Alien Implants, Fluorescence and Self-assembling Nano-Technology

Overview: A review of the alien implant studies of Dr. Roger Leir, post abduction fluorescence “marks” on abductees and similarities with current observations post 2020 jab recipients. A discussion on luminescent qualities of substances in Ted Rice’s “soul transference-black box” experience from the late Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Masquerade of Angels. This post is an exploratory discussion regarding the before and after effects of several implant removal surgeries, the possible reasons for implants, and its parallel with current applications of self assembling nano technologies. Fluorescence markings post abduction is similar to post jab markings and its assimilation into certain body areas. Possible modes of bioluminescent linking of soul essence for soul transference alien agendas.

In the past few months fellow researchers have sent me a number of articles, videos and links discussing the newer post jab findings in live blood samples by Dr. Ana Milhacea and others. In many of these images unusual luminescent and fluorescent materials are seen to be lit up in the blood and within “vesicles” that seem to house factories of self-assembling components. Other angular and rectangular structures are seen linking together in a network that is possibly the the same unusual blood clot material excised post mortem of jab early deaths. The video link below is a compilation of several video topic clips of Reese Reports.

Another short video sent includes excerpts of an earlier interview with the late Dr. Roger Leir, who was the primary physician who carried out dozens of alien implant removals. He shares his findings and opinions on what these implants are made of and what they do.

Titled: Identical nano-tech in covid vax as in alien implants video

Paraphrased comments by Dr. Leir on his findings:

“Projects during the Obama term invested in materials science advanced nano technology devices ( ie, implants) consisting of nano carbon tubules, single or double walls, elongated and weaved nano tubules to create crystalline structures that are orthorhombic— regular rectangular structures that are approximately the size of an atom level. The principle of these certain materials are created so that they broadcast or switch radio waves, which may not be a radio wave, but scaler wave technology perhaps.”

A 2010 Coast2Coast interview with Leir, Koontz and Colbern on Alien Implants writes:

In the first half of the show, Dr. Roger Leir discussed his research and conclusions about the strange objects he has removed from patients over the years. Out of the 17 objects Leir has recovered, he said only one has ever been identified as terrestrial in origin. The rest could be “extremely advanced electronic communication devices which are relating information to someone, somewhere,” he hypothesized. According to Leir, that ‘someone’ is likely a sophisticated, perhaps benevolent, alien civilization seemingly interested in saving humanity through genetic manipulation.

Leir was joined by experimental nuclear physicist Bob Koontz, who has also investigated these implanted objects and believes they are remote extraterrestrial listening devices. The objects are composed of iron, cobalt, nickel, and traces of iridium, and emit radio waves, Koontz explained. Iridium is usually only found in meteorites, and ordinary iron does not emit electromagnetic radiation, he added. Even more interesting, Koontz claims these implants can reassemble on their own when broken apart. Based on isotope ratios, Koontz estimated a device taken from one patient to have come from a part of the galaxy approximately 90 million years more evolved than our solar system.

At the beginning of the second hour, materials scientist and nanotechnology specialist Steve Colbern shared some of his implant findings. The objects, which are foreign to the host body, curiously do not produce any immune response, Colbern revealed. Human nerve cells have been found connected to these devices as well, he added, noting that this is beyond our current level of technology. The implants also contain odd crystalline structures and carbon nanostructures, which Colbern thinks are part of a sophisticated electronics/communication system meant to generate certain scalar frequencies — possibly used to transmit sensory and physiological information.

Taken from:

Comment by Eve: Note that the earlier 2010 findings were not aware of what is now being observed in live blood samples of post jab and non-jabbed people now. The ability of these implant materials to self assemble is noted and has similar “orthorhombic “rectangular structures” as what is seen in current blood samples (Dr. Ana Milhacea). I believe that the early test subjects were probably alien and milab abductees, before the mass applications of this technology into the human population.

Perhaps the radio or scaler waves(?)that are sent and received via these implant or nano tech structures are similar to that which is described by Harald Kautz Vella in his discussion about the (military industrial complex-aerospace and tech engineering mediated) “frequency overlay read/write technology” that can easily affect and manipulate approximately 70% of the population, according to his understanding of it by at least the year 2014. A more thorough elaboration of multiple technologies and mechanisms of action of these can be explored in this video interview of Harald Kautz Vella on the Power Hour from July 2023. Topics discussed Include advanced technologies related to mind control, Morgellons, Covid, mRNA changes in the human genome and much more. This may relate to some of the alien technologies noted in implant studies, modes of “remote influencing” and spiritual warfare ramifications.

Alien Implant Surgeries: Before and After Interview by Eve Lorgen

To return to the alien implant studies, many years ago I attended one of Dr. Roger Leirs implant surgical removals done on five alien abductees on August 15, 1995 in Southern California. I posed several questions to each abductee regarding their implant removals, which is summarized from the article described. The interview was around 1996.

