The Connections between Milab, Love Bite and SRA Experiences: An Overview of Carmen Struder’s Interview with Amanda Buys

I recently viewed a phenomenal interview of Amanda Buys, a Christian minister and SRA counselor in South Africa. The topic of the interview is entitled: Montauk, Druids, Oak Tree and Twins | Questions and More w/ Amanda Buys.

In this interview Carmen and Amanda discuss detailed information regarding the Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors’ experiences involving time travel operations as children, Hitler’s and Mengele’s twinning projects, conception rituals, interdimensional portals, pre-conception “blue balls of light” and also how Druidism is key in much of the origin and means of cult abuse secrets.

The thing that connected some milab and alien love bite experiences in The Love Bite book, in the case of Sophia and Dave, described a milab lucid dream/astral type of abduction scenario involving blue balls of light that were called, “luminaries” which emanated from two lovers sexual union, where both experienced simultaneous climax. (pg. 87, The Love Bite)

In addition, Amanda spoke about how some of the higher level Royal SRA women are tasked with having sexual union with “fallen angels”, who then acquire spirit to spirt information downloads from these fallen angelic unions, which are then transferred via sexual tantra to specific high position males such as political figures, cult males or other powerful men. This same occult sexual ritual act is also what was done in ancient times with the “goddess” sexual priestess who annointed “Kings” and others with real power and knowledge that was downloaded from the fallen angels that they had sexual tantric union with. Often this was and is done under mind control from ritual sexual and cult abuse. Some may be done voluntarily but most is SRA cult abuse oriented with Druidic origins. Amanda describes the Druid connections with SRA cult ritual abuse and especially how secrets of the cult power was always kept within the confines of the female sexual ritual abuse.

This interview is power packed with good, detailed information which explains the deeper secrets and means by which so much of the occult angles of Hitlers agenda was and is still being carried out, even within the UFO and alien hybrid breeding programs. I recognized details of other client’s experiences that I had not written about, within the SRA occult ritual activities that connect how some of the Secret Space Program and milab operators, many female, are being utilized with very similar ways. In the love bite and twin flame experiences where some of these other dimensional entities are doing forms of tantric sexual unions, I believe it is some of the same beings, masquerading in a number of forms and narratives. So often in the milab and alien abduction histories we do find a connection to “Royalty” or some ancestral royal bloodlines or Freemason relatives, where spiritual permission of authority is given over to the children for use in such projects, perhaps unbeknownst to the milab experiencer.

Amanda stresses the importance for the survivors to be able to understand this blue ball of light spiritual encasing phenomena, which can connect the survivor to many portals, dimensions and parallel worlds where their “alter personality” parts may still reside or be accessed by the cult spiritual powers that were operating even pre-conception. So often, milabs have missing links in the understanding of their experiences when it comes to some of the connections with SRA, and yet not having that specific family hierarchy cult activity apparent in their histories. This makes it difficult for many to connect the dots. Understanding these occult connections with SRA, Hitler’s Nazi agenda and the alien breeding program can help us piece together the powers behind these “secret space programs” and time travel projects which have been popularized because of the technology aspect, but not well understood within the deeper occult roots of its “power system”. The women provide key power tranferance via the sexual tantric unions with these fallen angels and other powerful beings or men–where direct secret knowledge is downloaded.Worldly power systems are based upon these SRA secrets and need to be dismantled by healing and recovery of this kind of abuse. This has been going on for centuries often hidden within the cult sexual abuse of women who have to keep the abuse and knowledge secret. This is a mind blowing interview I recommend watching.

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