Eve Lorgen with Nathan Ciszek and Dean

The Alien Love Bite, Psychic Warfare, Cults, MILABs, Escaping The Matrix

In this discussion we talked about the deeper personal issues and experiences revolving around the milab and abduction events, astral targeting interference from various sources and relevant NDE studies from several prominent Remote Viewing groups such as Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute.

Nathan goes into detail about his Soul Transference NDE “contactee programmed life” mission that was done via alien and military tech from beneath White Sands New Mexico in an underground base. Because the deeper deceptive programs relating to contactee-ism is an unpopular topic, Nathan describes how he was essentially shunned and misunderstood by most researchers in the “experiencer and secret space program” arena. Nathan had involvement in an Enki cult group, which was essentially a Satanic infiltrated group meant to handle and program him and others with false narratives.

We also described how subtle and not so subtle the “handling tactics” are, effectively preventing many survivors of many types of alien, milab, SSP, MK ultra and satanic ritual abuse from effective witness testimonies and real help in recovery. Narcissistic abuse trauma and this personality disorder is running rampant now. The increase in narcissism “normalization” can be part of the social media and artificial intelligence generated inculcation of generations of entrained minds, dissociated from true heart and spirit connection “beingness”, where natural values are now absent from so many family systems and governmental bodies.

We talked about how trauma abduction memories often do not surface even with hypnotic regressions, and the importance of prioritizing our Higher Self Eternal Spirit, and how this presence must guide us in our recovery process. This is sometimes time consuming and does not necessarily reveal a “high drama super-hero adventure story” ripe for popular YouTube channels and podcasts. If anything, deep trauma recovery–especially supernatural traumas, are not so popular and underrated amongst the UFO contactee and disclosure community. The tendency is to be distracted and entertained by the “bells and whistles” of action adventure hero SSP or UFO stories or cherry picked data that tend to highlight the brighter side of how special it is to be a hybrid or ET Contactee, highly trained super soldier or time traveler. I apologize for sounding cynical here, but it is a trend I have noticed for over 25 years in this community. With the internet, and human predictability towards entertainment, distraction and means to make money via YouTube or media outlets, the deeper underbelly of what is happening tends to be marginalized, and we do notice this with Shadow Banning and censorship in a huge way these days.

In a follow up post I do want to make a few points about how Disclosure will be portrayed within the classic “multiple choice question/answers” being provided via mostly controlled information that is cherry picked for the bell curve of humanity. The question is, will you see how this magic trick is happening and find your own answers based upon your own research and experiences.

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