By Wiz Kininigin,

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Anatomy of Reptilian Rape

By:  Wiz Kininigin

An Update from the Experiencer of

 ‘The Vipers Enchantment’:

Dear Reader:

Time has spiraled since the ‘ViperBite’ (03-1998) and now years past since I finally grew the nerve to write something about it late July of 2004.  Immediately after, darkness descended around us.  Our dogs were killed, a strange black cat appeared from down the road, then the neighbors took to gossip and betrayal, we had terrible nightmares and fierce attacks on our heart chakras during sleep.  Still, in spite of the relentless negative presence, we were positively assisted, the looming neighborhood mountain our silent witness.  Eventually, after being obliged to move along, I’ve preferred to remain nomad ever since.

Throughout this ongoing odyssey, we have maintained correspondence with Eve Lorgen, author of the AlienLoveBite book & site; she has been both a crucial counselor and a true friend.  Our Gratitude always )))

There is a perpetual secret war and we who are actively aware are in a state of persecution.  Occult and unseen forces are at work through others; some watching, guiding, others blocking, sabotaging…  Gradually, and at times abruptly, we are gaining awareness of an entire ecology of beings in our system.  (However, for the record, regardless of all these bizarre characters, on my list, the most volatile and dangerous are still Homo sapiens.)

The fact is, during the hellhole period described in the Viper testimony, one summer weekend, spontaneously ‘Koral the Vipergirl’ proposed we make an outing to the countryside.  She took us to a small quaint town which turned out to be famous for UFO activity surrounding the picturesque nearby mountain. We stayed at a vacant lounge just below it for 3 nights and I left with the indelible memory of the place.  Sooooooo much has happened since then… The perplexing movement of events, the interweaving of human destinies, and then the insatiable need to know what lies behind it, (hopefully attaining more peace of mind); all brought me once again to that same enigmatic mountain peak paradoxically beside the small country house where I had recently resided with my companion, Cici, a virtual double of Koral!!  The epitome being it was precisely there, in a state of bewilderment, I wrote about the ‘Viper’ experience that sounded the shadows.

I am become a detective of destiny… This truly is a journey of multi-dimensional self-discovery… We DO learn… The searcher discovers… Answers ARE revealing… and undeniably, amidst the growing world madness, calm IS expanding within.

It is the purpose of this report to focus on one particular aspect of my experiences and investigations.  Those concerning a species of entities known as ‘Reptilians’, and specifically my recent encounters with one, or more, Black Dragons.

Chapters from my Dreamlog:

On Draconian Erotica –

‘I Decided’ to use myself as bait staking out a cave in the mysterious peak.  Besides, above and beyond all these spook stories, I’ve also had sublime ‘dream’ experiences inside exhilarating intraterrestrial landscapes which I know are within the mountain.  For centuries, the early native Indians honored the peak as a supernatural passageway or ‘Threshold of the Gods’ and there is an ancient unmarked Indian burial ground surrounding the area.  Consequently, the first weeks of my solitary retreat I wasn’t too surprised to have ghost visits; although the nerve-racking squeals and startling pinching did get very intense at times.

The Black Moon CycleLogging the Shadows

At first I became more and more aware of certain recurring cycles and dates.  For several months, in my personal Dreamlog, near these dates, I registered unintentional pollutions (or ‘wet dream’ semen discharges) during my sleep.  In dream state and in spite of my abstinence and conscious resistance, these were usually accompanied by a barrage of all sorts of interactive aggressive sexual imagery.  Later I verified these dates of activity corresponded with the phases leading to the black moon (or new moon).

All the while, I had to endure ruthless psychic harassment.  Something was evidently exploring a wide variety of lures, plots and ploys to distract me, and/or stimulate and provoke immediate sexual activity.  Upon scrutinizing observations of my own ‘Psychic Flash TV’ reception, there was an obvious process of complacency to the targets ‘pleasures’ and constant probing of any hidden vices, dark memories, attractions, fantasies, etc…  Much of this mind moviola being a collage of earlier events, characters and images, regurgitated to provoke a response.  The riddle thickened.  So, who or what was stalking me?  And from where?  Only in dreams?  The inner quest beckoned.

