by Eve Lorgen

Part Four

Channeled Entities propaganda and “mission” for the Love Bite couple. Egyptian Mystery Religion connection

8. What were the beings Channeled? What was their primary message for you?

Their messages were magical, philosophical, biological, predictive, mission plans, very complex diagrams of the nature of reality and consciousness. The messages were beautiful and frightening and disciplined And were put together with great forethought as to how the various levels and hints and stories would come together later. It was a process of going about a series of events that had to be undertaken. They guided us through going out to a cave during the eclipse and bringing in The Journeyer, whom they only later identified. We became lost in the darkness of the eclipse, in the woods, and were frightened by dogs when we tried to ask for help.

They had us construct etheric tunnels and portals to create a “better” reality, but the tunnels were cut in two leaving S stranded in the Abyss. The messages were more instructions than anything else, explanations of the battles we were experiencing. They ended up focused on me having S’s child, to bring in their own to help “save the world”. He channeled Raphael, “his future self”, who was married to my future self. Raphael was a wonderful soul, it seemed. Probably the illusion of his personality was made up from my own consciousness and the best qualities of S.

He channeled Ra (the Egyptian version of the tyrant Marduk) who turned out to be Raphael’s father, the annoying Sun god.

He channeled Isis, based on the Sumerian first goddess involved in bioengineering humans, who seemed like an antidote to Ra’s overbearing maleness, but she was a seductress who wanted to oust me without any concern for my love for S. He brought through one voice called Asiam. (As I Am). He had to go into Zen mind sometimes to avoid being controlled through the tick, and that was frightening in its own way, so non emotional, non loving, non being. It had its own voice.

He channeled levels of Consciousness, which were also frightening, Triarch, which was like a carnival, and Biarch, which was like a deranged schizophrenic god reciting dark nursery rhymes.

He channeled a future self that was a mechanical horse, with sounds like no human could make. These beings were coming back through time supposedly to help us reverse such things as Montauk’s manipulation of time, and much more. There were others he channeled, all supposed to be positive, wise, benevolent. (It was our enemy we were battling for them that was supposed to be evil.) Ultimately, I think their main message to me was to be disturbed by what was happening, to be worn out by terror and pain and fear and anger. The messages were a way for them to accomplish that. Their messages were a continuation of the Sumerian messages, which were later recorded in the Bible by the Levites, echoed throughout the world cultures.

The beings S channeled were complex, hard to pin down to one interpretation. They took much of my time and energy, debilitating me, but they also gave me much to pit myself against with all my wits, in the form of ancient initiatory rites of the Kundalini which were conducted by the aliens themselves. They were supposed to be just for the descendents of the Watchers, whom Enoch said would always oppress, attack, and destroy the rest of the earth. The rites they had S play out were a dramatic way of giving us the message in a way we would never forget. It was an enactment of the rites that have been played out in all cultures, which are based on the original Babylonian events. Nimrod was God the father, who was one with his son, Tammuz, son of Semiramis. Tammuz was crucified with a lamb at his feet, and put inside a cave. When three days later, the rock was removed, he was gone. This became Osiris, (Slain and Risen), Isis, Horus, and was echoed in many major cultures, all with a savior with exactly the same details as the mythic hero story of Jesus, such as Mithris. In Constantine, it was decided that Jesus and his father were one, at Nicaea, because that was how it went in Babylon. Isis became the Holy Spirit, or Sophia. The mystery was played out in Egyptian initiations, the initiates were the Hebrews. (The Levite time.) The priests simply refined the Egyptian and Babylonian teachings. Moses himself was a priest at Heliopolis.

