Christian Spiritual Bypassing issues in Complex Trauma Recovery

A bullet point overview of Tim Fletcher’s video:

Believing lies vs Truth

Surrendering to what is healthy

Addressing a divided heart and priorities

Gradual progress and change in healthiness/healing, not a quick fix

Growth and strength increases faith 

Core attitudes

Unmet needs create discontent, and vulnerabilities to temptation and wrong choices

Discontent goes into Limbic Brain and instant gratification rather than healthy choices

Serenity, and contentment, peace, harmony

Meeting 12 needs

Connecting to self, to others and to God

Parenting oneself

Impulse control

Faith that God is there and you can turn to Him for guidance. No abandonment here.

Fight the good fight to live by Faith, not instant gratification. Stay in the Cortex Brain. That is how you stay safe.

Saved from being unhealthy in choices 

Difficulty in trusting even from a higher power, creates vulnerability, fear of unknown. Needing “more information” but it can become an endless aquisition of external knowledge OCD overly detailed mental types.

Trust issues, fear of unknown can cause you to turn to psychics, mediums, prophets, “ trying to get extra information”. This can bring bad advice. 

Bypasses, sitting in the unknown (uncomfortbale) bypassing TRUSTING GOD!

Trusting in God is imperative, during a journey even in the unknown

Dark night of the Soul can be perceived as “negative” and shamed by the overly positivist high vibing expectations. Constant sunshine is expected or you have some kind of “bad karma” sin etc. Not spiritual enough etc.

Solar Spirituality—super positive and no journey of darkness, is an inhuman false spirituality of unrealistic expectations

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