Sex Dragon – 2

By Wiz Kininigin

Continued saga from Sex Dragon 1, fully illustrated article found at:



(A Continued Exposition of Reptilian Rape)

Traveling Mt. Threshold

Oblivious to the valley settlers below, I had been traveling light-years without moving from the stone cave in Mount ‘Threshold’ for months.  It was as much a spaceship as my prayer nest for an unforgettable journey worlds within.  South America would be my ominous port of entry.

Beginning days after my initial arrival, a guardian presence made several dream appearances always with meaningful messages.  At first I saw him upside down walking in small circles on the cavern ceiling, he only said: “Your mission was sabotaged” and after a short pause added: “Congratulations”, then he was gone.  After a period of obstacles and gradual harmonization, during the act of ‘sleeping’ and shifting consciousness, I was allowed entrance through an astral passageway.  What can be seen and experienced within those other dimensions moves with infinite awe, overflowing joy and self-conscious shame of our reproachable inherited humanities.  Certainly legends exist about portals and underground tunnels and even a ‘secret church’, but there is no living knowledge in the region.  None of the native Indians who communed with the mountain have survived.  Besides occasional reports of strange lights for generations, basically the peak is camouflaged by ignorance and indifference.  Mainly, it’s a catholic dogma, superstition ridden, cattle grazing population… a People Farm!

Significantly, Emma Palmer, my colleague and teammate, who is also highly perceptive, had many sidereal experiences from her own nearby location which complemented my own. We both made visits to a magnificent intraterrestrial temple…so profoundly revealing…divinely sublime. Following the dastardly Black Dragon rape scene, we made a reevaluation of our objectives and intuitions and a calm decision was reached to continue with my psychic exploration of the enigmatic mountain peak.  Contrasting with that lamentable event, undeniable progress had been made in other areas and we both felt spiritually committed to the learning process that was unfolding.

During the day, the fragile cloud forest guarded my privacy, however by nightfall; my stay was made exceedingly difficult.  It had been illustrated to me in a ‘dream/vision’ that “Darkies from the other side of the mountain” were tunneling towards my location, as eventually happened, keeping the passageway usually blocked and myself continually molested. My base chakra was a sore target blank.  (Yet another lustful energy leeching creature for a following episode…)

Indignantly humiliated, feeling drained amidst erections, I took to keeping vigil throughout the night with catnaps during the day.  It seemed obvious the only way to catch these creeps was by fighting sleep.  Still, a few times I dozed from the exhaustion and had several close calls.  In lucid dream state, I could see the bed sheets fold with or move by an unseen presence.  Specifically twice, after detecting my awareness, an invisible entity instantly recoiled into nothingness.

We, the Revelationaries

It was the longest time my recent companion Cici and I had been apart ever since our mysterious union a few years earlier just below the mountain in a cute little fuchsia coloredhouse, so we, the ‘Revelationaries’ (Cici, Emma & I) scheduled an important reunion up in the prayer nest at the peak.

That evening with a shocking flash, a thunderbolt struck the mountain and rocked our group soul cradle. ZaZoom!!  The meeting was electric!  Time away had given each of us the distance to see ourselves more clearly and now we had even more pieces for the grand puzzle of our riddled relations.  Cici arrived energetic, totally fed-up with feeling like a double agent in a bizarre spy caper.  Surrealistically, to me her appearance evokes a female version of my past best buddy Gabreal with an evanescent veil of Koral, the Vipergirl who first laid me in a curse.  Cici had consulted the I Ching oracle and had several controversial versions of our ambiguous affairs.  Earlier, we were given the understanding it was essential to complete a process of untangling our own roots…  “Right, but whose communication?” Cici interjected.  Our theories confounded.  Just what had united us there?  What ‘gods’ were toying us?  It was like trying to pin the tail on an invisible beast!

A platonic threesome alien love bite?

A reenkarmation in parallel realities??

