauma, the memories of having killed people in combat that first broke through about my milab missions. It took over seven years to unravel, remember and put it all into a place so that I can sleep again at night without barricading the front door with the living room furniture. The PTSD was VERY real, and took a lot of regular therapy to get over.

I told my therapist that I had been in the SEALS and done some covert ops and killed some people and was feeling pretty messed up about it. I didn’t have to say anything about abductions or reptiles or mind control. I just wanted to heal from the trauma and move on with my life, because everything was on hold until I did. I really couldn’t function because of it. My therapist told me I had one of the most severe cases of combat PTSD he had ever seen (and he had seen a lot) and never once questioned my stories authenticity. Because the emotional reactions I was having in therapy were quite real. The uncontrollable shaking, crying, screaming, sweating of someone in deep grief for having murdered many people.

The healing was quite real too. As I began to forgive myself for “following orders”, and learning to love myself in the here and now, after all, I wasn’t a killer anymore and I was good person, who treated people well and aspired to work that helped ease the suffering of others. This took years, but eventually I came back to living and loving my life. Only to be hit in the face with the further rep programming, but I couldn’t do it all at once. It had to come in stages over years of my life.

There’s no way I could say which branches use MILABS and which ones do not. But it seems perhaps the Navy and the Air Force more than the others. They seem to have more access to the high-tech compartments..}

22. What abilities and programs did you discover you had when your memories/self awareness surfaced? (i.e. foreign languages, psychic abilities, martial arts, photographic, eidetic memory)

Definitely martial arts. I do katas I was never taught, and I’ve whooped a little ass that surprised me. I thought I was going to get stomped, and something happened, and I didn’t. I think you needed to be there. Certain things with memory are photographic. Some eidetic. Some abilities still lie in “dormant” files that certain conditions (Like if A, B, C, and D simultaneously happen while at location X,Y or Z or in the presence of Q or N then trigger latent ability c1101—and so on) must exist for them to trigger.

{I’m still learning what abilities I have and what is from programming and what is just from becoming an awake human being. But since this would be laying out my cards, I won’t go into any more details about that.}

23. When you tried to help other abductees , what methods did or did not work?

To be brutally honest, so far nothing has really worked. Some things have shown better progress than others (the more love and light the better). I’m still in the lab stage with this one.

Are males or females more likely to become aware and recovered/free?

I think males resist programming more naturally. I think it’s the testosterone, and the innate desire to be free. I don’t know that it matters whether it’s a male or female, but the desire to be free must be greater than all else. Otherwise they can always be seduced or distracted away from the goal of freedom.

24. Were you able to find any shaman, priest, healer or psychic who assisted you and understood this massive mind control alien program on this planet?

If there are spiritually enlightened people on this planet, how are they helping others like yourself become free? Where are they? (LOL) It has also been my experience that there are very few real spiritual practitioners willing to take the risk of “coming out” about reps and dark forces, and very few who even will reach out to those who are “out”. {Not to say they aren’t out there. There just on the real fringes. So if you’re looking for help, the mainstream doesn’t seem to be the place to be yet. The outskirts and the fringes seem to be the only places these people congregate.}

It is frustrating and I believe that my teachers have given me invaluable knowledge, but what I’ve done with it is totally pioneer. The most they’ve usually done with my story is say things like “Wow, that sucks. Here, this might help…but good luck with that…” So there does seem to be a real shortage of real help for abductees and the rest of us on the cutting edge of ET/conspiracy issues.

I think the rest are using telepathy, astral travel and such to communicate and help. They seem to stay away from the “rivers” inhabited by hard technology. Perhaps because these rivers are infested with crocs. I can understand. I certainly have the urge to go underground and stay there to finish my work. Which I may still decide is necessary.

The few corporeal masters who I discussed this with, all had pretty much the same thing to say. “Wow, that really sucks. You’ve been chosen to do something special with your life. Good luck with that.” They would often impart what wisdom from their path that they might have (Yoga, Zen, Chi-Qong, whatever) which I would try and integrate and make useful somehow. Energy-healers, metaphysical types and so on, have been the best allies and have helped me gain some significant steps in healing myself enough to “get it”. But this help feels very limited. }

Now, the masters who I have met in spirit form, have been much more helpful, shared a lot more data and been more forthcoming about the rep agenda. But to be fair, most wouldn’t even breach the subject with me until I figured out what had happened to me. The more I self-discovered the more they would help me. But not a single one ever said to me out loud the way “you know what your problem is? You’re a reptilian mind controlled mind slave, that’s what.” For obvious reasons, I would never have believed it was true if they had.

25. What needs to happen for people like yourself to become available and receptive to real help in liberation from this oppressive Alien/Drac regime on this planet? Enquiring minds want to know!

Solidarity, first and foremost. A fierce desire to be free, and an even stronger commitment to love and light in the universe. I don’t think I could have survived without those things. But solidarity is the key to moving forward. Solidarity with each other (fellow abductees) and solidarity with the rest of the ET/UFO community at some point. At some point they are going to have to face the crazy aunt in the basement and deal with us, but I’m sure it will be a long road to that kind of unity. We need to find a way to resist isolation and separation in this and find ways to come together. Although with such an air of harassment, this is far easier said than done. The first step is standing in our truth and resisting family and friends calling us crazy or unstable for feeling this way. Don’t get hysterical, that will NOT help, but stand in your truth and don’t let someone else define your reality for you. You don’t even have to stand there and argue with them about it. Just know when you walk away that you’re experiences are real and that everyone will come around eventually. In the coming years or decades if it takes that long. All of this will eventually come out. It can’t stay secret forever, nothing ever can. Disclosure will happen someday, and when it does, it will only be a countdown until the rest is disclosed and largely accepted. It will be a struggle and people will resist for all kinds of reasons. But eventually, everyone will have to come around. Some of our parents (mine I think) might not live to see that day, but I know I will live to see that day, which means most of us will. Love, Light, Liberty, Peace, Power and Play to all my milab brothers and sisters out there. We Shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set us Free.}


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