From the Garden: Good vs Evil Reptilians

By Cassie

The subject of “good” vs. “bad” reptilians is such a broad issue but I feel it is necessary to make some sense of this confusion so we each know where we stand on these issues. More and more people are beginning to “wake up” and become aware that we have been infiltrated by beings that are not quite “human”. These “para-humans” which are part human and part…something else…walk amongst us in human forms yet are perceived as spiritually altered hybrid humans by many people. There are many explanations I could go into here but I will make it as simple as possible.

The reptoid/dragon like species referred to here are very old, older than the human race…and they have probably walked among us since the beginnings of history. The Sumerian myths of origin…as well as creation myths of most of our cultures around the world exemplify this belief.

Somewhere down the line, they have interbred with humans and continue to do so to produce humans with reptilian DNA in varying degrees. What I am saying is that we are all part reptilian. Some people have more of the reptilian characteristics and instincts than others. These human/reptilian beings are hybrids…which make up most of the humans on our planet.

I have noticed several processes by which the reptilian essence incorporates into humans, other than breeding. None of this has to do with soul quality…which is what most of the disagreement on “good” vs. “evil” reptilians is all about and which I will get into later.

The first group are self proclaimed reptilians who feel they are reincarnated or born into human bodies but are reptilians in spirit. These individuals, out of the ones I have come into contact with are very aware of who they are. They are highly intelligent generally, yet exhibit many of the instinctual reptilian characteristics. This group possesses an insight into their nature and most are on a personal mission to find their nitch in the human world. Many suffer from existential angst or depression….deep feelings of inferiority…but just as humans use this depression to grow emotionally, so do these reptilians. I have actually found this particular group to be the most advanced and fun to interact with. I have learned a lot about them and their nature from this group. I will refer to this group as “Group A”.

The second group is a much broader group as they don’t really have an assigned “human” form. These manifest themselves sometimes as actual humanoid reptilians or reptoids but have a prime interdimensional core to them. These guys look for vulnerable human hybrid bodies or “Hosts” to inhabit and try to live a somewhat normal existence through the host. This process in itself is an invasive activity, but at the same time is looked upon as SURVIVAL which they feel is the norm. They do not inhabit the human bodies all the time but linger about for waiting for opportune moments when the host has breaks in their spirit bodies which allow for the reptilians to enter. Human’s who have these reptilian “handlers” hanging about may experience them in nocturnal attacks, incubus experiences or even channeled “guides” sometimes friendly and sometimes not so friendly. I’ll call this group “Group B” reptilians. It is my personal belief that these particular reptilians when not inhabiting their “hosts” are living underground where survival is easier for them. Unless of course they find residing within human bodies serves their personal agendas of the moment.


When describing reptilians by herpetologist definitions, one can see the instinct driven natures of this species, their ambitions to excel regardless of the consequences, their lack of normal human emotion or values, their mating habits or gender confusion using a human body. Their adrenaline-based reactions seem to take place of emotions as we know them. These reptilians can be the highest of achievers…or the darkest of deceivers.

The reptilian’s values differ from men at the deepest core level, in that the superficial achievements, their attainment of materials things, their conquests and their dominance are what they strive for. They are great egotists as well, looking down on humans as inferior. The reptilians do not play by the same rules that we do…they have different boundaries or social mores and therefore fewer self imposed restrictions on their behaviors. They have little use for such things as love relationships, admiration based on integrity, morals or philanthropic endeavors. They look at those human values as weaknesses. These differences in themselves do not make reptilians “evil” or humans “good”. There is another element involved here.

One might question why the herpetic imaging….why the dragons, snakes and alligator images to depict these creatures? This motif was carefully chosen probably around the same time the Garden of Eden was created. Out of all the beasts and creatures of the time, the one who was most suited to depict lower base natures of darker forces was the reptile.

Satan chose the reptile to act out his wishes and manipulations upon mankind in order to work against God. Satan’s point was to show God that mankind was nothing more than a mere instinctual animal, not made in His image as God intended. The snake was “hosted” by one of the “fallen angels” that led to the Fall of Man and Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden.

The Battle For Your Soul

In today’s world, Satan continues to spit in the face of God with lies, deceptions, and manipulations of humans using the less evolved reptilians. It is Satan’s legions that take on the images of the dinosaur which speaks to men and manipulates him into being “less than” who he truly is, forcing men to lose sight of their inner light. This becomes a “Battle for the Soul” which is acted out by well meaning righteous individuals fighting both sides of this issue. As we all have elements of both man and animal/reptilian within our genes, we still have free will to create our lifestyles so they are not so open to demonic attack.

Those who are in Group A, the reincarnated reptilians in human bodies will need to fight harder against the demonic manipulation. Demons look for weaknesses within our spirit…and they will surely use Group A’s feelings of dislocation and isolation against them. Group A has a great advantage that most humans do not. They have the awareness of who they truly are and an innate understanding of both sides of the issues at hand. They also have the drive and the intellect to overcome the trickery at hand. This group will be essential in our planet’s survival. The only hindrance might be the ego factor…the same trick pulled on Eve in the Garden.

As for Group B, there will be heroic scenarios acted out battling these demonic ones, and there will be great evil acted out as well. The outcome depends upon the soul quality of the individual who is used as a host…and the faith he/she holds. Those with certain personality disorders will have a worse time and be more predisposed to being hosted. The most common personality disorders associated with the “bad reptilians” are Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Anti-social Personality Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder, or a combination of any of these. The following descriptions of these personality disorders came from the DSM-IV, 4th edition.

Dependent Personality Disorder usually manifests itself in today’s culture with substance abuse such as meth-amphetamine addiction or alcoholism. Narcissism usually displays a pattern of grandiosity and entitlement, a preoccupation of fantasies of unlimited success, power or brilliance, exhibits interpersonal exploitative behavior to others to meet own ends, and believes he is “special” and only understood by other special high-status people, and shows a lack of empathy for others. He will also display arrogance, with beliefs that others are envious of him while he is in truth envious of them.

Anti-social Personalities usually display deceitfulness, repeated lying, conning others, extreme aggressiveness, reckless disregard for the safety of others, irresponsibility and lack of remorse demonstrated by indifference to or rationalization of hurting, mistreating or stealing from another.

Borderline Personality Disorder is exhibited by a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by extremes of devaluation and idealization. Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, identity disturbance, unstable self image, impulsivity in at least two areas that are self damaging (spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating). Recurrent suicidal behavior or self mutilating behaviors. Chronic feelings of emptiness, inappropriate, intense anger with displays of temper and or physical fights, paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms. Also, affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood.

There are medications that can lessen the severity of these symptoms as well as counseling for “reality” checks. A personality disorder is not easily cured by either as it is a lifelong pattern of reacting and becomes a component of the personality. These are the ones that seem most predisposed to hosting though.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to the hosting process. We all have times of troubles and ill health. I would bet every one of you who read this have a family member who is hosting a demon dressed in reptilian clothing. That is why we cannot abandon our hosty fellow humans. To abandon them is like allowing weeds to take over the garden. We must fight for them with our love. All beings can fight the negative forces that be. The first step is in awareness of the process to reduce mankind to animals. The second step is to know that no matter how lost you might feel you are, there is always hope. These beings (demons) have made fools of us all, but not for long. We have the power within us to rise above the manipulations…the dragon games. We have been made in God’s image to walk in His path with Him. We have only to look upward, rise off our bellies and fly to the Father.


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