Each had been experiencing buzzing sounds in one or the other ear, bad thoughts, and both Cici & Emma had sleep nights with suffocations… they described it as something smothering them.  We were all keeping Dreamlogs and took the opportunity to share & compare our symbols and interpretations. Like a card game on a stormy night, we showed our hands while the shadows cast wild animals on the cavern walls. Suspicion, denial, jealousy, anger…the ritual intensified unleashing anxiety whirlwinds, the drama turned to conflict.  An entire sequence of possible future expectations that could domino into others lives were now put in hack.  Finally, the commotion subdued, it was all too evident something was trying to sabotage our expedition and destroy our friendship of solidarity and resistance in a most negative way.

With all the excitement over, we collapsed at early dawn, both girls at either side. Then, that very same night, in spite of my abstinence, I was polluted again (a wet dream)… and once more the lascivious image of Koral, my Ex-‘Enchantment’, although ever more vague, spread eagle on top of me.  The sorry fact is that the nocturnal arousals and semen emissions had continued throughout my stay… (Although it was now evident there was another prowler involved…)

Come dawn, I harbored a dull hollow sensation in my abdomen with an energy malaise. Emma awoke with a detailed dream of a “big, black-brown charging bull.”  Strange… Cici recalled dreams with black bulls too.  Also our friend author Eve Lorgen mentioned being chased by black bulls in her dreams in some earlier letters.  Things that make you go…mmmaybe this is enough? How far is fearless before it becomes foolish?  Either way we conceded to proceed with our group venture, each from a different location.   I packed away provisions for an indefinite voyage ahead.

Nightmare Reflex – A Shadowplay

(As scanned from my DreamLog:)

Resettled into my solitude, the very next evening I had another telling dream visit by the spirit guide.  He said there had been an agreement, but that they were “treacherous!”  (¡?!?¡)  First the curse, then the attacks and now more threats?  The expectations had mounted… my nerves were on end… something was roaming near… about to pounce.

1. At first, I recall a dark erotic dream with torsos intermingling.

2. Suddenly, there was a tail and I thought: “A headless horse?”  It became obvious I hadcaught the creature as it was approaching about to mount me!

3. From my forced perspective it stood imposing… intimidating… black and bold. However, my amazement was so much more then my fear that I stood fast and focused even more intensely on the absolutely extravagant creature revealing before me.

4. The creature was shocked, in total discomfort and great disbelief at the anomalous situation.  I too was confounded and could make out what seemed a few loose blondbraids of hair abruptly unraveling above and around a faceless expression.  Then, the braids tussled before a set of dark rimmed shifting eyes as though trying to cloak them… A distinctly bird beak mouth with vinyl lips made grins and growls and gawking sounds in a weird cackle language, its slanted oval eyes tried to evade me as much as drive me away in their disconcertedness…  just as quickly the morphing image of a human face began to come into focus… I was even more bewildered and thought to myself: “A humanoid??”…   I zoomed in even more.

5. The human face continued morphing from a very basic period of evolution… It glared at me through a mane of blond hair with a slightly furry pudgy nose, I exclaimed mentally:  “Neanderthal?!”  And the face made very upset, panicked expressions that I was so intently aware of the process…

6. In total desperation, the thing swiftly shifted away and took to fleet.  Incredibly now it appeared as the dark silhouette of a running bull racing off to the right in front of me. The further away, the more lit and clear the scene became in general… All the while I knew someone else was there with me, I assume the spirit guide.

7. The creature was forced to its right under a kind of barrier and I saw it was very large   maybe up to 7 or 8 feet long running on all fours… very agile.  What had seemed theprofile of horns now revealed to be the neck collar of a giant kind of reptile. A lizard dinosaur that moved much like a panther or a hunting dog.  Something was pulling me out of the ‘dream-experience’ but I stood fast in my intense observation and the creaturewas so in crisis that it even made several panicked moves and looked exactly like a dog caught red handed fleeing away as it ducked with its tail between its legs.  The body apparently was not pure black but rather different tones of brown and at the very last I could even make out several faint purple stripe shapes across its torso.  I did not distinguish any wings.

