Eve Lorgen on Journey to Truth Podcast

Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships & SSP Trauma Bonded Twins

In this interview we were able to discuss quite a bit about my work with the discovery of “alien orchestrated human bonding dramas, aka “the alien love bite”. We also journeyed into the arenas of what and how these kinds of experiences happen, who they tend to happen to and why. Love relationship “set ups” and interferences are common with those who have had alien abduction experiences and those in milab projects such as the “SSPs”.(Secret Space Projects)

The alien love bite term was originally used in the 1990’s for those who knew they had alien visitation experiences, usually multiple times and had been bonded, set up or even interfered with by their “alien handlers”. Oftentimes an alien “abductee” also had human military or “humans in labcoats” working alongside certain aliens in secret facilities conducting an array of experiences, tests, training and even torture in many cases.

It was the late Dr. Karla Turner, PhD, and 30-year veteran hypnotherapist Barbara Bartholic who delved into this rabbit hole of the more taboo elements of what was uncovered in many abductees and contactees experiences, unbenknownst and in contradiction to the current New Age ideologies. It was discovered many ET guides and spirit guides of lightworkers, who, as in the Ted Rice case–(See in The Love Bite book) was in actuality Ted’s reptilian handler. This, by the way was also elaborated upon in a few cases in The Dark Side of Cupid book. Certainly not all ETs or spirit guides will fit this pattern, but when an alien orchestrated love obsession or a “false twin flame” kind of situation unfolds with paranormal activity, then the experiencer may want to question what is happening behind the scenes.

Another red flag of these types of “love bite” or suspected Twin Flame relationships is the narcissistic personality disorder of one of the partners and/or obvious unrecovered CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) It often displays as complimentary duo’s where one person is the empathic “co-dependent” and the partner displays more of the narcissistic personality traits, which is a recipe for alot of suffering and chaotic drama within a relationship partnering.(A perfect recipe for loosh feeding) If a true twin flame and soul mate connection does occur, it is suggested both partners carry out an honest personal inventory and recovery of their CPTSD, if it is present and manifesting in the relationship dynamics.

Interdimensional “handling” is part and parcel of the manipulation process with many of the darker types of non-human interdimensional beings or ETs of various appearances who vampirize human life force energy. The false twin flame and alien love bite twinning is only part and parcel of this grand loosh feeding operation on this planet/realm of existence.

It was discovered in many “milab’s” personal experiences –who for the most part have not gone public due to the deeply personal nature of the experience– that they too were twin bonded with another milab or person in some bloodline connected family who is also “in a secret project” and/or an abductee and will see one another in these “other realities”. Astral group shared experiences or some form of
uploaded astral consciousness/energy body experiences is also discussed within some early abductee/milab experiences related in the Love Bite book. Is there already a streamlined alien technology created “metaverse” going on? Fed by captured human soul essence energy? Perhaps. Who knows?

This is not a “black and white” situation however, whether it’s with the aliens or a human connected clandestine operation, and yet the trauma and level of energy vampirism in many cases needs to be made known so that these people can heal and recover from this type of anomalous trauma.

Much gratitude for Tyler and Aaron for being great interviewers and for their openness to discuss this arena of research and “Anomalous Trauma” work.

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