Anomalous Trauma Recovery Support Group

This is a 6-week, two hours per group session on Zoom, starting Wednesday Jan. 26. , 2022 through March 2, 2022, from  1-3 pm Eastern Time Zone (10 am PT, 6 or 7 pm UK, Europe)

This group is for people who have experienced:

  • alien and interdimensional interference related relationship issues
  • narcissistic abuse recovery
  • alien abduction and milab/SSP related trauma patterns, especially relationship issues
  • Spiritual Abuse from narcissistic partners, business/family or other cult groups

The Support Group Focus will be on:

  1. Recognition of Complex and Anomalous Trauma patterns in ones life, family of origin and relationship patterns.

2. Knowing your triggers and what happens when you are consistently emotionally dysregulated. What are the behaviors, self-beliefs, and views of others that justify these patterns? Complex PTSD coping style, Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn

3. How are we sabotaging ourselves? What are we believing and doing/not doing to get what we realistically need? Staying stuck “in our story”.

4. Dealing with Isolation and lonliness

    How to safely connect with others in a mutual give and take style of relating

5. Clarity on what do we really need for true recovery, love and self-confidence to create what we want and need?

6. Discovering your internal resources and natural talents as allies in recovery

7. True Spiritual Power to catalyze recovery from “love bite/anomalous trauma”. Establishing discernment. Recognizing the Holy Spirit. When is it NOT the Holy Spirit?

8. Applying love and forgiveness, when you are ready, even if you feel you cannot forgive. Just wanting to is a step to open up Grace.

9. Recognizing spiritual predators and false gurus who vampirize your attention, resources and life force.

10. Recognizing and averting the pitfalls of spiritual bypassing

11. Tips to help calm the nervous system

12. Incorporating the understanding and needed skills to rebuild, change and create the life you want consistently.


Group Payment Options/Details:

This group will consist of no more than 8 participants plus myself as facilitator.

Cost is $199.00 per person for the 6-week group.

Deposit is at least $50.00 to secure a space in the group, and balance of $149.00 due by the week before group, January 19, 2021. Pay Pal option can be found by going to my web site and using Contact Menu button for payment for a session under “Donation” and enter Support Group in message. Or you can do directly via Pay Pal to my email address of, entering either full amount, half or $50 deposit.

There will be a waiting list if the group exceeds 8 who have interest.

Email me for any more questions at

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