So, there’s the Horny Devil!

Smile reptile! 

Same Black Dragon?  Possibly…not.

Exo-Zoology – Creature Features

Searching the Nature of the Beast

Chameleon Skin           Iguana Third Eye               Frilled Lizard Neck

Sonar & Night vision        Bird of Prey Wings            Night Stalker Body

Nightfall is a realm crossing when different creatures take the stage with distinct attributes from the animals of the day.  For several sleepless nights the camp was marauded by a pack of wild mountain rats.  While the lurking rats snuck thru my pots and pans, lecherous reptilians scanned thru my plots and plans.  My scrutinizing the similarities between night stalker behaviors was as illuminating as disturbing about certain persons in the nightlife of my past: clever, occult, silent, deceitful, thieving, fast, agile, evasive, sensitive, fearful, parasitic, persistent, net working, non-productive (all take no give), strategic, opportunistic…

Psychic Holography

In nature, the frilled lizard neck unfolds to frighten its enemies by psychological suggestion and intimidation.  Apparently, in astral states it serves as a parabolic antenna which in turn acts as a psychic sounding board for instant sender-receiver feedback. Thru subtle subconscious suggestion with ‘real-time’ access to the victims own memory banks,  the receiver is being led on by the external mind hacker who jacks into the sleepers alpha states using trigger images for on-line splicing and stimulation.  Ironically, the manipulated victim co-directs their own projection reception.  In Castaneda’s ‘The Active Side of Infinity’, Don Juan affirms:

‘The predator gave us its mind.’

Black Dragon Flashback>>>

Possibly my lucid glimpse of the first Dragon was due to one of its rare pauses between hyperspace flights, like a hummingbird.  Furthermore, my own extra-sensory perception had been augmenting exponentially.  I can perfectly recall the back of the head of the first reptoid also appeared as a big black hood… but at the time I simply didn’t imagine why it was so large and protruding. This second sighting invokes a different rank of creature than the first for a variety of reasons, including a notably different posture… the first seemed more ‘Elite’.

The Minotaurs Dream Maze – Our Psyche of I`s

Ultimately, we are the vision we behold.  All is a reflection of one.  Yet the prism of the mind can also become a prison.  A labyrinth of mirrors.  Being in theoretical isolation allowed for intense self-observation.  Living in an environment of limited external stimulation and interaction allowed for the mad whirlpool of urban sensory overload to calm and still.  Month after month I registered my dreams as best I could.  Dream after dream it seemed evident to me that our so called ‘dream life’ is so much more than we’ve been told.  I had recall of waking in other places, of variations of people I know and others I simply don’t.  Previous to and after the first Dragon encounter, I had recall of several conversations with a fraternity of different presences.  They confirmed there was a virus in my psyche that served as a backdoor into my subconscious linked to a ‘parasite’ that generated and fed off of nervous energy. They said it should be located and eliminated immediately.

This was a most interesting period.  In waking state, a kind of self-conscious bio-computer defragmentation therapy. At dreamtime, a multi-dimensional purging. Synchronistically, I understood this was an opportunity for a deep karma-cleansing and lifetime recapitulation.  The key to locking together all the odd pieces was by conducting a profound self-observation, healing in close contact with nature.  This was a unique chance for decontamination from external suggestion, for exploring and practicing prayer, gratitude, love, harmony, compassion and forgiveness.  Parallel to this, I was experiencing notable psychic enhancement.  Evidently the natural high energy of the mountain had influenced and increased my abilities of perception and general comprehension.

I learnt the stronger a persons altered egos, the harder the divisions between their psyche of I`s.  They are actually more vulnerable as mind puppets.  We become as beasts to our instincts, harnessed by traumas. When we harbor resentment; we burn bridges, cultivate guilt, and justify indifference… we are driving wedges between our very selves. Our nerves entangle into gelled grey matter. A dulling psychic infestation of the mind camouflaging any intruders presence leant on controlling our neural pathways… blocking and editing memories… sabotaging the heart-mind connection… shorting the circuits of our behaviors… this is happening as well in collective society yet we don’t see it, because we don’t understand how reality really works.

