Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee

By Eve Lorgen


This article focuses on the parasitic nature of Horus-Ra as an “Archontic” interdimensional being discovered within the milab and alien abduction experience. The notation as Horus-Ra was chosen due to the being’s similar appearance to the ancient Egyptian hawk headed being, as well as taking a snake-like form. A follow up interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian milab, is featured as the key witness of a most fascinating, bizarre and disturbing account that involves elements of alien and milab abductions, rituals, genetic manipulation, mind control and outright spiritual warfare.

The article is divided into several categories:

Ancient Gnostic View of Archons as described in tractates of the Nag Hammadi Library

Optogenetics, Alien Genetic Manipulation, Mitochondrial DNA, and the importance of the coherence of the human triad of mind, spirit and soul

Human Clones of Abductees and the Black Box Soul Recycling Technology

Ritual Elements in Milab Experiences

Maarit’s Experience with the Horus-Ra Archon Parasite

Horus-Ra as a Huge Snake and Birdman

Mind Controlled Ops and Torture to Comply with the Nefarious NWO Agenda

Sketches and Maarit’s drawings of the Horus-Ra Snake, Emblems and Draco DNA


Maarit, a Scandinavian MILAB abductee I interviewed back in April 2011  (https://evelorgen.com/wp/articles/military-abduction-milabs-and-reptilians/interview-with-maarit-a-scandinavian-milab) reports more recent alien abduction related experiences that contain elements resembling the Horus-Ra figure known in the ancient Egyptian religion. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horus, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra)

Her combined experiences are consistent with the Milab and New World Order occult themes and in my view, demonstrate the parasitic and archontic behaviors of aliens. The archontic behaviors are also evident in the human collaborators who serve their malevolent alien controllers in a clandestine fashion within the military industrial complex. Aliens as intrusive parasites, is a theme found in the work of Dr.Corrado Malanga, PhD and in my own findings with alien abductions and milabs. This aspect of alien interference goes beyond physical abductions and includes the bio-energy system of the abductee, their spirit, mind and soul.

 Ancient Gnostic View of Archons

The aliens as parasites that invade the mind of a human host is also described in the ancient Gnostic writings of the Nag Hammadi Library. (http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html) In this view, the alien forces are called Archons, inorganic beings who act under the power of the Demiurge, sometimes referred to as Ialtobaoth in Gnostic lore. Ialdabaoth is known to be a powerful shape shifter; one of his faces is a lion with a serpentine body. According to Gnostic scholar John Lash, PhD in his article titled, Alien Dreaming,

             “…the lion-serpent image is displayed over and over again in hieroglyphic form on the walls of the Temple of Horus at Edfu, forty miles south of Nag Hammadi. In the cult of Hathor celebrated there, the lion-serpent represented the “royal seed” of the pharaohs.”

Figure 1.  At right, taken from John Lash’s Alien Dreaming article (http://www.metahistory.org/gnostique/archonfiles/AlienDreaming.php)

Could this “royal seed” of the pharaohs be alien human hybrids, or individuals who have been genetically modified by the alien hybrid breeding program, so popularized in contemporary UFO abduction research? Some believe that the royal seed are descendents of the Annunaki so commonly discussed in the writings of Zechariah Sitchin. Some assert that the ancient Annunaki are nothing more than the reptilian lizard beings so prevalently discussed by conspiracy researchers such as David Icke.

Maarit told me in her previous interview—and in many private conversations– that the draconian beings rule over the reptilians and many other races colluding in the alien abduction agenda on this planet. She also admits that there are many alien races who are like us in their search for divine spiritual truths, and who are also, misled via many corrupted religious beliefs which ultimately can be traced back to the same Satanic-Archontic-Parasitic game plan. She admits there are some aliens who are more spiritually attuned just like there are some humans who are more enlightened than the average mass consciousness. It is not a black and white picture, but there are some basic truths, which are being kept secret from the masses. The most guarded secrets behind the aliens, New World Order agenda and the parasitic Archontic game plan revolves around the combination of satanic psychic vampirism and high technology. This high technology has also been referred to as black meta-technology because it combines elements of ritual black magic, nano technology, mind control; genetic manipulation and alien implant technology. Truly a soul oppressing combination and in my view, a great threat to humanity. Unless, of course, we wake up and start taking responsibility for our own freedom.


