Archons and Space Cowboys

How to Sniff out an Archon and Space Cowboy Tales

This is a two part interview of Eve Lorgen with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard Show.

In Part One James Bartley and I discuss the importance of Discernment, Cloning and Soul Transference. We also bring up a former alien abduction and milab case where intuitive, telepathic communication is one of the goals of either an alien love bite, or a milab program, such as the earlier case testimony of Dan Sherman in Project Preserve Destiny.

In Part Two, we go into greater depth of the more “Woo” aspects of my research and also what was gleaned from earlier fluorescence markings post “alien” abduction, the jab observations with UV light on related body parts, and alien technologies. Alien implants containing carbon nanotubules (graphene oxide?) and other self-assembling bio sensor and influencing technologies is hypothesized. The case of Ted Rice in Dr. Kara Turner’s “Masquerade of Angels” book and Ted’s love bite case is also recapped in the Love Bite book, where a cloning “changing out procedure” at age 8, involved alien technology with a green fluorescent liquid that was orally ingested, and had the effect of “soul transference” into the “alien black box technology” and into a pre-grown cloned body.

We talk about deeper aspects of the Matrix control system, including what can happen after death and being uploaded into another “slave implanted” digital or hell world system, after “taking the mark”.

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