Eve Lorgen on UFO Disclosure with Albert Barros


In this interview I was able to discuss several topic points in a way that covered alot of material and relevant questions.

  • Why traditional UFO/ET researchers overlook the value and importance of relationship dynamics and manipulation by aliens, abduction impacts on marriage and family 
  • Hypnotherapy regression as helpful for amnesiac memories
  • Much of the testimony from The Love Bite case histories did not use hypnosis. Spontaneous memories were common for the alien engineered  relationships and friendships.
  • Wannabes versus real abductees and experiencers
  • Deep conflict can mask as overly positive or avoidant attitudes about ETs, UFOs.
  • Operatives infiltrating UFO/ET enthusiast circles 
  • Mind control and demonic oppression are related
  • Split in the UFO, mind control and ET community about demonic interference and need for deliverance, spiritual liberation to heal from mind control 
  • Handling interference in partners of milabs, abductees, mind control assets to maintain secrecy of the projects. Set up marriages etc
  • Indicators of a love bite, switching on and off of a love obsession
  • Past life memories, spontaneous psychic abilities, kundalini activation
  • Energy vampirism 
  • Narcissistic abuse dynamics, confusion, unrequited love
  • Disclosure official narratives versus the more censored testimonies
  • Interference dramas, infiltration and hijacking of open discussion of alien and mind control projects. Classic types of situations. shutting down support group healing sharing real experiences by hosted infiltrators
  • Third party entities and psychic vampirism, high drama and chaos
  • Personality disorders likely to be oppressed by entities or hosting
  • Multiplicity of alien projects and programs, designed to create multiple perspectives and Hegelian Dialectic arguments
  • Spiritual war missions and mythic dramas
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