Optogenetics, Genetic Manipulation and Mitochondrial DNA

In Maarit’s former interview she discusses her understanding of what it means to be genetically modified by the aliens. The alteration of DNA is done in such a way that the central nervous system of the abductee is affected in order to accommodate and effectively “express” the alien consciousness. She says that the alien consciousness—which functions at a different vibrational frequency—acts as a sort of epigenetic co-factor which jump starts the hybrid body genetics, which has been modified to accommodate this alien consciousness. Here the question of genetic alteration may be a function of energetic-vibrational frequency modulation. An energetic-epigenetic factor, if you will.

Dr. Corrado Malanga’s book  “Alieni o Demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna” 2nd edition, (Terresommerse, 2010), and current research confirms the relationship between abductions and mitochondrial DNA, and the fact that the abduction phenomena is passed over from mother to children. This means that an abductee’s father cannot pass it over to his sons, unless the mother, too, is an abductee. Based on his research data obtained from working with hundreds of experiencers/abductees, Dr. Malanga reached the conclusion that aliens are interested only in humans endowed with what we conventionally might call “Soul Consciousness” or “the unconscious mind”. Malanga stresses that:

1) Somebody (aliens and the creators of the aliens) under the motto “Divide et impera”, has broke the Consciousness into 3 parts:

–          the Mind (more similar to the conscious mind)

–          the Spirit (”    ” to the subconscious mind)

–          the Soul (”    ” more similar to the unconscious mind)

2) In the case of the abductees, these 3 consciousnesses do not know each other, do not talk to each other and often they don’t even know who they are and why they are here.

Essentially there is a “soul disconnect” with unrecovered abductees.(EL-This can be understood as a type of dissociation from disconnected aspects of themselves.) This disconnect is facilitated by various alien technologies such as implants, alien parasites, mind control programming and trauma. This disconnect facilitates the aliens usage of their soul energy, much like how a water main has been pilfered by attaching various hoses and pipes to divert the flow from the water main.

3) In case of the abductees, most of the time the Soul consciousness believes it is a slave of the aliens, looks upon them as gods and is afraid of them.

According to Dr. Malanga, the cure for the abduction phenomena is to get the Soul to remember who she/it is– a sovereign entity upon which aliens have no right. The body must be cleaned up of parasites and implants. Soul, Mind and Spirit have to know each other and they have to unify into one single and sovereign Consciousness. This process was noted to bring unexpected coherence into the psyche of the persona.

Dr. Malanga designed a semi-hypnotic neurolinguistic visualization called Flash Mental Simulation (FMS) to help abductees reconnect with their soul consciousness, spirit and mind in such a way that they can use this power and awareness to remove or neutralize alien implants so that they are “reconnected to their inner soul power”. (See FMS procedure at http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/flash-mental-simulation/)

When abductees were under hypnosis, Dr. Malanga was able to retrieve information acquired by the abductee’s Soul part, which is the part of the persons being that has all awareness, memory and power and can co-exist in an eternal timeless place, that the aliens cannot.  It is this soul energy that the aliens want to tap into as a source of energy and immortal life for them, which apparently they do not have.

An interesting sidebar is that through numerous hypnotic regressions, Dr. Malanga found that the reason why aliens choose one person over another for abductions is a matter of DNA. The soul links directly to the DNA of a person. This knowledge was gained via communication with abductee’s Soul parts (during hypnosis) and from some of the alien parasite entities that spoke through the abductee in hypnosis. Some people are suitable and some are not (for alien abduction usage) because their DNA vibrates at frequencies incompatible with the Soul’s frequency. So, apparently there is a genetic incompatibility with a large part of the human race. Many abductees questioned in the same manner via hypnosis were also asked then, how many humans on earth actually have souls as we understand it? The answers ranged from very few to less than 50% having souls. The abductees who were taken comprise only 5-10% of the souled humans. This concept about not all humans having souls per se is in the least very controversial.

