By Dr. Corrado Malanga, PhD

Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Department of the Pisa University,Via Risorgimento 35, 56126 Pisa Italy. malanga@dcci.unipi.i

Translation Curated By Dorica Manu

Key Words

Abductions’  Testimonies, Time Freezing, Real Reality, Virtual Reality, Consciousness,  Planck Constants, Physical Universe Vs. Conscious Universe,Hologram, Holographic Brain, Holographic Reality

Key Scientists

Max Planck, Alan Aspect, David Bohm, Karl Pribram


At the end of this article we will be able to understand with the help of the modern Physics that we are not living in this great, big, huge physical Universe as they want us to believe, but we are experiencing instead a Holographic Reality lit up buy the Consciousness where the Holographic Universe is as big as 10-33 centimeters and it last 10-44 seconds.

Dr. Corrado Malanga is a researcher professor and teacher in Organic Chemistry in the University of Pisa. He’s been studying UFO and aliens for the last 40 years. He is currently interested in the matters concerning the Alien Abductions, which he studies through the use of Regressive Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Academic Career

Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in 1969 and graduated in chemistry in 1977 at the University of Pisa with an experimental thesis on the Chemistry of indol core. He worked for the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry for one year after finishing his mandatory military service. In 1981 he moved to Paris at the University P. and M. Couriè, devoting himself to the synthesis of polymers on use of optically active propylene for about two years. In 1983 he won a competition as researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa.

Since 1983 he has focused his attention on heterocyclic of chemistry, new organic complexes of nickel in organic synthesis and new synthetic pathways to prepare natural compounds.

He has published about fifty works on international scientific journals. In these years he held several positions teaching courses of organic chemistry I and II for the degree course in chemistry, organic chemistry, degree course in biological sciences, organometallic chemistry and organic chemistry lab II: degree courses in chemistry and industrial chemistry.

He has held lectures in the Organic chemistry International School A. Corbella organised by the Universities of Milan and Bologna. He was a speaker and co-speaker of countless thesis in chemistry and industrial chemistry.

Ufologic Research

“Everything started many years ago. I was studying UFO as an amateur, when I decided to join a national organization which was studying this subject. I became a member of the Board of Directors and I worked with this organization for several decades. One day they assigned me the task to follow a case for a supposed abduction, operated by aliens, of a guy from Genoa: Valerio Lonzi. After four years of investigations, since I was asked this by the same Board of Directors for which I was working, I transformed my report in a book ( The UFO Inside The Mind, Bompianti, 2000 , Translator’s note) The hell broke out! …”

Since 1992 he has conducted study on hundreds of people involved in alien abduction phenomena and among the techniques he uses there are graphology, regressive hypnosis, NLP, specific exercises of Mental Simulations and the Triade Color Test ( a test somehow derived from the Luscher Color Test but further modified and greatly elaborated ) . To understand the physics behind the alien abductions he, together with Alfredo Magenta (ECE), propounded the Super Spin Hypothesis describing the quantised nature of time.

In 2007 he publishes his updated research under the name of  “Alien or Demons – The fight For Eternal Life”, little less than 500 pages where one can find: all the necessary tools to be able to face the consequences of one’s alien abduction, in order not to have this happen ever again; the true story about the abuses that the aliens have been committing on the human race; the psychosomatics of the Abduction phenomena; the solution of specific cases and the NLP and Regressive Hypnosis techniques applied to this specific issue.

Alien memories implanted in the subject’s brain were also hypnotized (the first times were “just a case” we didn’t know and didn’t look for it ) a procedure which has permitted to obtain a huge quantity of fresh data on the alien races and on their purposes.

Dr. Malanga’s research explains, in detail, what is the problem of the alien interferences; it describes the main races which are responsible for such interferences; it analyzes the different levels of interference which can be internal or external for the abducted; it clarifies the interrelationships between different aliens, and between aliens and the groups for the New World Order (NWO).  He describes the techniques used to subjugate, both by the aliens and by the military which are colluding with the aliens, in order to obtain their own goals.

