Eve Lorgen with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight 5/4/24

Understanding Cult Abuse Personality Types and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

In this show, Judith and I discuss why do many people fall for cults over and over again? How can we understand what is operating, are they demons or aliens, physical or non physical?

I summarize by being able to identify demonic behaviors of thefting, killing, destroying and essentially predatory behaviors. Corrupting the purity of others souls, spiritual and mental deception, mind control and sexual abuse is demonic behavior.

We bring up the Waco, Texas David Koresh cult leader and some creepy beliefs and experiences he had which led to his being possibly mind controlled, reptilian hosted and led to become a classic sexual abusive cult leader.

Koresh had a supernatural experience with a chariot in Israel at one time and arrived in Orion (Reptilian or Draco headquarters?) Programming? Koresh thought he was the only one who could produce pure children and dissolved marriages of followers, then had many wives. Resulted in a Harem and sexual pedophilia. Over and over again the MO of predatory supernatural beings creating and handling cult programming. One or two generations later you have behavioral incest. By design. Higher fallen angels are more deceitful spiritual deceivers and super dangerous ones. Don’t appear as evil at first. Can create feelings of bliss and wonderful spirit guides. Harem for the narcissist, etc. same energy.

Koresh started before with a relationship with the woman Lois who was 50 years older than he and they would have some special child, she was in her 70s at the time when she thought she was pregnant. She allegedly miscarried, he dropped her like a hot potato.

Did David Koresh get a creepy “download” from Orion? He claimed to have full understanding of the Bible, the Book of Revelation and he identified with the Lamb and he would open the seals, at age 33. Day of 19th April. Enforced the delusion. Reinforcement of delusion and programming. Synchronicities reinforce the special identification with hero/redeemer/leader/narcissist and its mythical parallels. Reinforces self-delusion. Identifying with the perpetrator! Abuser. Classic trauma programming.

I talk about what its like to be with a covert narcissist and how important complex trauma recovery is for anyone who has been cult abused or had a relationship with a narcissist. They are by nature, relational criminals. Once you get that, you can get out of your own programming of whatever beliefs were instilled into you by your own family system or culture.

Healing MK Ultra and Narcissistic Abuse

Eve Lorgen with Judity Kwoba 5/4/24

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