Being exposed to various tones, frequencies and colors are often reported in alien abduction and milab experiences. The emerging field of optogenetics can explain the value and possible applications and is becoming a new frontier in medical research. “Optogenetics” can be defined as the integration of optics and genetics to control well-defined events (such as action potentials) within specified cells (such as a targeted class of projection neurons) in living tissues (such as the brains of freely behaving mammals).” (See below link for full article on Microbial Opsins: A family of Single Component Tools for Optic control of Neural Activity.




Well, add many years to this in terms of advancement and we have secret technology already being used and experimented on humans via alien and milab abductions.

One of the more fascinating aspects of my many conversations with Maarit revolved around the discussion of genetic manipulation of the mitochondrial DNA of abductees. Mitochondrial DNA is the DNA inside the mitochondria, energy producing organelles within each cell. Mitochondria are understood to be a major component of energy production of all human beings and involved in oxidative phosphorylation and the electron transport chain. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrion)

Maarit and I speculated that the draconians have vested interests in the mitochondria and its DNA and may have even helped engineer this organelle into the human system to take charge of our energy production system. Our bodies can produce subtle energies for these parasitic aliens, who insert us with various implants to perhaps transport or transform these subtle energies for their usage.

Nigel Kerner, author of “Alien Grey’s and the Harvesting of Souls” (Bear & Company, 2010) believes that alien genetic manipulation of humans is easier in Caucasian people because their nuclear DNA is less shrouded by melanin granules, which normally cover large portions of the chromosomal DNA in indigenous peoples of color. In the skin of black people the melanin granules cluster around the nuclei of the cell. This positioning of the melanosomes serves to protect the cells from UV light damage, and hence undue genetic mutation by UV radiation. This is one reason he believes that the aliens prefer to abduct more Caucasian people, because the DNA is more accessible than in darker skinned people. Since melanin absorbs light, it stands to reason that white people would be more susceptible to light manipulation, via advanced optigenetics as well.  Fair skinned people are more photosensitive and prone to skin cancer.

Mitochondria are energy producing organelles within each of our cells and contains its own circular DNA, much like a bacteria or plastid, and is believed to have an endosymbiotic origin, somewhere along our evolutionary history. (http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~bioslabs/studies/mitochondria/mitorigin.html) The circular MtDNA structure can allow for its own ease of replication within the cell. This circular structure, according to Kerner’s theory, is what enabled aliens to insert their own selected genes into our Mt DNA genome, which contains thirty-seven genes. (Pg. 191)

It is also interesting to note that mitochondrial DNA in humans can be traced back maternally to a single Mitochondrial Eve, an African woman existing approximately 500,000 years ago.

Another interesting facet regarding the mitochondrial DNA is its capacity for “data storage” according to a Hong Kong group of genetic researchers http://www.nigelkerner.com/Confirmations/Bacterial_Hard_in_our_Cells.html)

As DNA, the MtDNA would be easier to access and manipulate, because it is a circular plasmid much like bacterial DNA and is not shrouded by melanin granules like the nuclear DNA. In the aforementioned article, the bacteria—or mitochondria—can be used for biocryptopgrahy. This is the art of storing and encrypting information in living organisms. Biocryptography and the encoding mechanism contains built-in checks to ensure that DNA mutations in some bacterial cells (or mitochondria, for example) do not corrupt the data as a whole. This can enable large amounts of information to piggyback on the mitochondrial DNA. They can also tag extra information on genetically modified genes, for data storage regarding the genetic modifications, as one would identify barcodes.

In the April 2011 interview with Maarit, she believes that many genetic modifications done to her involve variations in the central nervous system and her immune function. Many female abductees in particular, are stricken with autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, multiple sclerosis, eczema, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Could these health issues be a result of genetic modification by aliens, or excessive energy vampirism by the aliens themselves?


