Honeysuckle Grace

by Eve Lorgen 5/19/21

I asked for a poem, prayer or song
the Holy Spirit could send
for those of this world who don’t belong.
 What essence of Love’s truth could pierce
 this harshness of times,
 hardened hearts and crushed souls
 confused minds seeking a Sign
 from the Divine.
 I pause and remember a sacred text which stated, 
 “Faith must precede freedom of enlightenment awaited.”
 A memory of realisation dawned on me to ponder
 that glimpses of realized eternal beingness
 arose from Grace, and “not me” or anything other.
 Grace is a gift, a miracle bestowed
 when your heart purely desires truth to behold.
 My eyes released tears that Grace gave to me—
 something so precious—
 a Divine Opportunity.
 To hear His voice, Her call, a Presence so deep
 an unshakable Truth beyond comprehensibility.
 A Hawk sings to me at the moment of epiphany.
 A vine of newly bloomed honeysuckle beckons to me.
 I pick four flowers, three yellow and one white.
 She tells me to drink her nectar, and all will be “all right”.
 Honeysuckle keeps me present in Divine Presence,
 letting go of pain of the past, and allowing me to receive
 greater fullness of Love’s essence.
 Because through Faith I believed.
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