Dr. Malanga’s Alien Levels Of Interference

Dr. Corrado Malanga proposes a new interpretation of the phenomenon based on a classification of the alien interferences in five levels:
-Level One: surgical operations on the abducted person.
-Level Two: alien memories implanted into the brain of the abducted person.
-Level Three: cloning of the abducted person.
-Level Four: attempt to move the light-dots matrix ( the Consciousness ) of the abducted person and constrain it into an alien body.
-Level Five: different kinds of an incorporeal aliens made up by light ( called “LUX” ) or coming from an another dimension ( called “GRINCH” or “SIX FINGERS” or HORUS-RA ) are the ones who control all the other aliens.

A “Level Six”, too,  has been discovered and partially understood but this is still subject of research at the present time.

Dr. Malanga came to deal with the true nature of Man differentiating  Body ( the physical component ) Mind, Spirit, and Soul (the conscious components)

“I actually realized that, while studying the aliens, I made a serious methodological mistake: it is not possible to study the aliens without knowing beforehand how we ourselves are made. Pretty soon I understood that the aliens were looking in us for something that they didn’t have, something which we didn’t know we had, something that makes many men an integral part of Consciousness”

Introduction To “The Physics Of Abductions”

After all that we’ve said we are finally able to develop an omni comprehensive theory for present physics, in the light of what the abductions’ witnesses refer on what they see during an alien abduction. Our abductees are in fact, nothing more and nothing less than observers, who report to us the physical sensations of everything that happens during an abduction.
So we’ll use those sensations and those visual, auditory and kinesthetic observations to verify if the Bohm’s holographic  theory of the universe, which we described earlier, enables us to:

1 – understand how abductions take place, but also

2 – correctly describe the universe, both in its holographic and in its real component.

Therefore, we should absolutely trust the abductees’ testimonies instead of considering them as local misinterpretations of very different events, as present science and state ufologists do.

The misrepresentation is supposedly due to voluntary or involuntary falsification of the facts determined by the pathological need to be in the center of attention or by the absence of the needed prerequisites necessary for our witnesses in order to correctly understand what really happened, instead of a simple UFO event.

We realized long ago that the real maniacs needing to be the centre of attention are the Ufologists themselves, and we have known for a long while that the alien abduction phenomena are absolutely real.

The Evidence Coming Out of the Hypnotic Session

We were interested in understanding what happens during an abduction, or, more specifically, during the beginning and the end of it. We wanted to see if among the details coming out of the abductees testimonies, there was any detail which could, somehow, lead us on the right track to understand how virtual reality works (virtual reality is the set of parameters called Space, Time and Energy). In simple words, we wanted to verify whether the formulas provided by our researchers were key descriptors  for how Reality works.

But let’s listen to some testimonies from the regressive hypnosis’ recordings, which we produced over the last twenty years of research.

Testimony #1

The subject was in a club with a friend. They went to the bathroom. His friend was waiting for him in the hall leading to the bathroom. But the guy inside the restroom came out after at least 25 minutes in a state of mental confusion. Besides, his clothes were dirty with some kind of white powder, which had a weird smell. His friend asked him for an explanation about him being so late, but almost immediately the two friends went back in the dancing-room, where there was a lot of people busy dancing to the rhythm of music. 
When the two decided to leave the club, the one who had been lock-up in the restroom for 25 minutes went to the cloakroom to take back his coat and found out that, oddly enough, the coat, too, is dirty with the same white powder.

An NLP session (neuro-linguistic programming: the technique developed by Bandler and Grinder for the resolution of traumas related to the unconscious suppression of memories), allowed afterwards to bring to the surface the complete recollection of the event.

