Negative ET and Alien Enabling Programs and Technologies

This is an addendum to the previous blog post on the Video Discussion I had with Rich West and Akvile Sava on the Soul Suppressing/Sedating technologies and interferences that the parasitic aliens do to abductees, based upon our own and the research findings of Dr. Corrado Malanga in his numerous hypnotic regressions done with alien abductees over the years. See:

Rich West, Akvile Sava and myself did a fun discussion and talk on entities, aliens, interference, milabs and some of Malanga’s work too.

Soul Sedating Entities, Aliens and Demons: A Chat with Eve Lorgen, Akvile Sava and Rich West

There were two videos in particular that a correspondent sent me recently about Malanga’s work which specifically mentioned the LUX being as well as Israeli military involvement with insectoid alien beings. My correspondent’s comments were: “In the first 2 minutes it’s explaining how the insectoids/locusts are usually with or acting with Israeli military. Much with military started or expanded with the Nazi’s going in and out of time, acting under orders of the aliens to use and take souls to keep them eternal while subduing our own souls will.  Our Souls Will can eliminate them and their interference. And destroy the implants too.

He also mentioned the LUX being that Malanga was communicating with in one particular hypnosis regression with a female abductee years ago, revealing the agenda of these aliens who are using human military and lying to them about the entirety of the abduction program, including the breeding program. The other comment he made was,

I was amazed how Malanga tricks the entity in thinking he works on the same side. Then the entity also tells him they have to be careful abducting people so that not to make the abductee’s soul come out which will burn their body state instantly. 

The first video describing the Israeli military:

YT Title: Corrado Malanga Explanation and Hypnosis with Israeli military

The other video where Malanga is having a discussion with the LUX being inside a
“parasited abductee” revealing their agenda. He also had her SOUL/ANIMA destroy the alien parasites following this revealing discussion.

YT Name: Corrado Malanga, Hypnose régressive, dialogue avec le Lux, être de lumière

That is very interesting. “

One of the afterthoughts I had about these revelations, which are really nothing “new” but the finer aspects found in Malanga’s painstaking work over the years, as well as some of my own findings. This is how the aliens, negative interdimensional entities and vampiric parasite beings have a way of suppressing the original natural awareness and Sacred Soul defenses against demonic invasion, essentially. It’s similar to how Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or CPTSD can manifest in 4 basic types of coping styles to trauma: Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn when re triggered to similar experiences. So what we are seeing is a more advanced type of CPTSD in the Soul nature of an individual and our species with these invasive alien beings. And the insertion and hijacking of their “program” to enable, accept and be copied out with their agenda unknowing of its full consequences to the Soul and the human race. It’s UNNATURAL and if we are strongly connected and integrated with our own ORIGINAL NATURAL SOUL (eternal now beingness), this awareness will intuitively discern and turn away from such predation. But as we can see in much of our religious, political and even spiritual narratives, this natural defense against alien and even demonic predation is overridden within the tactics of alien interference.

It can mimic a “false awakening” in people who then promote new ideologies that shame those who can discern it as being “negative and fear based” and not vibrating high enough for their “spiritually advanced” way of believing. As a therapist, I can perceive how ridiculous this type of classic New Age or even religious self-righteousness can mask CPTSD on many levels.

If I can find an analogy of the ludicrousness of some of these New Age shame inflicting arguments on people they think are being “too negative” about thinking all aliens/ETs are evil etc., I will say– let’s imagine a firefighter, policeman, drug or human trafficking crime fighter being “shamed–for being negative or focusing on negative things” as being essentially “wrong” and not spiritually enlightened. If we can see this in that context, we can discern the ridiculousness of these shaming, arrogant tactics on those who can see a dangerous problem, like a parasite, a narcissist, a predator and their deceptions and want to expose or do something about it to help prevent others from their harmful predation. I know that in the counseling field and understanding the causes and conditions of abuse, that a huge part of the problem of its continued perpetrations are the ENABLERS, who are also traumatised, but in a different way.

The best way to heal, is to reconnect with our own highest values, integrity and essential goodness, which is innate in our Soul eternal essence and manifested through our heart, feeling, thinking and actions. One of the pitfalls of healing from negative traumatic experiences is to want to jump to the positive opposite end of the spectrum that can manifest as a type of spiritual bypass program still masking the hidden traumas. Like a screen saver program that is acting like a “false awakening”, where the person thinks they are lucid in a dream, but realizing later, if they really awaken, that it was a false awakening.

Of course we can also have the negative, catastraphizing trauma patterns that prevent new ways of thinking and perceiving that can keep trauma victims embedded in negativity.

The practice of lucid dreaming in sleep “dreams” and waking life, as well as a meditation practice is a great way to cultivate increasing awareness until lucidity becomes more and more “real”. This helps reconnect us to our natural original awareness, which then will guide us with true intuition to what we are living, perceiving and really needing in our life experiences.

Dreamwork is a great way to help our expansion of awareness and recovery process of healing from all kinds of trauma. I plan on doing a group for dreamwork and Anomalous Trauma recovery and support incorporating new ways of “getting lucid” and having fun with it! Stay tuned for the announcement of this upcoming group.

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