The predator feeds on potential non-manifest. The cultivation of vital energy is not allowed to rise inward and up, instead downward and out, where it is consumed as spilt energy in the lower astral planes.  Whether thru generating failure or sexual angst, it feeds off another’s frustration.

It is essential to bear in mind part of the motivation for submitting myself to this test of endurance.  Upon arrival I was full of resentment toward others, toward life in general.  This had cut me off inside. To counter my frustration, the inner presences once advised, I needed to dominate thoughts that generate negatively oriented vibrations. The greater clarity also bestowed the disheartening awareness that the chronological pattern of my nocturnal emissions extended into the past, one way or another, for years.  This all consolidated my firm determination to…


The Past is Present Now and in the Future…

Key Answers in Ancient Mythology and Demonology

(Extracts from Recommended Resource: )

The Sphinx – (The Strangler)

There was a single Sphinx in Greek mythology, a unique demon of destruction and bad luck.  She was represented in vase-painting and bas-reliefs most often seated upright rather than recumbent, as a winged lion with a woman’s head; or she was a woman with the paws, claws and breasts of a lion, a serpent’s tail and eagle wings.  She asks all passersby history’s most famous riddle: “Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?” She strangled anyone unable to answer. The word “sphinx” comes from the Greek Σφινξ, Sphinx, apparently from the verb σφινγω, sphingo, meaning “to strangle”.

The Siren –

In Greek mythology the Sirens or Seirenes(Greek Σειρνας) were Naiads (sea nymphs) who in some traditions lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli, which was surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Approaching sailors were drawn to them by their enchanting singing, causing them to sail on the cliffs and drown.  In early Greek art the Sirens were represented as birds with the heads, and sometimes chests, of women. Later, they were represented as female figures with the legs of birds, with or without wings playing a variety of musical instruments.

The Succubus –

In medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi; from Latin succuba; “prostitute”) is a demon which takes the form of a female to seduce men (especially monks!!!) in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim.  According to the Malleus Maleficarum, or “Witches’ Hammer”, succubae would collect semen from the men they slept with, which incubi would then use to impregnate women. Children so begotten were supposed to be more susceptible to the influence of demons.  In some beliefs the succubae would morph into the Incubus with its newly collected semen ready to impregnate their victims. This was to account for the fact that demons could not reproduce naturally, however the incubus could impregnate women.

The Incubus –

In Western medieval legend, an incubus (plural incubi; from Latin incubare, “to lie upon”) is a demon in male form supposed to lie upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them (including nuns!). The Incubus drains energy from the woman it performs sexual intercourse upon in order to sustain itself. In most cases it either kills the victim or leaves the victim in very weak or fragile condition.  Victims may have been experiencing waking dreams or sleep paralysis. Also, nocturnal arousal, orgasm or nocturnal emission could be explained by the idea of creatures causing an otherwise guilt-producing and self-conscious behavior.

Behold the Psychic Seduction

The Modus Operandi Visualized

A Projection or a Portal?

Our mind is a sex organ. These intimate encounters are insidiously being led on by a cloaked mind operator. The implications are disturbing.  When the psycho-sexual heist isn’t via a dream projection, then most likely, it is through sexual activity with another person whom, although virtually unaware of the occult intruder/instigator, is being used as a portal.  Since these entities inhabit another vibrational density, they can occupy the same physical space as us, simultaneously.

Inevitably, after thoughtful consideration, certain behaviors, specific incidents and odd characters of one’s involvement in the past acquire other dimensions with these revelations.  Likewise, an individuals habitual or chronic masturbation generates tremendous psychic energy and of predominantly dark orientation as a direct interphase to unseen coveting entities.

At large, the hounding media corrupts the collective subconscious mind with morbid sensations mixed with desirable erotic bodies (or specific fetish body parts) feeding the shadows fantasies by the masses.  Subconsciously, pornography is misogyny… the female (or young male) is reduced to a sex object.  The rise in pedophilia from kiddy porn to black habits reveals a once covert and now flagrant interest in fresh life-force energy along with vulnerable, damageable young psyches.

