Complex Trauma Recovery and Pitfalls to Healing

Over the years my work in Anomalous Trauma has led me to valuing an understanding and practice of complex trauma recovery. In my early years of researching the Alien Abduction experience, milabs, Mk Ultra, Cult abuse and especially narcissistic abuse, certain things kept surfacing that tended to sabotage true recovery from trauma.

Although there is merit in the reality of telling ones story from real alien or ET visitation, whether good, bad or all the “shades of grey”, this does not negate the value of psychological/emotional trauma recovery, and the practices needed to get through this kind of experience. In the earlier days of the UFO and Paranormal field, an experiencer of alien abduction, milab, or ET contact may want to tell their story and this was the way they could feel heard, understood and finally validated from something that they may have had to keep hidden or even in amnesia for years. If desired, they were often encouraged to get a Hypnotic Regression, to find out what happened, “during their events”, so a coherent story in time could be constructed for the client or researcher who wanted to get more information on their experience.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful for going deeper into traumatic events or emotional areas of difficulty where amnesia resulted, or post traumatic stress symptoms. What I discovered with most clients of milabs, mk ultra, cult abuse, narcissistic abuse and alien abductions, the trauma reactions tended to prevent the person from going deeper into a thorough recovery process. It was Pete Walkers work on Complex PTSD, and his definition of the 4 F’s of trauma: fight, flight, freeze, fawn, that shed light on a simple way to understand trauma, and apply healing recovery strategies, based upon ones primary reactivity to trauma and lifestyle personality shaping. (See:

In the greater UFO/Paranormal and New Age Spirituality circles, trauma recovery is not necessarily a priority, while the “story” is what people want to hear. Or the continued identification with the story, with its embedded CPTSD reactive personality style, and bypass practices such as psychic readings, attached-entity demonic release without root cause trauma recovery, or good spiritual practices. Analytical over thinking with astrological justifications for whatever is happening (unrecovered) trauma response wise, or any number of paranormal/occult beliefs that actually encourage and reify the continued demonic or alien interference and its consequent distorted reality perceptions. Also the lack of real recovery may be visible via narcissistic qualities or those who proclaim to be some form of guru, life coach, psychic healer, etc., and then churn out clients who get worse, not better from the reasons they entered into some form of “help”.

I want to make it clear that even if someone has experienced the worst types of trauma and interference issues, there is a way to recover and regain sovereignty and what Richard Grannon often refers to as “agency” in ones life and relationships. What I’m seeing is the blind leading the blind, those who not carry the ability to truly help the client change. Some of this is the need to make $ via YouTube channels and it’s a competition for the latest drama, news and flavor of the week going on. I do think it is lack of understanding true trauma recovery that causes so much of this. I also believe that a spiritual faith of some sort must be included in complex trauma healing, much like how the classic AA 12-Step program inculcates a Higher Power as an ally in ones recovery. The higher power,(I prefer Jesus Christ ) serves to get the client into a position of humility, instead of assuming they have “all the answers” to some kind of issue, be it addiction or relationship issues that keep rearing their ugly head, like repeated narcissistic partners and patterns of abuse. The defenses tend to want to dominate a person with unrecovered trauma and can sneak their way into their lives only to re assert the same conditioned reactions and beliefs that lead them astray from real positive change. The classic , “yes, but…….” and all the reasons why they cannot change and they are right about everything etc. Addiction to anger and blame, and so many of the behaviors that show “what’s there”.

The fruit on the tree of real trauma recovery is one of greater calm, less chaos in relationships and a humility and sense of goodness that emerges, while being more courageous in the good fight if and when the demonic stuff starts manifesting in spiritual warfare. A truly recovered person who has experienced real healing, will want to pass it forward, express gratitude and grace, giving honor to whomever helped them reach this place, whether its faith in God, AA, Jesus or some practice that really helped them.

Richard Grannon has a good video on how to tell if one has healed from narcissistic abuse and if it is still lingering in ones life, what does this look like:

Signs your HEalihng from Narcissistic Abuse-Richard Grannnon: 

Another therapist who specializes in Complex Trauma is Tim Fletcher of Canada. He has numerous videos detailing the qualities of various aspects of complex trauma and recovery issues, such as shame, anger, guilt, reparenting and learning to love again. His video on Anger and how this sabotages true recovery is so insightful:

Timothy Fletcher Understanding Trauma: Anger part 7: 

One point I’d like to make is my observation of a kind of blindness that is happening with those who have not really understood nor begun real work on trauma recovery. Many stay stuck in anger, blaming, various ideologies that justify their anger, resentments, powerlessness or fears in the world. Some may jump to some sort of spiritual practice or a quick psychic healing and assume someone will “heal them” without being willing to understand their condition and how to unpack it with deeper insights. Actions to positive change are absolutely necessary, and it is unrealistic and even dangerous to expect one person or healer to change what ails them. Like exorcising out demons or releasing entities without doing the work to continue staying “clean” spiritually and emotionally.

Oftentimes a client will want to share their story, and that is understandable and helpful for them. But what often happens with deep trauma and even demonic oppression, is that their defenses sabotage going deeper for any lasting change and positive recovery. They may turn around and justify why they believe they are and will continue to be a victim, and it’s all your responsibility to heal them, preferably for free.

I’m often disappointed at how the helping fields(and especially traditionally female dominated careers) are devalued to the point where many people are actually thinking they should be able to get all this support and therapy for free, and that “its all just talking anyway”. So it has no value according to them. One would hire all kinds of other professionals but when it comes to counselors they believe it should be free….or much less than they would pay a plumber, electrician, IT tech or for music lessons or something. The devaluation of what can truly deepen ones insight and authentically free them from what ails them is part of a sabotage program if you ask me. What better way to have a farm of powerless blind people than to make them believe the way to claiming their own healing and sovereignty has no value and that it is someone else’s job.

It is great to be able to find helpful videos that can educate one for understanding trauma, and when support groups exist in areas for free or very low cost such as AA, Alanon, Co-dependency and other common issues. But with complex trauma, alien abductions, milabs and cult abuse it is not usually a free support group or harder to find if you want real help. And personally from what I have seen in non professional circles of support groups, they are often not qualified as therapists for a particular thing and instead reify beliefs that justify over identification with the abuse, “their stories”, self-righteousness or distractions like culty narratives that have nothing to do with real trauma recovery. This is the danger of the lack of real understanding of trauma recovery, human psychology and spirituality. This tendency can can steer people away from real healing and create more harm in the long run.

With understanding and faith one can make authentic progress and positive change. It requires a kind of humility, and love for the truth, regardless of what one may find.

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