Toxic Masculine Programming: Panel Discussion

King Ahab Confronted by Elijah

In this lively discussion, James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Mary Ann Fisher and Bernhard Guenther share our professional and personal views of how toxic masculine programming manifests in a cascade of damaging beliefs and behaviors throughout society. We each share some of our personal experiences relating to interpersonal and “Father wounds” and what we encounter in our own coaching and clinical practices with clients.

In this panel, which compliments our previous “Toxic Feminine Panel” (See:

we each elaborate on these three essential questions:

  • What is Toxic Regressive Masculine Programming? What does it look like?
  • Why are so many men stuck in the fly-wheel of regressive programming and even many sincere awakening, self-mastery/embodiment aspirants? How did we get here and why has this happened?
  • What does non-distorted Masculinity look like? How can men begin disentngling themselves in the Toxic programming and heal? What are some immediate action steps they can take to become the strong male “healthy archetype?”

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Understanding, acknowledging, clearing and recovering from the regressive effects of toxic masculine programming is central to self-mastery /embodiment process progression.

Bernhard Guenther, James Bartley and Eve Lorgen join me in a deep-dive discussion of this critical cross-cultural, generation and incarnation-spanning issue. We unpack it holistically, addressing it from the physical, psychological/emotional, metaphysical and spiritual layers of being, examining a variety of ways it affects the various areas of our lives and sharing key approaches to and an array of action steps you can take to either begin or advance your efforts to identify, clear and heal the regressive effects of this deeply-inculcated programming.

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