Clones and the Black Box Soul Recycling Technology

In one of Maarit’s experiences with her 5-year-old son, they both remember being placed in an enclosed machine with deep red lights and pulsating sound. Her son remembered long needles being inserted into him. She believes this pulsating sound and light instrument had to do with cloning in some fashion, and recognized similarities in her and her sons experiences, as those events described in Ted Rice’s abduction testimony, written in the late Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Masquerade of Angels (Keltworks, 1995) One of Ted’s abduction memories involved a small black box that was used to transfer his astral body consciousness from his original body into a cloned version of himself. Maarit told me that one of the reasons they use the black box, is so that the human spirit consciousness does not disperse and go elsewhere, and instead is trapped and directed into cloned bodies or stored until transferred to where the aliens want to place the astral body consciousness. Maarit believes this black box technology is also key to the aliens “soul recycling” technology, which entraps human souls to be born into bodies chosen for that person.  Some abductees have reported to me privately that the aliens have interfered with them in other lifetimes, and were told or remembered to have made pacts with “reptilians” in former lives. This being the reason they now are in milab supersoldier programs, for example.

Observing cloned human bodies is a recurrent theme reported in many alien abduction testimonies, and with milabs. In Dr. Corrado Malanga’s research with testimonies gleaned via interviews and hypnotic regressions, abductees reported vivid memories of cloned human bodies of other abductees stored in various places by the aliens and human military collaborators. (http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/flash-mental-simulation/clones-removal/)

This information was gleaned through numerous abductee testimonies and through hypnotic regressions. In my own work, I see this more within the milab abductee testimonies. In fact, based on the number of milab reports and abductees being used as “operatives” for the aliens or military, led to the hypothesis that the cloned bodies of abductees are sometimes the physical bodies used to carry out various mind controlled operations for various agendas, alien and human. This is one reason why some milabs and supersoldiers I have interviewed say that in these mind-controlled ops, they feel as though their bodies are perpetually younger or no older than 35 years of age. Many abductees have discussed with me mutually shared “dream experiences” with other abductees. Memories involving military operation themes are common, as if they are being either tested and trained for specific military operations or are literally being used in an alter personality mode or, possibly in cloned bodies.

Ritual Elements in Milab Experiences

 Maarit recalls being used in rituals in some her milab abductions. Although her memories are not completely clear, enough can be gleaned to say that certain aliens—and the humans who work under them– are heavily steeped in ritual behavior. One such ritual experience occurred only after she had confronted the reptilians face to face within a virtual reality experience. For those not familiar with the term virtual reality experience, or VRE, virtual reality is conducted in such a way that the abductee’s mind is invaded with interfaced technology that can alter brain wave states. This technology is believed to be used when testing and training an abductee, or used in programming of the mind, torture and also “dream hacking” experiences. In dream hacking, the abductee’s mind or dream state is suddenly interrupted by alien beings, disguised entities or humans engaging in behaviors to test or influence the abductee’s psychological state. In one such dream hack, where Maarit and her son shared a dream they confirmed later, Maarit recalled hearing the sound of a helicopter hover her house, while in bed. “Oftentimes”, she says, “this helicopter sound comes when I have an intense VRE experiences.”  Sometimes, these dream hackings are done to keep the person in a lower emotional vibrational state where stage-managed dreams involving interrogation or assaults on self-esteem are done to keep the abducee in a state of fear, learned helplessness and low self-worth. This is a prime disempowerment tool to maintain a victim-like mentality that keeps the abductee feeling powerless. As long as the abductee believes this on a subconscious non-lucid level, these dream hackings can alter their behavior, beliefs and life choices beneficial to their abductors. This serves to keep them under control of the abductors and programmers. This has been reported by many milabs. It takes an aware individual who has the capacity for regular dream recall, and occasional lucid dreaming ability to be able to detect this type of manipulation. For most people, dreams are not recalled clearly, if at all–let alone lucid dreaming abilities. It requires a heightened awareness to become aware of the level of consciousness manipulation done via advanced technologies. Conversely, it would behoove abductees and their therapists to undo this kind of programming and re install beneficial beliefs via hypnotic techniques or neurolinguistic  methods.