When the subject was in the restroom and he was about to exit, he turned around and didn’t find the door, but some kind of a dark door from which appears the figure of two small gray beings, dark skinned, no clothing, at about 3 feet above the ground: the usual Grays described in many abduction experiences.

The subject is completely paralyzed; placed in a horizontal position is being driven through the large dancing-room where living things appears pellucid and static. The subject passes through walls, tables and through people that appear inconsistent, as if they were not really there. The two small Grays drag this body as if it was a litter without wheels towards the exit; they stop at the cloakroom where one of the two little creatures jumps over to opposite side of the counter and grabs the subject’s coat, which was lying in the air as if he was on a stretcher. The Little Gray throws the coat over the body of the abductee and goes out through the door of the club. Outside, high, there is the usual light which is about to pick the trio and bring them up. Inside the flying machine the subject is set in a vertical position again, but before that, the two aliens take off his shoes. The guy had put a large amount of talc inside the shoes in order to put them on more easily. The talc spills on his clothes and on his coat…

Upon their return the subject and the two small Grays are coming down through the same “drawing beam”. Our abductee is still paralyzed in horizontal position. They go by the cloakroom where the abductee recalls that the coat still covering him falls down. The subject goes through the dancing-room where people are again transparent and nearly invisible, still but in different positions compared to when he left the room. The abductee is carried back into the bathroom and at that point… everything comes back to life, the sound of music returns, our abductee opens the door and finds out that, inexplicably, his clothes have talc on them; he looks at his friend and is not able to give any plausible explanation: 25 minutes of our time have passed. He’s  totally confused.

Testimony #2

Under hypnosis the subject is telling what is about to happen. He’s on a train directed to Padua; he is going visit a friend of his. The train left from Rome and has not yet arrived in Florence. Suddenly the computer he’s working on, while he is in an empty wagon, gets stuck. Everything freezes. Everything is still. The train does not move even though it didn’t slow down! It’s simply motionless.

One side of the car’s cockpit becomes transparent and the subject sees two gray beings arriving, almost flying, they enter the compartment where, however, nothing is moving. The subject is taken away and they levitate him out of the train. As usual, a flying saucer is visible up in the sky, and it will swallow him, but he has time to see beneath him the freeze-frame train where he was, just in front of a tunnel where it was about to enter.

After an unspecified amount of time when the subject is carried back to his train from above, the train is still motionless, but in a different position. Everything is still, but the scene takes place in slow motion. The subject is put back again in the train, in the compartment where he was earlier, and while the two Grays are leaving, through the same way from whence they came, and through the train metal sheet, the subject realizes that the computer fell on the floor and that in front of him, on the left, there’s a sleeping passenger, who was not there earlier.

Suddenly the train is moving again and one can perceive the train sounds and the  vibrations can be felt again. The controller walks by, our abductee stands up, and he confusedly runs after the controller along the train corridor and asks him, “How much time before Florence?” The controller gives him a puzzled look and tells him that they already passed Bologna and that they are about to reach Padua. (TN: Bologna is app. 60 miles passed Florence)

The confused state of mind of the subject will be noticed by his friend, too, upon his arrival. His friend gave us his testimony, too.

The laptop instead broke down once and for all.

Testimony #3

A lady recalls thanks to the anchoring technique (an extension of NLP) a traumatic experience that from her teenage years, when she was about to drown while at the beach with her parents.

Through the use of the anchors, the woman relives a completely different scene from what she remembered. Actually, she remembered that although she was about to drown, her suit was dry and her father ran towards her in order to save her. He got mad with the lifeguard and other people who were there because they weren’t doing anything to save the poor girl. Then they all went back home without receiving any further explanation. Her mother, too, had a vague recollection of the event and also very confused and different from what her daughter recalled.

The anchors were revealing something totally different. The girl is in the water when everything freezes. But she does not breathe water, which therefore does not enter in her lungs, but she sees the sea bubbling as if something very bright was coming from underneath.