These are only some reptilian psychological subconscious motivators.  The hoarding transnational sex enterprise expands exponentially into astronomical dimensions when guesstimating the potentially billions of male whackers getting hacked daily!!!

So, how to take a bull by the horns?

Pardon the pun, but… “Awareness above all,

Most else is B.S.” (As in Belief Systems) 


Cats Eyes Creeping

Without the shadow of a doubt not one but several entities were prowling me at the cave. Cold presences creeping up from behind, whisking in & out, needle pricks down my spine, sensations like movements in another room… Some were monitoring, while others interacted in odd indefinable ways. I was so fed-up with the merciless persecution that fearlessness finally settled in and a readiness to strangle any varmint that dared to affront me again! The only solution available seemed endless night watch meditations. Running marathons with my legs buckled under. Oh, aching ankles.  I grew up as a leader and even record holder but this was beyond my known limits.

By clocking nature, I established their peak attack hours:  Dusk, Midnight, 3 a.m., Dawn…

Also upon following the lunar phases and correlating bio-rhythms with vital energy-liquid levels, undeniably the lunar crescents prior to and past the new moon periods were most susceptible.

Then quite phenomenally, during a weird waking dream, I witnessed two catlike bodiless eyes lurking up from behind.  The spirit guide said: “Very interesting, if the creature persists with such desperation, it will reveal itself…… completely.”

In view of the insights, while struggling to calm my thoughts, i got to thinking:

Imagine a moviola… If reality is like a movie set a 24 frames per second because our senses experience reality at only 24 frames per second… Then; since these creatures can displace at a higher frame rate, in our scenario  they’re an invisible cat while we’re a stop-action bird. We are as spirits traversing a still-motion hologram train. The predator lingers out of sight, out of mind. While we’re awake we can’t see them, but when we ‘sleep`, by disengaging consciousness from our limited physical perception, at times… some can.

The Bible reads `the serpent is the most subtle of creatures…’ I ask: Are reptoid farmers   co-producing an earth grid deliberately desynchronized from natural cyclesIs our frail humanity out of tune with the moon, disconnected from the cosmos and enslaved to an ever alienating system? Do fine feathered fiends stir-up our hormones and stroke our monkey bones?   How is it they harvest the roaming theater of this planet of apemen?   We must see.

Love Cats – The Crafty Science of Emulation

(Reminiscing ‘The Vipers Enchantment’:)


Born a natural actress, Koral was an empiric thespian, a black cat who strolled the movie houses.  Her act was live.  She wore olive skin and a dark coffee musk scent.  Quite poignantly, she lied she was from the Year of the Dragon.  Savagely intelligent, possessive and alienating… I had a chess rival for a lover, a sparring partner in bed who swept away any strategy, playing me with temper tantrums, kinky poses, promiscuous flirtations and love of ritual… a tremendous delirium.


Koral was a collage, like a cubist Picasso, one eye slightly larger, and one leg slightly shorter. She was virtually my own composition, a luscious velvet wildflower tailored out of past high school sweethearts and adult fantasies.  My personal memories intercepted and made manipulative of my Self. I was a fallen hotshot performance producer, a wandering comet clad in black leather.  Cornered in my mind, utterly confused, plagued with doubt, she used my head as a revolving door. Her inner tyrant in command gobbling all around her. From exuberant muse to Ms. Strangelove.  She wasn’t like most… referred to others only as beings.  She was an outsider in the dream.

