EVE Lorgen: Cults & Narcissistic Abuse

Interview on Nightflight with Judith Kuwoba

In this show ( Part 1) Judith and I talk about the cults like David Koresh and a recent movie entitled “The Sacrament”, about a dangerous religious cult where 167 people were suicide sacrificed. We talk about what drives many people to be involved in religious and spiritual communities that become dangerous cults, sometimes over a period of time. The cult leader may be a religious minister, preacher or spiritual healer that has their own unrecovered complex trauma that can reinforce the redeemer-hero complex and deluded narcissistic self-importance. This personality type is easy prey for demonic hosting and can result in some form of ritual killing or sacrifice, under the guise of some apocalyptic end game conflict.

In this recording we cover these topics:

  • Signs you are in a cult
  • David Koresh & Orion
  • The wish for community
  • Searching for vulnerable people
  • Love bombing and cult grooming
  • The neglected human being
  • Exploiting sexuality
  • Cults are like narcissistic relationships
  • Gaslighting
  • The counter-culture as a launching pad for cults
  • You are special because you follow me
  • Telepathic jamming
  • Living in occupied territory of the enemy

In the second half we discussed larger macrocosmic issues that are still part of the cult like corrupting virus of much of human experience, driven by dark spiritual forces. At one point in the discussion I went on a bit of a rant about the–thousands of years old Earth issue with still no change–which is the consistent devaluation and abuse of some sort of women and children, orphans, widows, older divorced or single women, sex trafficking and human trafficking. It’s part of the same issue which feeds the dark spiritual predators, who control the value systems or shall I say the DEVALUATION systems of women, children, orphans and widows more so, in such a way to continue the poverty and powerlessness that will keep enabling the fallen angelic hierarchies that feed on human life force and purity of the soul.

Nightflight with Judity Kwoba and Eve Lorgen: 5/2/23

Cults, Narcissistic Abuse Systems, spiritual bypass delusions and more

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