Love at First Sight May be an Alien Love Bite

By Eve Frances Lorgen, M.A.

Your eyes meet. Instantly you feel as if you have known one another for years. You may experience de` ja` vu of having been with this person before-intimately. You disregard the feeling, thinking that this is simple coincidence, or a normal physical attraction to someone of the opposite sex. Then paranormal events and synchronicities occur; erotic dreams and a mysterious psychic link deepens between you and your “dream” lover.

Could it be the real thing-true love? Or is this a love bite set-up, a pre-arranged bonding drama orchestrated by alien beings?

Believe it or not, a growing number of abductees and experiencers of alien contact are reporting that they have had their love relationships set-up by the aliens who abducted them. After over ten years of working closely with abductees and even mind control project survivors, I believe that the Love Bite is real.

My definition of the Love Bite ranges from simple break-ups of love relationships to elaborate bonding dramas between two targeted “abductee” partners, all orchestrated and subtly manipulated by the aliens. Keep in mind that this phenomenon also extends to MILABs (abductees who report both human military and alien abductions) and survivors of mind control projects under the multifarious umbrella of MK-ULTRA.

Discussion of alien medical exams, implants and genetic hybrid breeding programs are commonplace amongst alien adduction researchers. But when it comes down to the dynamics of how aliens manipulate other areas of our lives, most UFO researchers are sheepishly silent. The credibility factor is the issue at stake here and it usually boils down to lack of hard scientific data to prove something so nebulous as love relationship manipulations. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong direction, expecting scientific explanations that are outmoded, compared to what real “alien technology” exists.

Whether the technology is alien or human, a disturbing number of experiencers are coming out of the closet to report that they have had their love lives directly interfered with by the aliens. The classic “love bite” relationship can be best described by these main characteristics. You may have been in an alien orchestrated love bite relationship if these symptoms were experienced:

  • You are an experiencer and abductions have occurred in your family line.
  • You have dreams of a particular person for several years or even months before you meet the “dream person.” You or the other partner is driven to meet one another at all costs. It may become an obsession to find this person.
  • Abduction memories and/or vivid dreams of being put together with another mate to bond emotionally and/or sexually. These dreams may be mutual where a sensation of “astral sex” was experienced.
  • An increase in paranormal events and synchronicities regarding the targeted partner. De ja vu memories of having known the person before.
  • An empathic and even telepathic connection with the love bite partner. Sometimes the feeling is so intense that you feel as though your souls have been joined.
  • An increase in paranormal events and alien abduction related activity during the bonding drama.
  • Love obsession in one or both partners. Often this happens to the exclusion and switching off to one’s current spouse or mate.
  • Telesthesia-the sensation of the partner’s bio-energy field, especially in a sensual way. This can be the sudden perception of the other person’s aura (when it was not perceived normally before), and also the distinct sensation of the lover’s touch on your body, even if you are miles apart. For example, the sensation of being kissed, caressed or even made love to when the partner is thinking of you or perhaps “astrally visiting” you. This often happens in altered states of consciousness.
  • A “switching off” of the love bite partner while you are still in love and emotionally plugged into the other person. This has been described as an emotional unplugging of the partner-leaving the obsessed person in a grievous state of unrequited love. The switching off often occurs after only a few months into the love bite drama and can often be traced back to an alien abduction or “manipulation” in the switched off partner’s experience.

The love bite drama will usually be such that the emotional and sexual tension rises between the couple, because of factors, which prevent the consummation of the relationship. For example, both love bite partners are married to other mates and live miles apart. Or one partner is switched off from the in-love person, leaving them pining away in emotional misery.

There are variations to the love bite dramas, wherein, for example, two abductees are placed together perhaps for the purpose of having children together, and they may not go through all of the stages of the above set of symptoms. Based on the numbers of love bite case histories I have compiled, I have come to the conclusion that there are three possible reasons for a love bite set-up. Briefly, those reasons are for a genetic bloodline study, emotional harvesting, and neutralization and distraction of “troublesome” abductees and/or researchers.

One factor that stands out in love bite cases is the high degree of psychic events, the pattern of love obsession and the sudden switching off of one of the partners. The love bite relationship is disempowering to the abductee. True love is not. When these symptoms present themselves, combined with the memory or distinct sensation of being set-up and manipulated, then it could be a Love Bite.

Do relationships like these happen to non-abductees, which are not being manipulated? The answer is yes. Anyone can experience a love obsession, or a partner who is suddenly glib and becomes uninterested, or even a high degree of paranormal experiences. But the awareness of interference and manipulation, memories of having met before in “dreams” and abductions, and the fact that one or both persons are abductees is usually the giveaway.

In my 2000 book “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships“, many abductees were able to recognize how their lives and relationships were being directly interfered with. Once they increased their awareness, they were better able to regain control over their lives. If we understand how the process of alien manipulation works, we are better able to determine our own true destiny, and most importantly, finding our true love.


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