Dreamwork and Anomalous Trauma Support Group

When: Fridays October 14-November 18, 2022, from 1-3 pm Eastern
How: Online Zoom group, 2 hours each week on Friday afternoons 1-3 pm Eastern time for 6 weeks.

Cost: $200.00 for the entire 6 week course/group

Focus Areas of Support and Exploration:

  • Weekly check-ins on how you are doing with with respect to awareness, healing and recovery of Anomalous Trauma. This includes being supportive and listening to other group members as well. Openness to share ones own issues as well as empathic support for others.
  • Exploration and cultivation of methods of awareness in waking and dream reality. Dream journaling, memory and awareness enhancing exercises.
  • Lucid dreaming as a goal for deepening one’s awareness,  intentional dream healing and positive reality creation.
  • Enhancement of internal communication processes, especially with areas of dissociation, emotional triggers from trauma and/or programming.
  • Discovering ones own internal dream symbols, archetypes, and syntax we perceive in the dreamspace or meditation. Synchronicities in life etc.
  • Recognition of astral dreamspace hacking, interdimensional interference, milab or alien invasive accessing in various mind states. What is yours versus what is not.
  • Discovery, communication and eventual integration of dissociated parts if present.

This is a repeat and continuation of an earlier Dreamwork and Anomalous Trauma Support group, where each member is familiar with or has had some kind of anomalous trauma experience(s) such as:

  • Alien love bite, Dark Side of Cupid, or troublesome twin flame type of orchestrated relationship(s), where demonic entity and astral interference created trauma
  • milabs, cult abuse or mind control recovery where dream awareness and healing intentions can significantly help enhance awareness and self understanding.
  • Alien abduction, invasion or alien dream accessing

We will aim to use this focus to cultivate greater awareness, discernment and intentional healing abilities to recover from complex and anomalous trauma. This means discovering, if present, how communication within our subconscious and conscious minds represents a play in the dreamspace, and how to discern if some form of programming keeps playing out or hacking in our dreamspace and consciousness. Integration of dissociated parts, inner children is also part of this intentional healing work.

I will have one or more dreamer guests to share on different dates in session who have cultivated a deeper awareness and understanding of dream symbols in their own language and recovery experience, from the perspective of having had alien and milab interference, and who have depicted personal aspects in their own dreams and waking consciousness that reveal how our consciousness is being directed, and how we can avert this programming and become more attuned to our Natural Original Awareness, which is Eternal in nature. Our Original awareness of eternal being will come through when our intentions are deeply present, to show us what is happening. It is amazing work and fun to do, when we can start to discover and discern the meaning of this internal communication process.

To save a space in the group it is suggested to make a full or downpayment of the group as soon as possible. The group will be limited to 8-9 individuals. A $50 deposit will secure a space in the group, and payment in full after one is in the group is by the 3rd week of the group, Friday October 28. This can be done by going to my web site under the Contact Menu button, scroll down to the section where the Donation button is, and enter the $ and message, such as deposit, partial or full payment for the Dreamwork group in October.

If you have any questions about the group send inquiries to elorgen@gmail.com

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