Hide Inns & Hangouts

Always envious for attention, she liked to feel electrified; vying for the limelight, seeking refuge in the city circuit: movie houses, night clubs, media agencies, cafe bars, ecstasy raves, VIP crowds, parks, museums, galleries, and after-hours underground…  On streetwise boogie nights, we strut the dark city neon towers.  She wooed me as she cooed at the moon.  I had an incredulous amnesia about the whole Viperbite event that coupled us.  I was her as she was me as we were one twin Siamese. Paraphrasing St. John the Walrus; we had metaphysically ‘Cum Together’. Just me and my foxy shadow.  An antihero and The She.  Hooked on a Super Heroin suckling my soul, eating my brain.  The deeper I plowed into her dark wet jungle, the steeper the vertigo crept over me. Everything sabotaged. I was infested, like a swarming frenetic hive. A fevered explorer in uncharted territories. My very nervous system, her entangled roots.  Orchids are also parasites.

Hi-jacked Destinations

We were riding a stream, although now I see it was a whirlpool.  Against all rationale, I was seduced by compassion.  After crossing the great waters back to the homeland, we wed in New Mexico during a major planetary alignment.  Then coincidence galore, Los Alamos burned!  I’ve distinctly noticed patterns between my surface movements & known underground facilities, as well as important archaeological sites. The Y2K scare got us all connected.  Now our web wound world is a two-way mirror into the collective human mind. Above & below the motherboard are hybrid operators playing us like a video game.  There we were off to the Mecca of mainstream: Sunnyside L.A., an exotic newlywed Babylon couple with famous neighbors and layback lifestyles.  I jacked my trade as a beachside web surfer & got her a gift, a color box with the image of a Hindu goddess, the face of Kali… As she opened the tin lid, I pondered out loud what the tongue stuck out could mean… then Koral’s big black eyes darted into me and sternly warned:


wwwhat it is…

A Taste for Blood Culture – Natural Born Vampires

Drink the Spark of Life         Pump the Blood of Earth

Sync into the collective dream. A mainframe of the mental environment.  Besides the food we eat and the air we breathe, we feed on impressions.  Magazines, movies, music, television & Internet!  Raised on countless hours of TV… weaned on fantasy, jealousy, vengeance, murder, melodrama and sheer stupidity.  A video wall of Maya with mass projections that incarnate ego, power and sex appeal for a sea of multitudes with barely a world of their own.  An energy emporium of the senses. Here everything’s been preweighed and packaged… good, bad, ugly… many refer to this as reality; most just call it ‘life’.  Today’s cities are like peoples minds… buzzing, segregated, contaminated, compartmentalized schizophrenic hives. A terror ridden cannibalistic subconscious gorged on flesh, violence and state approved brain numbing alcohol.  Fragmented mind puppets generating a horizontal fluoridated feeding frenzy.  Cars crowd the lanes like cells flux our veins for a fix at the self-service pumps, man & machine guzzle liquid energy.

Slaves to the reptile brain with a knack for black.  Nevermind slasher films, horror flicks & Satan cults… the shadow has taken center stage of the collective conscious, or more appropriately it has completely stolen the show. Darkness has become mainstream. The men in black are everywhere… bizmen in power suits, authority uniforms and leather boots. Sex sales gun barrels, silicon and wonderbras… Movie directors who obsess on these themes are ceremoniously regarded & highly rewarded; an orgy of egos trapped in a gameshow of fluttering fortune & fame.

All the world’s a circus… Icon symbols are access keys to our thinking sprees… Satan Claws shopping mauls… Remote control animal sacrifice… War overkill live & on line… Serial murder TV… Boom box war drums…Video game techno beats… A wasteland crystallized.  Materialism spawns cancerous technologies; copy-clone, control-own, thang fetish. Ideo-hierarchies compromise human ethics thru greed, fear, guilt and complacency.  The obscure lure of desire is making People Want More. A hell dwelling subliminal spell.  The enchantment has gone worldwide.