“Most of the implantees described noteworthy mental, psychic or health related changes following their implant surgeries. Four of them reported a continuation of some type of alien abduction activity. The two women who had the “biological” type implants removed, experienced strikingly similar post surgical changes, involving shooting pains and reddening of the incision scar for a short period of time.”

Alien Implant Surgeries and Interview with 5 Abductees

Eve note: One exceptional observation was two of the women who had the leg implant consisting of a more biological material. One experienced a significant initial dysphoric series of symptoms and health issues after the surgery which afterwards cleared out of her system, as if a detoxification effect resulted, followed by an increase in memory from amnesiac events, and a clearer sense of self, that catapulted her out of “denial” regarding the alien interference in her life. The other woman had a significant precognitive dream which came to pass after the surgery. Others in general experienced a greater sense of relief, peace and clarity after the surgeries. Most however, felt that the aliens returned to re-abduct them. A more thorough discussion of this interview, fluorescence marks and current trends in the alien abduction and milab experience along with new technologies rolled out will be discussed in an interview with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard Show soon to be posted.

Fluorescence Markings on Abductees

I wrote articles about the fluorescence markings post abduction, types observed, which body parts and a general overview of what fluorescence is.

Eve Lorgen’s The Afterglow of the Alien Abduction Experience

Another scientific professional investigating fluorescence findings and performing scientific analysis on samples – as well as alien implants – is Alien Evidence, Inc.

Comments by Eve:

“Note the orange fluorescence on face, neck, tongue of female abductee tested to be something like a “laser dye” but it was not certain. This is similar to the jabbed with red/pink/orange fluorescence on face, nose, forehead post treatment. It is colored much like the “Morgellons fibers”? Or alot like the red shedding fibers described in Reese Report video, similar to Morgellons fibers?

* Uptake from Luciferase (mRNA?) to be incorporated into body using ATP as substrate and showing orange fluurescence in the face, nose, eyes. 

In another earlier abductee case with orange fluorescence markings that repeated cyclic reappearance in several body areas, was tested “secretly” and found to be Coumadin, a blood thinner (Warfarin) which was also an early form of “Rat poison”. Was she targeted? Was this some early “marker” used for what is now accumulating from the 2020 jabs? Was the experiment successful in being incorporated into various human tissues? Could what we are seeing with fluorescence on face and jab sites have incorporated a laser dye or recombinant gene from mRNA?

Acridine orange is commonly used in biomedical markers to check for DNA mutagenesis in cells. It will appear Orange fluorescence if no uptake, damage or mutation and yellow for an uptake of other genes or changes where the markers are. Laser dye applications.

The Ted Rice Soul Transference Experience in Masquerade of Angels

Ted Rice is now on a Channel called Alien Talk with Stuart Eglington. He was in hiding for many years following the untimely death of Dr. Karla Turner (1996) and also Barbara Bartholic (2011). Ted’s hypnotic regressions contained some of the most detailed experiences that connected many dots and parameters that occur in those having alien abductions and paranormal experiences, including the alien love bite. Ted’s cloning procedure he called a “swapping out procedure” which he believes to be happening to many abductees–possibly more than one time within their lifetimes and abduction experiences.

Ted describes how aliens made him drink a greenish fluorescent (luminescent) liquid before becoming ill, vomiting and blacking out, accompanied by a burning hot sensation before going unconscious. He became out of the body watching this event at the next moment. The fluorescent liquid used to cause this soul linking effect is what I believe enables the quantum state fluorescent (luminescent) material to bind while in the physical state to the soul essence body or etheric double if you will. (Chi? ) In Ted’s experience a black box is placed on the chest with some electrical activation, which captures the soul essence to transfer into the black box. Like a direct energy transfer from the fluorescent liquid, which I believe may capture the soul, then transferred to the “black box”. The black box with “soul” is then taken to a new “cloned body” and the box is placed on the chest, electrically charged, which puts the soul back into the new body.

A noteworthy thing Ted mentioned on the Alien Talk show, is his observation of real eternal spirit that is all light, very bright and all love….was observing and could not be captured in the black box. I think the soul-etheric body is the one captured. He called this the “switching out procedure” and being put into a updated cloned body, which may happen more than once in an abductee’s life. Not all report this but he suspects more have had this than they know. When Ted returned from that abduction (at 8 years old) he contracted his childhood diseases over again and was sick for a few months and had to miss alot of school.

As previously mentioned, I believe abductees have been test subjects long before all this self-assembling nano fluorescent material has been introduced en mass. I also recall the fluorescent markings found on abductees on their skin to be subdermal. It was Derrel Sims, who did the first investigations of fluorescence on abductees due to his hunch about what had been observed in cattle mutilations many years before. Sometimes specific tattoos appear on the skin, if you will, or other splotchy areas in white, bluish white, yellow-green and orange pink. The pink orange often was associated with handling hybrid alien human babies.

I think the fluorescent self assembling particles may capture aspects of soul and nervous system and they are trying to capture double avatars of soul essence to be then possibly uploaded to something else. Just an idea.

Interview with Ted Rice with Stuart Eglington: 

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