She has the impression of being inside a transparent bubble because she has no direct contact with the sea-water… she relives the situation looking at the scene from above, and although in a confused way, she notices that there is something that pulls her in from above. When she gets back down, everything is freeze-frame. The people passing by are frozen, her father is running towards her but he’s freeze-frame in his run. You cannot hear any noise.

The father, all of a sudden, takes her by the hand and everything starts moving again. The abduction lasted a long time but for all the people there on the beach time seemed to be frozen.

Testimony #4

A subject is going back home in his car. It’s evening and there’s a brand new GPS working in the car. The subject all of a sudden complains for a sudden sleepiness, and he stops his car. Nobody goes by, or at least one cannot see anybody going by. The subject falls asleep, but when he wakes up he realizes something pretty strange had happened. His car went through a weird journey as it is shown in the GPS. The car went through a certain trip, then turned left in a countryside path; then back and through a loop going back on the common road, continuing on that for a few more miles. Finally the trail suddenly stops. The issue is that the car is not at the end of the GPS’s trail, but back at the starting point, as if it was gone back in its journey to the moment when the subjects fell asleep. But the way back wasn’t recorded. During a hypnosis session the subject will remember how he didn’t actually fall asleep, but he remembers that, all of a sudden, and after turning in the  countryside path, a flying machine full of saurian aliens and Italian military men had abducted him violently.

Testimony #5

One of our abductees had just finished helping his young wife during her delivery. The childbirth was followed by physicians and all of the pregnancy was followed by us, from a distance, while explaining the husband, who was an abducted already freed from this issue, what was happening minute by minute. He was aware of the issue and free from any alien interference, while she was religious and still unaware of the truth of the matter. Needless to say that all of the pregnancy was a miraculous venture. First a brain malformation, which was approximately next to the pineal gland, leads to fears the worst  (but then the malformation disappears).

Afterwards there’s the usual attempt, after approximately seven months and a half, for an early delivery, as it often happens with the abductees’ children, ( early delivery which is then solved pharmacologically, ) then the knot on the umbilical cord, (also miraculously solved.)

Then the delivery, which was already in itself a series of miraculous events. It is sufficient to say that the baby is born with a knot umbilical cord and that, according to the physicians, the baby should have been dead 2 weeks earlier.

But, as we well know, the aliens are good gynecologists and they follow the delivery of their future abductee even after the first moments after the childbirth, as we understood through many testimonies obtained during hypnotic sessions.

Even in this case things go differently.

The nurse gives the little baby to daddy, who needs to bring him downstairs in the nursery using the elevator. But when he gets out of the elevator, the new dad complains pains in his left arm, where there is a wound like a burn that is clearly visible.

The anchors technique, which the abductee was already a master of, will reveal the mystery. In the elevator time stops. A passage opens and from the top of the elevator there comes one of the usual Grays, which tries to pick up from the parent’s arm the little newborn. The parent offers resistance or at least he tries, when the little Gray with its stick, that it uses to give a shock, causes a big burn on the parent’s arm, who desperately lets go. The elevator is still… everything is still… time doesn’t go by, then… the usual Gray comes back and puts back the baby in the father’s hands, while in the elevator still stuck: but not before pulling the baby out of some kind of transparent plastic packing, which has been described also by other abductees. This seems to be some kind of container to place the newborns. Right after this the elevator starts again, but when the doors open he can feel the pain on his arm. Only a moment has gone by.

Testimony #6

One of our abductees told us that once, when she was getting off her car to go get some groceries and she was about to open the groceries store door, before she turns the handle all the way… she finds herself appearing between two salesgirls which were talking. They are quite surprised but… what to say? In the moment when the woman opens the shop’s door, time will stop and her umpteenth unrequested trip starts, together with the usual gray alien.