Zodiac People – Hi-Psy Thrillers

Dark Idols for Mass Worship

Hollywood knows the hunger of id.  God spells of masked avengers. Identify that part of the psyche which is the source of instinctive energy.  Darkness fascination.  Admiration for the predator inside.  A mimicry of night prowler traits:  Bat capes, snake skin, black cats, spider guise…

wwwow! it works…

Big Hits of the Soda-Pop*War-Biz

Primetime Targets

A Priesthood of Occult Persuaders

Multinationals target the real thirst of minions… quenching emotions, designing attitudes, gratifying self-service… Many artists comfortably sell out to “the ‘Truth’ well spoken.” Others are kept in a state of desperation… A food chain of secondary promises for parasitic agencies.  Most artists strive just to survive. Talent and the divine gift of creativity have been harnessed and corralled into a star system which censors or promotes according to its selfish interests. Potential ambassadors of conscious evolution reduced to prostitutes of commercial frenzy. Talent spins soap jingles, genius sales pitch multinationals. A vanity fair of fashion ambition, arts competition, associative marketing & neuro-linguistic psycho-babble. Homogenizing global economy for crass mass consumption.  Mediocrity defines cultural tendencies… usurping key positions… sampling new blood… halting any climbers out of context… monopolizing the so-called ‘Public Domain’ with expensive leasing & state censorship…  shunning pure water for cheap candy wine.

Everyone loves the passion in a great performance. Major pop stars fallen from grace in sex scandals and chemical waste.  ‘The greatest love of all’…  ‘We are the world’…  Self-esteem, Unity; these are the enemies of darkness.  What rules now is cynicism and separation.  Gazing mansions of pain, destroyed by demagogy, crucified by the paparazzi…

(Video streaked the radio star/// Who’s emulating who?)

Primadonnas and spicy girls ‘want it all’ with the prerogative to be fizzy, fondling, titillating…  So magically delicious!  What was once hard core is now soft porn and a major influence in young sex lives.  Dark mascara & wet vinyl lips. Appealing to our base drives and basic instincts.

Multi-Dimensional murder?  The Hit List is sourly long; most have died on the vine.

wwwhy? because…

Our Futures Elves – Hollywood Initiates

Gods, Monsters & Media Moguls

<<<The Audience is Alienated>>>

The mass media are the jaws of the Dragon. Setting world standard archetypes. Fueling the illusion, twisting emotions and desires, manipulating sentimentality, propagating tendencies and managing public opinion, blocking and exploiting true talent & energy on frivolous or negatively oriented agendas. Most of the chosen few, the postmod demi-gods, prostitute themselves with praise and approval from the worshipping masses. Flocking hoards adore a multi-headed hydra beyond any One’s control.  Few think much of it because most are part of it.  We feed the beast.

As the silver screen sphinx projects our collective world memory, masters of illusion with wicked imaginations display tell-tale filmographys: friendly ETs, Nazis & tomb raiders, dinosaur DNA, paranormal serials & Moses for kids.  Relevantly, a considerable number of influential classic ‘science-fiction’ films have aliens with reptilian type skin and other reptoid features. Many cast and crew have intriguing profiles as well. High societies circle science, fantasy, religious truth and disinformation.  But, behind the masquerade, are they praying to God… or preying for Godzilla?

A Political Sci-Fi Guess List

1. Who beat one of these dreadful creatures to the California   governorship?

2. Which of these large skulled villains is a leader of the Scientologists?

3. What other famous Scientologist saves the world from evil aliens?

4. Which film hero sparred by predators in a New York City underground base is on a guest list of the controversial ‘Bohemian Grove’ elite club?

5. Significantly, which artist/designer of two of these space foes suffers from a sleeping disorder called ‘Night Terror’?

6. Bonus!!   Name a politician who acts like a hard headed Klingon?

Some think the Greys are humanity in the future.  With today’s appetite for hate, war and destruction, no doubt those little demons are what’s to come of some. Co-producing a collective nightmare…  A dream factory of drama, fear, lust, killing, lies and crocodile tears.  Later Gators!