Occlusive Persecution

Besides the waves of psychic harassment, evidently something was scanning my mind, while also attempting to weaken my awareness and resolution…

1.       Blocked dreaming – Due to the high energy of the mountain, lucid dream states unfold and augment with ease.  For sensitive persons, this enhances precognition of possible future events (something clearly not convenient for certain others.)

2.       Practically Independent persistent erections – ‘Almost comical’

3.        ‘Vibronics’At times it felt as though the entire cave floor vibrated invisibly leaving one muddled and tired, especially while sleeping….  My intuition is that this dissonates with ones soul pattern and generates a lock into some others feeding frequency. 

4.       Sleep Deprivation

5.       ‘Sleep Ray’ – A drowsing frequency.

6.       Buzzing, humming sounds– in one or the other ear (mainly left side with short 15 to 30 second intervals).

7.       ‘Dream Bluffing’ – There is a practice with a pressure grip beneath the scrotum to avoid ejaculation during sexual climax and thus conserving ‘Chi’ energy… Well, during manipulated dreams as an orgasm was about to be provoked, somehow a false illusion was projected that complied with my intention to refrain…  In other words; I could visualize and even ‘feel’ my hand urgently taking grip, but upon waking… Fooled!!

8.       Bad Neck aches – Along with shoulder muscular contraction and sore numbness at the base of the skull.

9.       Ill Waking state – Nausea, dizziness, negative thoughts and other ‘Post-Abduction’ symptoms.


Face the Black Dragon

Come late September (2005), Emma, my colleague and support teammate, brought up supplies and stayed the night.  Before dawn, I awoke in awe, amazed at the lucid glimpse I had of a DRAGON!  In fact, that was exactly the understanding… “I’d seen an authentic Dragon.”  He/It had very fine velvet pitch black feathered ‘skin’ and wore its large wings like an elegant bishops cape interweaved in tapered rows of matte and glossy plumage. Its sloped snake face had a slight duck bill snout which evoked the Concorde nose.  When I glanced this approximately 8 foot tall entity, he/it was poised about to soar out of the cave retreat above the space-time sea of humanity.

There was no fear, it wasn’t vicious with fangs, smoking nostrils, horns or any visible claws… but it was very ‘real’.  In the dream/vision, one actually felt admiration for this creature.  It was sheer perfection.   So proud, elite, aristocratic, wise and warrior-like.  It was not some weird grey alien; instead it was an exo-organic foreign species.  Though with such a cold, calculating, beyond good and evil stance, it left no doubt this was a true natural predator of mankind.

So many faces and facets of history come to the present with this marveling encounter; Vatican Cloaks, Nazi Gestapo attire, Military spy craft…….    A dark haunting nexus gallery.

Of course all of these have been influenced and even imitate what they most admire… The grand black dragon of power and intelligence, the master of cunning and deceit.  Humans dress and behave according to influences which they are not even aware of.  One sees it over and over again when people align with these forces; they start wearing black, receive new financial opportunities and rewards, they become more egotistic and materialistic with a redefinition of diet, as well as postures and sexual appetites.


A Trojan Night Mare

Through further vigil, I had lucid recall of dreams with ‘Koral the Vipergirl’ doing erotic lap dances and even the very real sensation of a wet open vagina ‘licking my thigh’.  The next night she appeared with an erection of her own.  This spurred my awareness that the image of Koral was somehow vague and artificial, as though merely a facade.  That past year it came to my understanding there was a virus implanted in my psyche during the Vipergirl Setup.  The persistent recurrence of Korals image only supported the theory this was used as a backdoor into my own subconscious.

Then I was overwhelmed by a prophetic dream/vision of epic proportions of an apocalypse aftermath.  When uncannily during the vision, a large black transvestite stripper interrupted into the scene swinging around a huge erection quite blatantly trying to distract my attention (!?¡?!)