Maarit’s Experience with the Horus-Ra the Archon Parasite

 Maarit’s interaction with the Horus-Ra consciousness happened only after her confrontation with reptilians and draconians. Maarit explains,

“Horus-Ra came forward to make his presence clear. I saw this consciousness clearly when my eyes were closed as a hologram of an old grayish snake with a face. The message was clear: I had to deal with him.”

Maarit said that one would rarely encounter Horus-Ra directly unless the fear factor with the reptilians and their coworkers is cleared. In other words, one has to be clear of fear in such a way that the awareness and clarity of mind can perceive the influence of Ra. She says that the emotional turmoil of an individual usually prevents this straight observation of this “dark immanence” of Ra. She says one difference between Horus-Ra and the other beings like reptilians, dracos or even some greys is that normally there is an instinctual repulsion to be around these predatory alien beings. But the influence and mental input of Horus-Ra energy is quite alluring, and tempting. “And”, she adds, “You have to resist it mentally to keep the freedom of yourself—the wholeness of your being. The Ra is blocking the free state of mind.” She also said that most of the time Ra is already within humans, but they just don’t recognize it. This is reminiscent of what the Gnostics said about the Archontic intrusions existing within the human mind. It is always there, but can be minimized by practicing awareness, taking on the protection of the Light and avoiding getting entrapped in the emotions of jealousy and envy. (John Lash’s Alien Dreaming article, quote from “Dialogue of the Savior, NHC III, 5 (85))

In the Ra encounter Maarit said, “During the night I woke up in a chamber like place. It was not a big room. On the walls were various pictures and Egyptian hieroglyphics and pictograms. They allowed me to choose one. I did. Then, I blacked out, and woke up again. This time I found myself in a tomb made of grey stone. I was watching the consciousness of Horus-Ra. He put me in a coffin with a heavy lid on it and left me there to suffocate. The next morning I woke up with funny pressure marks on my wrist. This same experience involved reptilians and military afterwards where I found an implant with a cut on my hand.” ( Figure 2 below)

On another night Maarit told me, “I found myself viewing a chamber like tunnel and at the end there was huge Sphinx-figure. Ra dwelled in a place made from white marble-like substance–it was shown to me like that. And he was sad I chose God instead of “him”. I saw him as a huge white snake now and somehow he cannot reach me.This battle is within human psyche and spirit and cannot be defeated before people reach conscious contact with the Ultimate love through spiritual practises and virtues during this lifetime-just what the gnostics said.” She shared this link of a photo of the tomb of Ra, because of its similarity in her recollection of this experience.


Maarit continued to explain how the Ra energy felt after this experience, and how it lingered within her mind:

“After this tomb experience I was connected to this Ra thing. The doorway using this form of energy was left open. And I have to be very focused and controlled not to take that action. (EL– allowing it to take over her consciousness and natural will.)  I can feel its presence doing a sort of psychological scan to produce more feelings within me. This Ra immersion serves the NWO too because this kind of connection boosts your psychic abilities strongly. So independent thinking and self-control is needed not to become totally taken over. These experiences go along with the reptilian ritualistic procedures. Like before the actual ritual involving reptilians, etc., they deliberately manipulated and created an environment of excessive fear and worry in my daily life, creating this type of emotional response. During and after the rituals, I actually felt the energy accumulate in my upper body. Next thing I remember was being in a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) surrounded by these reptilians. I was facing the floor, lying down. Suddenly my whole body began to do these movements spontaneously. My body made an involuntary movement of a huge yoga asana, resembling the cobra asana. Then I was able to levitate. I lost my consciousness while up in the air, and I woke up after I hovered down to the ground. They did not tell me what happened when I blacked out. When my body began doing the involuntary asana movements they sent an image in my third eye (mind’s eye) and it was place above my sacrum.” (See image drawing, Figure x)

When I viewed the image Maarit drew for me, I was surprised to see its resemblance to the ancient “Fleur de Lis” of French design, so often seen within royalty emblems. (EL–It was inverted in the sketch) The next day after this milab ritual experience Maarit said that her son told her he was able to see “black light” around her. “And”, she adds, “I felt connected to different energy—this Ra energy. And I have to say this to be honest. Ultimately I am fighting to maintain my inner coherence not to be absorbed by Ra after death or even during this life. Because of my origins, (genetic modification and pre-birth recognized draco alien consciousness) I am able to be more aware of these things on such subtle levels.”