Time Doesn’t Stop Cause Time Doesn’t Exist

The first impression we could have is that something seems to indicate that time, for the moments in which the abduction is going on, stops. Things cannot be this way. If time was to stop then we also would stop and everything would stop. In other words neither me, nor the aliens around me could move. The same thing would happen also if space was to stop, because it is bound to time and, as far as we know, when space changes, that produces ìnot voidî values for time.

As we have previously underlined, not only time seems to stop, at times, but it also seems to go backwards.

A subject woke up after a troubled dream, in which little beings were taking him and abducting him, taking him away from his bedroom. The abductee, who was not actually dreaming, when he wakes up out of breath and scared, finds out, looking at the watch on the bedside table, that he had woken up before going to sleep. He laid down at 11.30pm, and, after a long “dream”, he woke up at 10.30pm. Another abductee fell asleep while flying on the plane, and when he woke up he noticed that there was nobody on the plane. He got worried and became breathless looking for somebody, while the plane was flying, but he fell suddenly asleep again, or rather… he doesn’t remember what actually happened. Everything will stay in his mind as if it was just a dream. But is it actually only a dream?

Quantum Physics And Time Freezing

The quantum vision if the universe enable us, for now, to approximately represent the universe. Actually we had shown that Space-Time is a grid made of points in which only the nodes where Space and Time entangle, (and this is true also for Energy, but we ignore it here, to simplify – Author’s note,) are entirely defined (measurable.) So the Universe would exist only in these points while in their surroundings there would be nothing existing. Points lit up by the axes of Consciousness – we might say – that, as we had underlined before, works like a movie projector that gives life to the big screen.

From a distance, the imagine full of information projected on the big screen would seem homogeneous to a less attentive observer, BUT if better observed through a magnifier, we would realize that the image is fix only on the points in which the fiber exist, the texture by which the big screen is made. The image would be unnoticed and unnoticeable between the holes in the fabric’s weft, without interfering with it.

White Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix

In this figure, every white dot is a virtual reality node, while in the black parts no reality would exist… We would travel through an accurate but quantized route, jumping from one white node to another, as if our life was a very packed set of photograms, but not a continuous action.

This vision of virtual reality allows us to have very precise measures of time and space and to consider, from one value to the other, not a variation of the same value but two values absolutely distinct from each other, where a second value would not represent anymore an alteration in space time of the first, but a specific measure, completely independent on the other.

In other words, our life would not be a continuum of situations but a long and crowded series of static imagines, which would follow one another on a hypothetical movie screen.

Then What Happens When The Aliens Arrive?

Let us assume that our existence may be described as a series of situations which, in turn, may be pictured by an equal number of frames of a movie projected on the drop curtain of the virtual reality. The film with its events and frames are moving bottom up in space and in time and our brain reads one frame at a time.

If there was an hypothetical helicopter flying along the film at the same speed the film is moving in time, the pilot would always see, next to him, always the same imagine, always the same picture and would interact, during his flight, always with the same frame, which he would always and only highlight with his headlamp, as it is shown in the following pictures.





Let us assume that our existence may be described as a series of situations which, in turn, may be pictured by an equal number of frames of a movie projected on the drop curtain of the virtual reality. The film with its events and frames are moving bottom up in space and in time and our brain reads one frame at a time.

If there was an hypothetical helicopter flying along the film at the same speed the film is moving in time, the pilot would always see, next to him, always the same imagine, always the same picture and would interact, during his flight, always with the same frame, which he would always and only highlight with his headlamp, as it is shown in the following pictures.

We’ll see that this is only one aspect of what actually happens, but for now this is a step forward to understand what happens during an abduction. The helicopter is nothing more and nothing less then the alien craft which interferes with your space-time reality, while freezing time locally. This would occur because the alien craft somehow places itself on the time axis of our local reality and interacts, in phase, with our time. Time freezes for us and for the alien, but not for the rest of the animated things, not for the rest of those things endowed with Consciousness, which would tend to disappear from the scenery perceived by the abductee. It is like something is holding us back in Frame number 4 (as in the picture,) while all other “living” things keep on regularly moving forward to Frames number 5, 6, 7…

When an abduction starts we are being pulled out from our virtually pinned frame.In other words, the alien stop our journey on the various frames, let the other characters in the movie continue, as it normally happens, but it blocks us. In order to do this, it travels in time at the same speed as we do, as if it was a car that draws up beside us on a freeway because it goes at the same speed. But this shift is happening only along one axis, Time axis.

