Eve Lorgen Interview with Tony Sayer

Tony Sayer and I had an engaging interview (from 11/5/020) discussion on all things related to the Alien Love Bite, Dark Side of Cupid and things I’ve researched over the years with Anomalous Trauma. We were able to talk freely.

Topics covered:

  • alien love bite, relating to alien abduction, visitation and interference patterns
  • Milabs and our discoveries when working in Southern CA desert Southwest with James Bartley in the “early days”
  • Drama of the Love Obsession, and obsessive patterns in narcissistic relationships, indicating CPTSD
  • Cloning experiences from former milab interviews
  • Alien threats with certain abductee clients who are “handling their victims”
  • Mind Control, MK Ultra in Supersoldiers, SSP reports and commonalities with SRA, MK mind control and handling
  • Parallel lives, worlds and memories with some who have more lucidity and memory
  • The analogy of the current US Election contesting “fraud” like a bad divorce with a psychopathic narcissist….will we ever get closure?

For anyone who has inquiries on getting the Love Bite or Dark Side of Cupid

Book (hard copy) please go directly through Evelorgen.com web site.

Thanks to:

Tony Sayers

Author of the book ‘Are you Living or just Existing?’

Download at- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/787508



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