Eve Lorgen with Ari Kopel

Part 2 of Alien Manipulation : 12/8/23

In this interview I discuss some new developments with the recent Ted Rice communication. He is the abductee in the late Dr. Karla Turner’s Masquerade of Angels book written decades ago.

We talk about some new insights into alien manipulation via virtual reality scenarios as described in Ted Rice’s experiences with the “blue beam” and classic aliens at the foot of the bed with sounds of helicopters and military activity. The abductee who had the experience was witnessed by two others who saw the blue beam coming from the ceiling of a bedroom, while the abductee was in a paralyzed state only able to barely talk. This same blue beam consciousness override of perception technology may be a basis of what is happening inside the body with new nano tech in the blood and bodies of people now.

Different types of aliens as described recently by Ted Rice. Discussion on the fluorescent green liquid used to kill the body, transfer soul essence into the alien black box technology and clones. What is its mechanism of action?

An exciting show offering my viewpoints of how we must retrieve our own original eternal awareness and identity before the alien parasite programs override our consciousness where soul theft results. We do not need to identify with the aliens, being hybrids, the ETS or become them. That is their takeover program, not original humans and our eternal spirit awareness.

Saturday, December 9th, at 7:30 pm EST!           

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