When the two cars (the one we drive and the alien drives,) are going at the same speed, they appear still to each other, and the alien is able to interact with our reality which would appear still compared with us. It appears still to us because as soon as the alien’s car comes by our side, both cars block. The landscape doesn’t move anymore and everything is freeze-frame.

Soon we’ll see that even the smallest inconsistency, difficult to understand at this level, will be quickly resolved, modifying some local parameters. The story-line that we’ve just proposed you now is just the same one that we advanced before, while suggesting that the alien are physically moving on the holographic grid, traveling only in time or only in space.

To the abductee this story line would fit exactly to what he/she reports: everything is STILL except him/her and the aliens, who can move within this freeze-framed space-time. Nobody else’s around because the other “living” entities moved on to the next frames. Once again we can see that lifeless things remain still, while living things can move on in the holographic grid, as sustained by some scholars of Bohm’s virtual reality. And once again virtual reality appears to be quantized, both in space and time, and along the axis of the potential energies.

Introducing The Concept Of Consciousness Clarifies Everything

Despite all that we have said until now, it is still not clear what do we mean by “living thing”, and what endows it with degrees of freedom on the holographic grid: freedom that the “non living things” don’t seem to have.

This aspect is related to introducing the definition of Consciousness. Only the ones endowed with Consciousness – the ones who possess inside the Real Reality and not only the Virtual Reality – are considered to be Living Things. All the rest is lifeless. Hence this is our new definition of life. Life is Consciousness. A fish is Consciousness; an alien is Consciousness; a human is consciousness; but a refrigerator is not Consciousness; not even a computer is Consciousness.

The things we have said until now describe virtuality as the projection of real reality, Consciousness, on a drop-curtain, which is defined by the axis of Space and Time and also by the axis of Energies, very visible to us as changing colors on the imagines we perceive.


How Big Is The Holographic Universe?

Until now we have “spread” on a single flat the entire virtual universe. Spreading the Universe on a single flat means building a web full of dots, so called quantum nodes, which are the spots where virtuality exists: such places represent our hypothetical photo-frames of life. But nor space neither time or energy exist, since they are virtuality’s creations, at least according to David Bohm.

Bohm maintains that the Universe it’s all just in one point (“non local universe” as referred to by physicists). At this “point” we should ask ourselves what’s the graphic distance from one point on the (holographic, TN) grid to the other.  We know there’s nothing in between. Could this mean that, as an example, we are not able to quantize the space-time hole which exist between two events?  If so, we should ask ourselves what happens in the gap between two frames. Does the Universe stop and, with it, do we stop too? Does it relives in the next frame but we do not realize anything about it?

For example, a dispute that we might have with a friend would then last billions of years between one frame and the other, and we wouldn’t be able to realize this at all? We would pause at the end of every frame and we would wake up at the beginning of the next one, without being conscious of what happens in between. And this would be right, since there’s nothing in between, and Consciousness does not interact with the virtual part of itself.

In fact, the question we are asking ourselves is a nonsense from a theoretical point of view. Actually, between two events there’s no other event, and drawing the events as balls situated at a certain “X” distance on a grid of points it’s only a graphic representation. OK, but if we want use a correct graphic representation, we should ask ourselves how big is each ball, and what’s the correct distance I should use on the space-time plane?

We could answer to the second question based on some data coming from modern physics, and making use some values calculated by Max Planck, who enjoyed calculating the dimensions of the smallest measurable things in the Universe.

What’s The Distance Between Two Nodes On The Holographic Space-Time Plane?