She and her son both have had experiences with the Horus-Ra birdman form and the large snake form. Maarit saw the Horus-Ra energy as snake-like. She did reiterate that the Horus-Ra can take other forms, and that our perception is related to our own lucidity and our own personal symbolism. Truly we are on the frontiers of consciousness and perception when dealing with this level and form of reality.

I found this to be of great interest in light of the fact that in Dr. Corrado Malanga’s research, Horus-Ra is one of the major heavy hitters of transdimensional alien parasites. ( Figure 3 below) (http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/the-physics-ofabductions)


It is these incorporeal alien beings made of light, notated by Malanga as “Six Fingers or Grinch, the LUX being and Horus-Ra, which control all the other parasitic aliens. He also mentions that these transdimensional parasites may use various images but the real energy within, its actual identity is nothing more than a black dot or shadow.

I corresponded with Dorica Manu, colleague of Dr. Corrado Malanga regarding the Horus-Ra entity. She said, “In Italy we used this notation because the Ra entity operates in a transdimensional body that looks like a very tall birdlike body, similar to the Egyptian god Horus. This bird-like body is not a cyborg, but it seems to be the body of a decayed humanoid race from Orion. So, the transdimensional form is Horus, the dark entity within is Ra. It is in actuality nothing more than a black shadow or dot.” According to Dr. Malanga, Ra is a dark entity coming from another Universe, a universe archetypally situated behind our universe. There is dark out there, no physical bodies, no light, no love, no souls. This Ra entity places implants on the tailbone, below the sacrum, from where he hangs on to the abductee’s body, parasiting the persona and performing a perverse type of mind control. Ra may come and go to his liking.

Figure 4. Below-right. Horus-Ra image, donated by Dr.Corrado Malanga and associates.

Could this dark universe that is archetypally behind ours be what the ancient Gnostics described as the “Outer Darkness”?

The mention of the “shadow beings” beneath the various forms reminded me of a statement made by one of my former Milab female interviewees named Lilu. (https://evelorgen.com/wp/articles/military-abduction-milabs-and-reptilians/milabs-a-pandoras-box/)

She stated that it is the Shadows who are behind the reptilians and other colluding–parasite aliens and that these beings are the ones we need to be concerned with. Maarit told me that this black dot shadow is a different kind of energy within the energy body. A presence. She also said that most reptilians and draconians are in line and united with that “shadow energy”. Maarit explains,

“I am able to recognize the Ra energy everywhere and maintain my inner coherence. So in my opinion, the Ra level of universal existence is the level of the so-called Archons, not the minor reptilians, greys or draconians. Ra is the level, which eats the conscious awareness, and we have to bypass it in order to merge into higher realms of existence. The more important thing to focus on is not the origin of Ra in its different forms, but to see the patterns of behavior this Ra has. It truly enslaves. Like seen in cult activity. Ra enjoys the essence of the egotistical uplift.“ Maarit emphatically stated,

“The purpose the Horus-Ra energy force is not only to consume humans and other species as well–their inner core–but also destroy the purity of it. It wants people to forget the ultimate reality and connection to God. In every way this is true. And it goes with other races as well. Most of them are as lost as humans. Some are awakened like some humans are, too. That is why these New Age movements are so dangerous–they are a straight portal for these darker forces to manifest. They make people to compete who are the most spiritually gifted, most knowledgeable, who have more healing/psychic powers etc., and make the whole scam revolve around human ego, which becomes the source for the ego of the evil itself. So it’s no coincidence Jesus said: do not worship pictures/idols of god and one must leave the material behind in order to follow the route to God. The God is within. So that’s why there is so much ritual performances within the NWO network. The secretive “occult” energy makes the evil stronger, gives these people feeling of specialty and power. It corrupts the purity.”

