Anomalous Trauma Support Group

The next Anomalous Trauma online support group will begin Friday, March 3, from 1-3 pm Eastern time zone via Zoom. This group will be for 6 weeks, two hours once a week via Zoom online.

First group Friday March 3, 2023 1-3 pm through Friday April 7, 2023.

Ideally the group will have no more than 10 participants so each person is able to share.

This group will incorporate issues related to alien love bite, Dark Cupid, a possible false Twin Flame situation, and other experiences related to Anomalous Trauma such as:

  • Alien interference in life and/or relationships
  • Possible False Twin Flame relationships and unusual soul ties
  • Third party entity or possible interdimensional level invasiveness
  • Possible abduction, milab or SSP experiences and trauma related to this
  • Understanding Co Dependency/Narcissistic Abuse patterns and CPTSD
  • Sharing openly on issue areas, feelings and concerns. Being heart and “being” centered rather than excessive mental intellectual discussion style.
  • Expanding awareness via dream journaling, healing dream intentions and lucid dreaming ultimately
  • Communication sharing safety and development of mature emotional intelligence

The topics can be triggering for those who have significant amnesia, complex trauma, addictions, mind control or cult abuse, or who tend towards black and white thinking about ET’s, aliens, or spirituality issues. What I have found is that when mature abductees and milabs discuss some of these things freely, it can be very triggering to those who have not learned about these experiences or just exploring these possibilities. The main emphasis is discovering ones truth via recovery from trauma related to these issues, whether they include human “family of origin” issues or alien, ET or milab or cult related experiences. Or a combination, which is common.

In our recent groups we made and continue to make great strides in increased awareness on many levels by being able to share freely,(even if the topic and feelings are uncomfortable) explore dreams, assess symbols, and make deeper connections with our internal Original and Natural Eternal Spirit awareness and guidance.This group is not for channeling or promoting ones own belief system which bypasses true trauma recovery.

A huge part in the success of these methods is to intend with purity of heart to do this in a kind and humble way in the real world. That means no spiritual bypassing or manipulative intentions. When support and recovery are intended in a kind and humble way, things work out much better.

Fee for 6 week Groups is $200 USD. Payment can be made now or you can put in a $50 deposit to hold your space. Then by the 3rd week of the group( Fr. March 17, 2023) the balance is due.

Pay via Pay Pal on my web site under Contact Menu scroll down to the gold Donation Pay Pal button and enter $ amount for either the deposit or full fee with message for Group. You can also do this via Pay Pal directly using my email of

If you have any questions email me at

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