French Clairvoyant’s Perception of Reptilian Hosting

A French correspondent sent me an informative diagram and explanation of  Reptilian and Insectoid Hosting/Influence  as it appears to the French Clairvoyant, Stephane Cardineaux.

See this link for diagrams:

An article in French about his books with some diagrams:

Google Images of Stephane Cardineaux:––T5GU2ei4TM%252C_&usg=__d_6zRBtxGTEg4ZfCGSDoXAC3l8o%3D&dpr=1&ved=0ahUKEwjT1qWjhrzMAhWJJCYKHYziAXcQyjcINg&ei=NqAnV9PjJYnJmAGMxYe4Bw#imgrc=0q-MTvWqoiYIbM%3A

Stéphane Cardinaux – Reptiliens etc.

This is a basic translation of what the clairvoyant perceives with Other Dimensional entity hosting:

Page 1 : Reptilian, always behind someone. A little bit higher also. It’s the result of thoughts directed to finance, violence, power. He can block two chakras with his hands. It maintains and strengthens the problems by manipulating the person.

Page 2 : There are not always positive entities. There are also negative entities who like to feed on people’s emotions. There is a lot of different entities, but here I will only talk of Reptilians, Insectoids and Stregonois. Reptilians are here with humans since the dawn of time. Reptilians survive with feeding on negative emotions, those of their fellows and also those of humans. They live in a clan of a few dozens headed by a chief. The clans are often fighting for power. When a reptilian is feeding on our emotions, his life span is about 30 years. But to live a few centuries, he has to “squat” a human. About 1% of human’s population is concerned. When a reptilian is feeding energetically, he is denser. He gets his energy from the human’s arm, and he holds strongly the chakras 3, 4, and 5. You can see the weakness of the human in his arms when this is the case.

Also, a reptilian cas possess someone by overlapping himself with the human. It’s often the case with the big manipulators of our society. Reptilians hate love and tenderness, and also the sounds of Tibetan bowls. But they always return to the host if the flaw in the consciousness is still there.

Page 3 : Reptilian clan leader and reptilian woman.

Page 4 : Effect on the horizontal vital plan when approaching a reptilian. (it shows that the energetic centering of someone, which is usually around the navel, is lowering (- 14 cm))

Effect on the vertical plan when approaching a reptilian (it shows that our vertical vital axis (of the etheric body) is deviated to the left (16 cm).)

Effect of a reptilian (clan leader) on a bioenergetic profile. (It shows that the life field shrinks . It usually shrinks when we are in a bad state and when the body needs to concentrate the energy to protect itself).

Page 5 : Black insectoids can be as high as 3,5 meters. They live in family of dozens of individuals. I don’t know their age, because their world has a different perception of time. They are very clever and organized, they know what function they accomplish. They come when there are Satanic rituals, drugs, etc. They see these phenomena from very far and come to feed themselves. They let their young feed themselves first.

They have a tube fixed on the 4th chakra and also a very long tongue, that goes upon the 7th chakra to suck the energy. They are very clever predators, because their 6th chakra is very big. Sometimes they stay hooked on a human and lay an egg in the thorax. So they are hatching this egg.

Unlike the reptiians, their frequency of resonance is high, their consciouness is high. They are not fighting themselves, they know that their role is to make us evolve.

Stregonois. It’s from the Romanian, meaning (stregoi =vampire). They are not from earth. They are from another planet and are victims of another predator who like their eggs. Because of that, when they lay their eggs, they transfer them on earth via interdimensional portals. The males keep the eggs and hide them under rocks. Once hatched, the larva is sent back to their planet.

For their survival, they are feeding themselves on our sexual energy, but only when the 2nd chakra is very little. When they find a victim, they cling to the neck and plant its sting. I have seen this once, I saw women that couldn’t breath, and others who began to scream. It was always women who had been abused. For non-clairvoyant people, it would seem like a faintness (malaise). Stregonois are feeding themselves by revealing the deep wounds of our soul.

Page 6 : Black insectoid and effects of black insectoids on our life field

Page 7 : Stregonoi and effects our our life field

This is a google translation of an article Jurian Sterk wrote:

It is about hyperdimensions, demons, and the use of bones/blood in alchemy. It also mentions “moon children”.

*Note: The Insectiod is similar in appearance to one of the Horus-Ra winged beings of Dr. Malanga’s research.

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