Eve Lorgen on Vancouver UFO site with Mimi Nelson

I share some of my personal experiences with the alien abduction, anomalous trauma and my ideas on what is happening now, then and how this is not a black and white phenomenom. It takes discernment with considering the components of ones history, experience, genetic bloodline, emotional intelligence as well as spiritual orientation.

Group abductions, karmic history, relationship orchestrations in families. Portals in homes, faked alien intrusions, interferences with technology.

Trauma resolution is a key factor in discovering the truth of ones experiences.

Mimi states, “This is a wonderfully intimate chat with Eve Lorgen, the author “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships” and “The Dark Side of Cupid (Keyhole Publishing, 2012)”. We discussed the topics of these books as they relate to the UFO abductee experience and her on going work as an anomalous trauma researcher, and dedicated counselling and hypnotherapy professional, Hatha yogi and Taoist Chi Gong practitioner.  Evie was very candid and open with us .  She is so knowledgeable  in this vast field, gained from experience and research and she has a wonderful sense of humour.  We enjoyed her visit with us very much and hope to do it again soon.  We hope you will enjoy this interview too.

Part 1: 

“Part 2 is the Q&A section where Evie answers questions from our members.  This is filled with invaluable information and answers questions many of us have wondered about in the abduction scenario.  Well worth watching.”

Open conversation about alien abduction research, astral visitations, spiritual realization experiences, the finer nuances to consider for discernment. Velon, Annunaki, Horus Ra beings. Hidden trauma can be a doorway for deceitful beings in channeling. How love bite set ups can be neutralization tactics by dark being. Many themes repeat themselves in history, but may have different window dressings.

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