Eve Lorgen on Live the Impossible Show

I had the wonderful opportunity to engage in a lively interview with the team at Live The Impossible Show, which aired 1/14/21 on several social media outlets.

Eve Lorgen on Live the Impossible Show 1/14/21

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The description of our interview:

Eve Lorgen, author, hypnotherapist and anomalous trauma researcher, reveals experiences and signs of Alien Love Bites, Energy Vampires and narcissistic abuse. We chat about abductions, implants, alien technology, dream spells, twin flames, love obsessions and entanglements from other dimensions. What are the signs of being bitten, used or harvested? What can you do about it? How do we reclaim our power and go from victim to be unfuckwithable?

We talked about the discovery of the alien love bite, the four main reasons behind this type of “relationship manipulation”, and how it’s evolved our understanding over the years of interdimensional handling, that serves the vampiric “loosh feeding operations” from 4D here on Earth. I spoke on how the absence of true emotional literacy and trauma resolution will lead to blind spots and lack of spiritual discernment, as well as vulnerability to boundary invasions. I also mention how the astral twin flame syndrome with celebrity figures is part of a larger agenda to create “love obsessions in the mass population” as understood by the late Barbara Bartholic.

Lastly, we talk about how we can become stronger, do our internal healing work, build sovereignty and resilience to these things. I include a solutions oriented modality of building ones energy, awareness and purity of intention by understanding and practicing our Energy Dynamic. Our support group for the Energy Dynamic Model is discussed as a way to start changing our life in a concrete way.

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Many thanks to Oliver Kennett Silverhøj, Tora Zophia Silverhøj, and Pam Lob for hosting this show.

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