The beings were many, from a few cultures, and they addressed us as various names. I met a frightening and cruel form of Sekmet, appearing at the point when Isis became possessive, ready to dismiss me, said I was teaching S to prepare him for her and her human vessel to be with.( a potential hosting?-EL) But, I wondered, was this actually Sekmet, who could be an archetype, or was it a projection of S’s psychology as he traveled up the initiatory path of the kundalini, but a path too much favoring the male, or Ra side, and not in balance with the female, and a portal for Satanic reptilians? Was it a reptilian, hiding behind the name of Sekmet? Were they one and the same; the Annunakis were indeed called the repulsive dragon faced ones. These are the kinds of questions that plagued me then, and for years. Ra was a sound used to harass me, it seemed after a while. S became associated with Ra-Ta, the Egyptian priest helping Thoth build the Egyptian pyramids… My own name has the Ra sound in it!…S and I were Rama and Sita for a while, in the story they presented to us. They were, in the Indian Tantric tradition, Sita, the Ida, left, female side of the snakelike energies that cross along the spine, and Ram, the Pingala, the male, left snake along the spine. Ra is the sound of the pure male force, which is seen embodied in the Pingala, and shown as the hero Ram of sacred scriptures such as The Ramayana, as told by the Nagas or Serpents of India….Raphael was one of the many lovely trance beings who seemed to be initiating S through the levels of his kundalini….And one portal S built on their instructions was an elaborate construction of a way to reach Ra, something like pyramidal journeys the souls of the Egyptians and Levites.

The character of Ra in the channeling’s was similar to the leaders of the Christian Identity Movement, most likely, but filled with powerful magic that invoked monstrous creatures. This is what occurs in secret government and secret society rituals. This is part of what formed this society on earth, leading to wars and disregard for humanity. The aliens who were behind this channeled story with S and me seemed to be good at first, but then were shown to be under the rule of Ra, or whatever Reptilian or human or demonic or YHVH, or some controlling essence or force of the ethers made manifest. He was self-righteous, never claiming to be evil, instead, claiming to fight evil. But he fits the picture Eve and James have painted of reptilians setting up love bites. He was cruel and tormenting, pretending to be good, inhabiting S’s body, possessive, angry, breaking up families, draining, implanting, attacking.

But does this mean that Ra himself was a Reptilian, or was his just the name the entity calling himself? Looking into Ra, we see something very complex. He was connected to the kundalini, to the dragons, to the Anunnaki. He was therefore a foreign alien coming to this planet of humans created to be slaves to mine gold to adjust their atmosphere back home and make it livable. Scientists have found that our atmosphere is damaged in a way that they recommend powdered gold being added to our stratosphere, just as theirs was. So there is the sense that he would have wanted to keep our knowledge down, keep us in the lower echelons. But there were some that were taught the kundalini, and that was done in Egypt at a place that was laid out to be the body of Osiris, and at each Chakra there was a temple.

Who did they worship at these temples? Crocodiles and snakes were the form they poured their ritual worship upon. These aliens look suspiciously like reptilian shapeshifters who fostered the kundalini among their human descendents. And they were good at it, taking the initiates into higher knowledge, as they rose above the constraints of lower planes. As the initiation went on, the kundalini would rise through the various Chakras, and the initiate would see visions, like dreamscapes propagated by the reptilians. These were supposed to be in response to the blockages in the Chakras to the flow of its energy, the ego falling away, in predetermined ways, taking somewhat predictable visionary forms which the priests and priestesses expected and responded to, even played roles in. The initiate would be locked away in a coffin, going through the dreams that seem real if he does not stay lucid. The beings that S channeled could be seen as those visions themselves, seeming real, being gone through as tests, a labyrinth of the Leviathan.

In Egypt, it is said that the gods from heaven came in a celestial disc, the oldest being Ptah, who built a city called An, in name of his home god, also called Heliopolis by the Greeks, and On in the Bible. There, he installed his son Ra as its ruler, who was named after their solar globe, symbol of their home planet.

