Common Symptoms of Abduction – Chart

By Eve Lorgen

N = 22 (6 Males & 16 Females) Based on 19 US residents, 3 in UK and Australia. G= Genetic, E = either/ or, 1A = Abduction After
, N = Neither

95%1AHumming, buzzing, tones
and clicks in ears
91%2AReport missing time
91%3ASpontaneous visual images
in mind, as if projected in mind
86%4AFeelings of a special
mission in life, i.e.., environmentalism, spirituality minded
relationship difficulties
82%6AUnexplained bruises,
scars, scoop marks, triangle marks, punctures, lesions on body
77%7ABack problems( especially
after abduction, i.e., as if one received an epidural)
73%8AUnexplained nosebleeds
73%9APost traumatic stress
73%10ASeeing balls of light
before or after alien encounter or regardless of supposed abduction
73%11AUnexplained phobias of
owls, clowns, raccoons, large black eyed animals, spiders, insects
68%12AAbrupt change in sexual
status ( i.e., hypersexual, no sex drive or change in sexual orientation
64%13AFear of the dark,
closets, open stretches of highways, open sky, wooded areas or places
where an abduction took place
64%14ASleep paralysis -like
episodes prior to abduction
59%15AVarious addictions or
compulsive activities to keep the mind busy to forget about abductions.
Crises after crises
59%16AMetallic taste in mouth
(especially after abduction)
59%17ASulphur smell, moldy
cardboard or wet leather odor in presence of aliens
59%18ASpontaneous psychic
abilities, especially after abduction
41%19AAnomalous objects or
implants in body ( believe to have or medically proven via x-ray)
27%20AVisual observation of
energy-like vortex “portals” in ones presence, often during
sexual activity
23%21ARapid fingernail growth
following abduction
23%22AAmmonia taste in mouth (
especially after abduction)
95%23EUnexplained headaches,
odd flu-like illnesses, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue (especially
following abduction)
91%24EBelieve they have some
form of psychic ability
88%25EMenstrual Irregularities,
missing pregnancies, endometriosis, cervical evidence of having given
birth, without knowledge, unknown surgeries
86%26EAbnormal or unexplained
mood swings
86%27EOBE’s (out of the body
82%28ELucid dreaming ability
82%29EMiscellaneous Allergies
68%31EHigh craving for salts
64%32ELow blood pressure
64%33EHigh craving for citrus
fruits ( ie, eating 4-5 oranges in one sitting)
55%34ENight blindness
32%35EPromiscuity as a child or
27%36EAltered levels of
serotonin, dopamine, potaassium (either one)
23%37EAbnormal reactions to
general anesthesia
95%38GAbove average
91%39GCeltic or Native
American/Celtic Mix
91%40GRight handed
86%41GBlue or green eyes
82%42GAbove average hearing
50%43GProcaine allergy (ranging
from the drug not working at all or very little, or mild to severe
allergic reactions) Less than 1% in average population.
41%44GHyperactive as children
or still are
23%45GRh Negative Blood(some
didn’t know their Rh factor.) Caucasians = 8%, Basques = 35%, combined
racial poulation 15%
73%46NCollege educated
54%47NApparent past life
50%48NNDE’s ( Near Death


Percentage Graph Bar chart


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