Eve Lorgen on the Cosmic Switchboard Show with James Bartley 11/25/020

Topic is Reptilians, Mk Ultra, SRA, black magic and more.

James Bartley and I discuss how the Reptilian presence is behind so much in the world gathering attention such as the human trafficking operations and Qanon drops. Most large scale discussions on the darker side of this reality never mention the root causes and their “players” other than “humans in certain bloodline families”. We tell it like it is with the Reptilian, Draconian and demonic underbelly of these situations.

We talk about specific ET channeling cult cases from former colleagues like Colleen Johnstone and Barbara Bartholic. How ET channeling and healing cults can be Draconian, Reptilian or a number of fraudulent vampiric entities masquerading as benevolent spirit guides or ET light beings. We highlighted the “Mary Henry” case of Barbara Bartholic, which is detailed in my Dark Side of Cupid book in Chapter 10 entitled: “Mariah and the Seductive Spirit Guide”. In this case, reptilian sexual manipulation and increased demonic invasion occurred, along with the classic channelled writings prophcying raptures, earth changes, imbibing all sorts of flatteries of being an ET ambassador.

Eve Lorgen with James Bartley on Reptilians, Part 1

In Part 2 David Eckhart joins in with Eve Lorgen and James Bartley for a discussion about Reptilian Underground Bases and some of the nefarious activities of the reptilians and co-opted humans in the reptilian underground bases.”

Note: The Dark Side of Cupid book will no longer be available through the usual publisher after 12/20, so if you want a copy you can purchase a hard copy directly through this web site. See Book Page for details.

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