I find that our tendency is to become distracted by the entertainment aspect of Ufology, rather than the spiritual-mental evolutionary implications of what befalls us with this alien interference.  We love to dance in the distractions, but this diverts our own awareness regarding the power of our innate divinity. I believe the ancient Gnostics were well aware of this “Archontic Control” over humanity. (aka–“The Hypostasis of the Archons or Reality of the Rulers”, (II,4) Tractate in the Nag Hammadi Library) The Gnostics, in their wisdom they tell of what the signature of the Archons is: envy. This was the key human failing that makes us more vulnerable to their intrusion. But they did not leave us without hope for a solution. If we take on the protection of the Light, and rid ourselves of jealousy, then we enter the bridal chamber. (Lash’s Alien Dreaming article, excerpt from quote regarding Dialogue of the Savior, NHC III, 5 (85)

Could the humans involved with the Satanic New World Order be hosted by this same black shadow Horus-Ra energy? Is this what the Archontic influence truly is—and what the ancient Gnostics warned us about?

The archontic mode of parasitism reminds me of certain themes in a popular science fiction television series known as Stargate SG-1. The Gould are a malevolent race of beings represented by ancient Egyptian falcon and jackal headed Gods. When one is taken over by the Gould, they receive a snake like symbiote inserted into their spinal column, and from then on, they are “hosts” for the Gould’s dark Gods. Did the writers of such Sci Fi TV shows know something about what is really going on within the deep dark elements of the Illuminati, NWO, and their ancient Egyptian alien gods? It made me wonder. Abductees and milabs did not make this up!


Horus–Ra as a Huge Snake and Birdman

Maarit’s 5-year-old son has recalled alien abduction experiences and vivid dreams relating to the same themes with Horus-Ra. Both mother and son have shared dreams on the same nights, confirming that it is more than a simple dream when they can confirm each others memories, especially if the son has no way of even hearing about it. Maarit explained,

“My son said there was a big snake that came to eat him. The snake had a huge belly. Inside the snake were smaller snakes that licked his body while he was inside the stomach of this Horus-Ra snake form. He showed me the movements of the little snakes with his tongue and tried to lick my arm. I told him that must have been a scary experience for him. We hugged and kissed and now he has not mentioned that experience again. During that episode he also said that in his dreams he sees a man hawk or birdman. The birdman sits in a tree, looks at him and decides to eat him. Then he cuts my son into little pieces and eats him. He has mentioned the birdman several times. Sometimes he says the birdman cries because he would not want to consume him. I am not sure what this means, but maybe it is to form psychological bonding or sympathy for the birdman. After this, I have not seen any marks on his body, however.”

Maarit later told me that she also had seen the hawkheaded Ra in another experience where he was crying, tears in his eyes, before a surgical type of procedure in an abduction. She speculated that the tears of Ra are a common representation of this deity, as they area symbol of Ra’s creative work and powers. In ancient Egyptian beliefs it is said that humans were made of Ra’s tears and sweat. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra)

What is more disturbing is Maarit’s son describing things that Maarit has experienced in abductions that she has not even told him about. She said, “He tells me how some of these creatures saw our heads off, and stick needles into his body.”

These themes are reminiscent of some shamanic initiation rituals, where ones body is torn apart by a predatory animal, only later to be reformed into a new being. This is sometimes referred to as the “little death” which is a psychologically transformative experience for shamanic initiations and resembles a type of near death experience. But in abductions, one wonders what the ultimate utility and agenda is?


Mind Controlled Ops and Torture to Comply with the Nefarious New World Order Agenda

Maarit believes some of these experiences, especially the ones geared to amplify psychic abilities, are done so that she can be more adept at remote viewing military operations during abductions. This she has admitted to, being used to carry out counterintelligence operations to remote view humans and aliens in various environments. She says,

     “They—the controllers—continued to train me with controlling and monitoring rookie milabs, doing psychic readings about people. To check and monitor their development and accuracy of their remote viewing sessions. I was organizing groups in a DUMB. Sending various milabs into the right locations there because they were drugged and controlled, as most of them are in a trance like state. Other trainings involve searching a physical location for documents and memorizing them, or how to clean op after an operation, as no documents are saved.”