Parallax Paradigms

(Or- A Trailer from ‘My Past-Life Opera’ :)

On our first anniversary day, exactly 9 months after Koral began a babysitting job for a Hollywood producer; I found a strange note… a spell written with flowers names in Latin (?) As I reluctantly caught on, she was gone…Checkmate. I’m now certain we were being used for breeding or even extra-dimensional child rearing.  If they can’t own you, they clone you. The stinger was pulled and I left to drown bleeding my heart & soul; beached, unplugged, houseless, placed under space time quarantine, dizzy in a parade… a wild array of characters came & went. I was being screened thru new ‘friends’ in black. In total irony; most everyone I’d known, now quietly kept away.

The 9 month period of spiritual liberation that followed is the centerpiece of my past life opera.  The cold divorce note came midway, on September 10, 2001!!!  The day after, I completely understood just how intricately everything truly is connected.  That entire period coincided with a powerful ‘dream’ I’d had years before after intense Ayahuasca experiences. In a hyperrealist vision I’d seen the same scenario, but from above.  There were 2 or 3 gigantic silver discs hovering over the Malibu coastline.  The disc shaped spaceships were simply there quietly monitoring and managing the people below.  Gradually it began to dawn on me, I was fortunate to have gone absolutely bankrupt, I could have been famous for all the wrong reasons. Towards the finale of my deliverance, thru a phone call to the past in search of my hex’s whereabouts, I was introduced to Cici, my recent companion, who was then living in Koral’s former pad.  Such bizarre serendipity…

© ‘KOU II’ from the I Ching Series By: Cristina Aconcha

UnCasting the Curse – Our Alien Love Stories

The first rays paint the dark, golden twilight floods the cave, a fuchsia cloud sweeps away, it all seems clearer… I was another Me.  Now steady contemplation reveals the fading veil of a dying curse… reconfirming the hard way about the dangers of venturing with entheogens, psycho-tropics and playing with darkness.  Something had figured me out completely, and then took to putting me apart.  As I gripped for focus, my quest was neutralized.  So, just how deep does the snake hole go?

I’ve no doubt now that during my ventures with Ayahuasca and a host of other power plants, something… somehow… got in.  I couldn’t see full screen, my vision was cluttered with blind spots and mirages.  Koral was a psychedelic experience so beautiful to behold, yet hazardous to swallow. A trip gone bad before it barely began.  Dancing shadows contorting before the projector lens.  A kaleidoscope with missing pieces.   Inexplicably my destiny’s scenarios shifted times pace.

Some of the leading characters of my past life stages have been `recast` with strikingly familiar physical characteristics and even similar karmic relationships:

Carmina: Actress, shamaness, jealous girlfriend -as-  Sofi – Housekeeper confident

Gabreal: Circus wonder boy, musician, best friend -as-  Cici: Actress, close companion

A New ZENith

In the cinema of the soul, the observer watches a multiplex of synchronistic I’s in parallel lives… There are so many sides to this cosmic cube.  I’ve recognized what seem to be different facets of my Self projected in separate realities, yet we have become so fragmented that we are unknown to our own selves.  Each I is a different face of the whole.  Each facet defined by the observers’ interaction with life.

Time alone is timeless.  Another month passed and Cici came to visit.  She was now living in a countryside Buddhist retreat and with her stopover I discovered I was intuitively learningZazen!  Still, in spite of my dedicated meditation and the natural pyramid power, my terrible neck & back aches continued and I was only too willing for Cici to practice her new Reiki studies on me.  The exhaustion from weeks of poor rest was chronic and beckoning relief. Her fingertips were soothing and briefly I dozed to sleep.  To my dismay her twin image appeared hunched over my hips. A double vision!!  While one massaged my forehead, her double fondled my foreskin with her roaming tongue and lips.  Then like a cat burglar rushed to lap up the scarce gushing liquid energy.  I awoke howling in impotence.

That night alone, the inner presences counseled me once more: “Further Self-Control.”  It is of sublime relevance I conclude that as I emptied myself of all the fury and the falseness, of the hurt and the shame … a vision shone my sight which I can only assume came from ‘inside’.. A legion of holy men in scarlet robes… they only said: “For Giveness”.


We are only whole, when we are hallowed.

All Is For Giveness Sake.

 “Truth is a Diamond.”


(((Shine On)))

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