There’s a trivial answer for the famous inconsistent question. Whatever is the distance between the two quantized events would graphically right, because there’s no possibility to define anything between two events. Under a mathematical point of view this can mean only one thing: that all the events are in the same point. It’s not possible to space out the events on a space-time plane, except if we place them all in the same point. In other words, spreading these balls on a flat surface it’s just a trick used by our mind in order to make them appear distinct and visible at the same time as different events, instead of an unique event.

David Bohm                   Alain Aspect                Karl Pribram

As a matter of fact, if we overlap two things in a three-dimensional space, our minds think that there’s only one thing instead of the two overlapping things. From this point of view, representing all different events side by side along the space and time axes gives us a better understanding of the differentiation of the events but, from the other point of view, overlapping them, gives us exactly Bohm’s vision about the non local Universe, where everything exist simultaneously. While Bohm studies the Holographic Universe’s physics, Alan Aspect brings about evidence that Bohm might be right, by discovering that two completely separate photons, placed at an arbitrary large distance from each other, know exactly what is happening to the other one. This has only one explanation: the Universe is non local and, in fact, the two photons, co-exist in the same point.

Pribram, neurophysiologist, in the same period of time, sustains that the brain is, in fact, a hologram reader and that it perceives the Universe three-dimensionally while the physics’ laws govern the hologram’s physics: and that’s it!

The Size Of The Universe

How big is the Universe? The scientists calculated its size based on the data obtained by Plank.  If we were to think as we have always done, we’d come across huge numbers. For example, our galaxy, the Milky Way, has a diameter of something like 50,000 light years, which means that it would take fifty thousands years for a beam of light in order to travel it all. Plank, form his point of view, calculates rigorously both how small is the smallest measurable thing, and how big is the whole universe.

Very precise calculi which agree with all the physics known until now, give us precise information: according to Planck the smallest measurable unit of time is given by the following formula:  tp = (hG/2πc5)1/2

Where h is Planck’s constant, G is the gravitational constant and c is the speed of light.

Planck’s length, the smallest physically measurable length, is given by the formula:

lp = (Gh/2πc3)1/2

These are the smallest units on the space-time scale, while the smallest measurable unit of energy is: E = hν = hc/λ, where λ is the smallest measurable wavelength.

We also have the computation of the smallest measurable quantity of mass and here’s its formula: mp = (hc/2πG)1/2

Actually, this is not the smallest measurable quantity of mass, but it is instead the smallest quantity of mass the smallest black-hole could possess if having the Schwarzschild radius, the Compton wavelength and an effective length equal to Planck’s constant. So, not the smallest thing that exist but the smallest thing full of matter that exist.

Now, if we take into account that the Universe has an estimated age of 4,3×1017 seconds, we could also say that the Universe is 8x1060tp ( Planck’s Time ). Based on these parameters, the calculation we are about to do is accepted by modern science: we can say that Planck’s Time is equal to approximately 5,391×10-44 seconds while Planck’s Length is 10-33 centimeters.


The Universe In A Grain Of Sand

So, what’s the meaning of Planck’s Time or Planck’s Length, for example, from a pure physical point of view? They say that beyond these values objects loose definition and cannot be measured anymore. Often times we have given to this interpretation of the data a limiting meaning. So, in other words, we thought that, beyond that physical limitation, our devices couldn’t go beyond those values, bound to the same laws of physics that was calculating the same formulas: something like a cat that bites its own tail.

String of Pearls

Somebody said that God built the Universe and forced some kind of limitation on human observations, just because, without this limitation, God itself could be observed.