She admits that she has been traumatized and tortured like many MK-Ultra abuse survivors, where different personalities were created. She realizes now that the life of being raised in an environment of trauma and lack of trust, weakens a person’s sense of power, so that they are more easily molded into what the alien and military controllers want—a mind controlled slave with photographic memories and heightened psychic abilities, for example.

Maarit says the NWO controllers, who are humans colluding with malevolent aliens, keep trying to get her to agree with them, to go willingly as an agent for their agenda and she refuses each time. When she refused a few years back, was when the abductors stepped up the medical torture, with her delayed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and correspondent degrading health complications.

“This was meant to break me emotionally, so that I would join the Satanic NWO faction and offer consciously my psychic abilities for their use, but that did not happen. In my case they asked me to join them in a VRE experience. It’s very hard for people to understand the level of cultivation they have succeeded with mind control. They constantly manipulate your subconscious mind and create emotional attachments towards the handlers and programmers. (EL—Stockholm Syndrome) They also test the liability and loyalty of people. In my daily consciousness I had made no clear agreement with the NWO to work for them. But because I was already in the system when I was born, they used me anyway. They use and manipulate one’s awareness for their own agenda through black technology after you are plugged into it. This is important. They do not need your approval to use you in their “mind controlled ops”.  But if you have agreed to participate consciously, the outcome is naturally better. They only require your conscious agreement when they want a milab to participate in their Satanic rituals. And they consider an answer to be yes even when it’s done under mind control and hypnotic influence. Sleepers are the ones who cannot break the amnesiac barriers to bring the memories into daily life. So by telling this I have put the well being of myself and my family at risk.”

More recently Maarit has been threatened with being given “cancer” by her abductors because of her outspokenness. This kind of threat has been given to other milabs, abductees and researchers, I might add, for spilling the beans on the dark side of the alien abduction agenda.

Maarit is still angry about how earlier in her life they took advantage of her all loving personality to promote New Age ideology, concerning the aliens agenda; promoting the “aliens as benevolent consciousness raising beings who upgrade your DNA” spin control so often seen even now in the UFO-New Age community. She even said that, “Here in my country, the UFO community is still stuck in the Adamski era of thinking.”


Sketch of Maarit’s Recollection of the Horus-Ra Snake, emblems and Draco DNA

I asked Maarit to draw a sketch of the things she and her son recalled in the Horus-Ra experiences. I also asked her to draw what she remembered of part of an inorganic DNA form (draco origin) of genetic manipulation activated by radiation. This has the appearance of a cube like representation with many smaller cubes representing different tones or frequencies that get switched on from exposure to radiation frequencies. The sacral symbol after the Horus-Ra experiences looks like an inverted Fleur De Lis. The infinity symbol used in the ritual was also used as a symbol on the forehead. The snake man of Horus-Ra looks similar to the image of the snake like form drawn inside the head of the man in the ancient Egyptian and Gnostic sketch from John Lash’s “Alien Dreaming article “ on the metahistory.org web site.  It was as if this sketch denoted the parasite of Horus-Ra within the mind of the man.

Figure 5. Maarit’s Drawing depicting the Horus-Ra entity, snakes, and emblems inserted into her sacral area during abduction.

Maarit’s image is very similar to the sketch below made by other experiencers of the Horus-Ra entity


Figure 6. Dr. Malanga’s associates drawing of Horus-Ra. (Also on drawings page, pictograph # 11)

We may never know the exact answers we want regarding the true agenda of the interfering extraterrestrials. All we know is that people are consistently reporting abductions, various kinds of visitations and interference on many levels. It is clear that some humans on this planet are colluding with certain species of aliens to oppress and experiment with humanity. We may think that the physical aspects of abductions are of the only real importance, but if we truly can grasp the reality of quantum physics, the nature of our own consciousness and potential realization of divinity, so much more is at stake. We cannot deny the importance of our own spirituality, and the freedom of our souls.


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