A few nights later, suddenly, Emma stayed over again and simultaneously, as announced; ‘It’ came for me.  During dream state, I witnessed Emma nude now in a tease play also with an imposing erection which stroked my own and provoked an uncontainable orgasm.  I awoke absolutely distressed.  My abdominal cavity was a great hollowed void with a burning whiplash sensation within.  My being was raped, such profound pain.  I howled and sobbed throughout the day unable to rise from bed.  The full dimension of the violent invasion hit me later and I entered shock with flashes of cobra heads prowling my mind.  My soul quivered, shivered in shame.  So beyond depression.  Yet paradoxically, with this deep agonizing event, also came new catalyzing insights which have become both empowering and liberating.

Perhaps the movie ‘Brainstorm’ co-starring Natalie Woods serves to illustrate some of the shady modus operandi.  In the film, a set of virtual reality eyephones are designed which send any experience from one eyephone to the other.  It’s something like that; a rapist wearing the eyephones seduces someone who is wearing the other pair and the eventual victim watches their own seduction from the aggressor’s point of view!  (Equation:  Via the eyephones, Seer B watches what Seer A sees although the actual Seer A in the scene goes by unseen.  Got it??) That’s one of the mind blinding tricks these dragons do…

Later in the evening, pondering my youth in retrospect, so many aspects of my past sexual behavior and specific incidents began ‘making sense’ with this great new revelation.  Adamantly, I was their sex toy most of life.  No doubt this creature and/or others like it had been influencing in my behavior as well as seducing, forcing and feeding off my sexual activity ever since I was a boy.

At dreamtime, once the astral body is disengaged from the physical body, these hyper dimensional users hack onto their victim through different means.  Via direct mind control, the erotic fantasies and desires of their host are twisted and taunted towards particular tendencies and orientations which manifest in waking state.

Thereon these stealthy hacker cynically ‘guides` along the sexual development of their sleeper host  from childhood erotic play throughout adolescent passion and hedonism up to a more habitual, if not deviant, adult life.


Orchards of the Gods

The reptilians exist in what is also termed the realm of the dead.  Literally they subsist by extracting, by any means available, the life force from this plane of existence.  They are like night bats that ravage fruit trees cultivated by the sunlight.  In their field of vision, possibly our budding souls, nurtured with prana, appear as swelling radiant egg plants spawn to a pulsing planet, grapes for the picking.  The afterlife preying on the living.

Alligator sexual organ outside of its sheath. Dromaeosaur

Upon searching for further clues on the web, this ‘winged dinosaur’ came up… That’s it!!!  Only much larger and without the spiked hairdo.  It seems ‘extinct’ species have continued evolving in separate realities.  My speculation is that in astral state they can even cling to ones shoulder blades and with their retractile penis insert/penetrate just below the male scrotum or vagina area up through the base chakra.   Since the act of invasion is occurring in a higher density (a more subtle manifestation of matter), I assume it makes no major difference to the intruder if there is an appendage (penis) or not.   Their interest is otherwise.  The human soul takes form during each life time often alternating between sexes, so to the reptilian overlord perhaps there is no sexual preference (heterosexual vs. bisexual).  However, (concluding from my own reluctant experience and observations) there is something very desirable about the energy generated during orgasm in the male abdominal region.  It would seem their sex organ is relatively long and shoots out an extensive whiplash tongue-like tendril that swoops up all the energy generated at the moment of orgasm in the solar plexus area, they crave this.

For moments I’ve watched the hummingbirds harvesting the flowers outside.  These cute little birds also have a long tongue which shoots into the blossom.  Although the analogy with night bats is more dramatic.  It’s all terribly natural.  Souls may be harvested as well.  I believe each of these creatures possibly has a network of human ‘soul blossoms’ to pick from, and most likely they protect their interests with jealousy and zeal.

The morning after the mourning after, I awoke peaceful and calm with a big red pin prick exactly over my third eye.  Yes, there are others, and hopefully of a more positive nature…

“Knowledge Protects” No sense sobbing spilt milk…

© Wiz Kininigin (a pseudonym) is an Artist Anthropologist

Copyright © 2011 ‘Sex Dragon’ is part of a real life testimony.

All commercial rights of original texts and sketches reserved by the author.

This document is intended for research and education in the public domain.


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