Exopolitics Interview of Eve Lorgen with Michael Salla

How ETs Manipulate Human Relationships in Abduction Programs

This interview was recorded in late December 2023

  • History of why I began UFO, ET and Abduction Research, Anomalous Trauma Therapy
  • Personal comments on experiences with abduction and alien love bite
  • Targeting threats to go along with it via “abduction/lucid dreamhack” by some alleged military human mind controller
  • Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholic, early milab and abduction findings that threatened the usual narratives of spin control
  • Ted Rice Cloning “alien black box” tech. Soul transfer types of experiences
  • Dr, Malanga’s views and hierarchy of ET types
  • The Primordial Man and ”Watchers” especially in lucid dreamscapes
  • Alien Love Bite and False Twin Flames
  • The good cop bad cop both sides of the fence ET games
  • Spiritual bypassing and need for trauma recovery
  • Aliens as parasites who want containers with the spirit battery easily hijacked for their own hosting agenda
  • Alien agenda is NWO agenda as the late Phil Schneider said years ago, essentially
  • Benevolent beings interact in more spontaneous ways, loving and aren’t just easily “called upon” for regular contact. They interact in different ways often in dire circumstances to help someone at specific points in life, turning points
  • Priority of clarity is about getting trauma recovery first, and spiritual integration

My overall comments on the interview is that I really aimed to tell as much as I could, I admit I babbled on when I could have paused with more silent spaces.My apologies for that, I admit I was nervous.

My sense on true benevolence and spiritual maturity in humans or even ETs lies with the “fruit on the tree” in modes they interact. For example, in this realm it’s normalized to essentially insult people and give unsolicited advice while not giving or having true loving kindness and generosity. This is why I keep on with presenting modes of high level deceptions that end up causing unnecessary suffering to all of us. Spiritual deception is the worst harm that can be done to us in my view.

In future talks I would like to comment on how many “Pure Ones” in human history who demonstrated spiritual power and benevolence were often attacked, infiltrated in some way, hijacked or have their groups and histories eventually erased or misrepresented by similar high level spiritual predators and their human allies. This is why I now feel that most religious systems are likely to harbor these issues, but we still can apply ourselves to deep truths which I believe are available to us when we sincerely ask and keep seeking until we find.

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