It might sound weird but both ideas has some truth in them. What does it mean the fact that after a certain small quantity nothing more can be measured? Does it mean that there’s nothing more to see or that there might exist other small objects which are invisible? If, once again and for all, we were to use the space-time plane placing on that surface the quantized events, we would realize that, if the events were placed next to each other, they would have a certain size. Since nothing exists between two events we could be tempted to collocate them side by side, as many balls touching each other. These balls would have Planck’s sizes and so we would find out that the universe has exactly 8×1060 tiny balls along the time axes and, since every ball is defined by all of the three axis (space, time and energy,) necessarily, it has the same number of tiny balls along the other two axis: energy and space.

Actually, if the Universe is made up of small events which are defined by Planck’s constants, we could definitely say that the Universe is characterized by many events, the smallest possible, placed side by side. In this way, both the spaces-time continuum and quantization itself are guaranteed.

Even if physics does tell us how many are the smallest visible tiny balls (the smallest events,) that we can place on the holographic grid, it does not tells us how they are placed in relation to each other. But Bohm does say this: all the tiny balls are in the same point. And this is actually the only paradigm that offers a unique solution instead of an infinity of solutions, as infinite are the ways to display the ball on a space-time plane.

The Consciousness Of The Universe

So, if we agree that the smallest possible object is a Planck object, we must agree that the Universe is not bigger then 10-33 centimeters (3,9×10-34 inches,) on the space axes, and about 10-44 seconds on the time axes. Even the axes of the potential energy would be automatically well defined by the value of the Planck constant multiplied by the frequency of the smallest existing particle. The whole Universe would be a tiny ball. How can I fit in in a small ball the whole Universe calculated by a “certain” part of Physics as “huge”? It’s enough to remember that space, time and energy are just virtual (meaning “modifiable” ) and not real, and that they are generated by Consciousness. One cannot measure Consciousness! In fact, in the definition of Consciousness itself lies the axiom that it cannot be either measured or seen because it is immutable, (because it is real reality, which means “non alterable”, “variable free”).

It is widely sustained that an Universal Consciousness exist, or better said, that the Universe has a Consciousness component. (Searle’s Ontology of the Mind in the Universe: A Criticism (Daniel D. Novotny, UB Spring 2002, second version)

The scientist Stephen Hawking even asks some philosophic problems, which we are unable to solve using the scientific method, since this subject requires a logical-philosophical method. Hawking asks questions which are mostly of philosophical and theological nature, as for example:

– Why is the Universe the way it is?

– Why there is “something” instead of “nothing?

– Why does the Universe need a Creator in order to explain its existence?

So, Hawking rises questions on the creation and on the Creator God. But here is one questions that rises from all of Hawking’s considerations:

– Can such an “everything theory” explain its existence?

Hawking deals with two points. He doesn’t realize that he somehow calls God using the name Consciousness, and he faces the scientific way of thinking while asking if it is possible to understand everything through reasoning and formulas, raising the same issue that we have raised in this work.

Alexandre V. Boukalov, from the Centre of Physical and Space Researches, International Institute of Socionics, on his article called ìConsciousness and Physical Universeî published by the  Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics Journal, issue 1, 2001, asks if there is a conscious universe. He maintains that in our Universe, which has a radius of 1026 meters, taking into consideration that every existing cell has the Planck’s length, there are  10183 operational cells in what he calls the Metagalaxy (the Universe, Author’s note.) The operational frequency for this cells works at ωpl = 1/tpl~1044. The operations that our Universe computes at the Planck’s level would be:  Z=N・ω=10183∑1044~10227 each second.

We need to remark that the number of operating cells is practically the same that we assumed for just one dimension, since (8 x 1060 tp)3 ≅ N. These values should be the ones to assign to a universal Consciousness, or rather, they would be the operations that the virtual part of Consciousness would do if it could be compared to a computer.

Boukalov’s number of cells represent the number of the smallest pieces of virtuality. Such pieces represent the Universe’s bricks, and they all are placed in just one virtual point, having the dimensions of a tiny ball made of many tiny balls, which interact with each other only through the geometrical operator’s laws. This vision, which is quite precise, is perfectly consistent with the abductees’ testimonies.

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