Evie Lorgen, Greg And Eriksson On Surface Planet Radio 11-14-23

Topics include: 

  • milab projects, and remembering
  • complex trauma and DID from abductions, milabs and mind control projects
  • Spirituality issues with the aliens who abduct and the work of Dr. Corrado Malanga
  • Building our strength of Original, Natural Eternal Spirit so your will is not overly influenced by the alien parasites

The first 30 min sound did not come out due to technical issues and interference.

Eve: One of the reasons Eriksson wanted to interview me was to get more discussion around a previous interview and spiritual community infiltration by dark “agents” from 2013. I provide the earlier interview done with Ari Kopel and Serena from June 2013, and also the written article/interview I conducted with the people who reported how their spiritual community was infiltrated and targeted by an ex government black-op, dark operative/agent who was controlled by deceitful, “alleged” ET Walk-In beings who turned out to be high level cosmic dark-force beings. This interview has details that every budding New Agey spiritual community who is trying to build community groups with healing modalities and paradigm shifting community projects. Especially now with so much channeling about Galactic Federations and government involvement at high levels.

*The case of the Spiritual Community Targeted by Demons Masquerading as ET Walk-Ins:


This is the radio show from2013 with Ari Kopel and Serena on the spiritual community targeting issues: 

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