Soul Sedating Entities, Aliens and Demons: A Chat with Eve Lorgen, Akvile Sava and Rich West

In this casual and lively discussion of our work with anomalous trauma clients, Akvile, Rich and I share our experiences involved with entity interferences and some of the finer details of alien deceptions relating to the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga and my own findings, either in personal histories and those of clients.

The incorporeal LUX parasite being connected to Lucifer consciousness, for example, and the tremendous power of our own Soul/Anima Eternal Now beingness–whose NATURAL ORIGINAL AWARENESS can oust these predatory and unnatural entities who continue to deceive, manipulate, parasite and engage in complex loosh feeding vampirism tactics on humanity. One of the main points I brought out via Dr. Malanga’s painstaking work with numerous regressions and observations of alien abductees was the Soul will repressing tactics that certain malevolent aliens use on us to keep us entrapped in the loosh feeding environments we find ourselves in.

Some examples of demonic interplays in the astral space are shared, and how these dark beings compel, oppress and often possess people to cause many problems in our lives. The narcissist in our midst is often disguised as a spiritual helper, activist or “helpful friend”. And if you ask me, the more dangerous ones are the covert ones, not the obvious malignant narcissist personalities.

I will have to say that many religious and spiritual belief systems can be infected with these counterfeiting, demonic corruptions such that our natural will, awareness and response to unnatural predation is sedated, so that we put up, enable and continue to be unknowing victims of these spiritual predators, often pretending to be spirit guides, gods, demi-gods or religious narratives. I say, enough is enough! It is time to just exercise our true power of original awareness and intention to rid ourselves of these predators now and forevermore!

Demonic Beings& Entities that Sedate Consciousness: a Chat with Eve Lorgen

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