Eve Lorgen Interview with the Promethean

The Promethean Talks about the Shadow of the winds of war, the first episode of the Anthology.

In this open ended discussion we talked about many things related to the Disclosure aspect of ET/UFO movement and the recent deaths of some key researchers in this field, such as Mark Mc Candlish. How we, as experiencers and researchers see how this may play out and how we can stand firm in what we know and realize regardless of official narratives. As per the YouTube description, we talked about:

Nazi Parallel Worlds, infiltration of Super soldier Dark Fleets, Nazi Presence in Milab abductions, psychological signs of  Narcissists and the consciousness exploration to increase awareness of these aspects and how to avoid them…and how to avoid AI programming  and triggering.


While the system is going through the passage from one reality into another….some would say it is as if we are letting go of one reality going into a new one….but when this occurs, we are moving a lot of shadows along with us…..such as from what we have seen numerous material on the UFO subject…some explain it is a PSY OP and others feel it has relevance to the Disclosure…”

I mentioned the issue of my own transcendental experience in hindsight of “the love bite” experience, deep realizations on a spiritual level, the common sense of psychological self-understanding and of others. Jungian archetypes, shadow work and discernment of whose shadow is what…who are we really?

When we have “memories of dreams within dreams”, lucidity, and experience of when light is flowing in to shift timeline realities. How we can tell when the ” adversarial others” keep resetting to try to keep us on negative timelines when repetitive de ja vu’s happen. And much more. A very insightful conversation!

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