Ra then divided the kingdom between Osiris, or Enlil, and the crocodile god, Set, or Enki. Set was always trying to overthrow Osiris, and finally gave him his own initiation rite, killing him and burying him in a coffin until Isis finally revived him, except that he had become androgynous, and sending him far from the constraints of the earth, back home to the other gods by the path of Ra. His place was taken by Horus, who also had a death initiation, and was healed by Thoth, Horus and Set battled on and on, as Horus wanted to avenge his father, and rule the land. Battles and violence are a rather reptilian side of all this, but Set is a dragon after all, and would not want anyone to be peaceful, but would attack to keep us down in the battle frame of mind. Eventually Set put out one of the eyes of Horus, but Horus was appointed ruler of both upper and lower Egypt, similar to the consolidation the Enochian Magic was supposed to help do for Protestantism and Catholicism. Enoch was the same character as Thoth, who saved Horus. Every Pharaoh was then considered Horus, chosen by the alien gods to reign as one of them. Many Pharaohs actually claimed to be sons of Ra when he made love to the priestess of Ra. Or Ra would possess the body of the Pharaoh, and deceitfully have sex with the Queen, to produce an heir. The Pharaohs underwent a kind of initiation upon death, when they were embalmed to resemble Osiris with this parts tied back together, and put into a coffin in the pyramid, which supposedly had portals pointing to Orion and Draconious. Then his soul through a system of caverns would go to Ra. Marduk, the Sumerian version of Ra, inherited his powers from his father, the dragon god Enki, who oversaw creating humans in the form we are today. Enki is seen as a positive figure by humans, as he is our “creator” and defender. But was Enlil correct, that our species was not harmonious with the earth and should not exist if the earth is to remain habitable?

Enki’s priests were magically very talented and educated, doing rituals in which they were dressed as water dragon, a kind of reptilian, in the name of Enki, “creator” of humans. Of course, the Anunnaki were only one of the races of extraterrestrials who had a hand in our destiny, so this is only one aspect of our nature. The priests merged their identity with Enki as much as possible, and chanted out his qualities. “The head is the head of a serpent

From the nostrils mucus trickles

The mouth is beslaved by water

The ears are those of a basilisk

His horns are twisted in three curls

He wears a veil in his head band

The body is a sun fish full of stars

The base of his feet are claws

The sole of his feet has no sole…

(The Sumerians, Samuel Kramer, 1963, University of Chicago Press)

The other two types of Enki’s priests were in the lineage of King Enmendenduranki, the serpent king, also seen as Enoch.

In Egypt, all these priesthoods evolved into the Djedhi, who wore the ureus on their third eyes, the snake showing the risen kundalini and perhaps their serpent nature. They saw their land as the living body of Osiris, whom Mark Pinkham suggests is the manifestation of the Primal Dragon, in his book “Return of the Serpents of Wisdom”, which is informative, but must be read with great discrimination. Osiris’s backbone, the path of the kundalini, was seen as the Nile, and many cities were built along it at his Chakras, the places where the Ida and the Pingala cross on a body. Each city was home to a serpent god, the city’s patron deity who inhabited it as its ruler. The author Joseph Jochmas believes that special Chakra initiations were performed at the temple power spots. The first principal city was An, or Anu, or On in Hebrew, Heliopolis in Greek. This was Ra’s city, and also revered Atum, the aspect, which went below ground, the serpent, and the dragon. These were joined into Ra-Atum, the manifest and the non-manifest. In this temple was the wisdom of how to conduct Shaktipat and raise the kundalini of an initiate as taught by Thoth/Hermes, with the traditional cadeusis of Raphael, the symbol of both kundalini and bioengineering of human DNA. Mark Pinkham considers Anu to be the primary center for wisdom from these aliens, who knew the secrets of kundalini, and the temple Jesus the Christ allegedly studied at.

Each temple dedicated to one of the Egyptian alien rulers had its symbolic alter, and in one, it was a serpent mound of earth. In others, it was snakes themselves. Some revered dragons, and one was a labyrinth of the above ground journey and the hidden one of the journey in the underground caverns filled with water, and home to crocodiles. The initiates would have to bypass the crocodile to make it to the next stage. Crocodilopolis, was the place of the crocodile dragon. Can’t get much more obvious than that. “Messiah” even means one who is anointed with the fat of the crocodile. Their idea of what the first manifestation of reality was, was a dragon emerging from the deep non-manifest. Just as I suppose humans often anthropomorphize God. At this temple, numerous crocodiles live in its lake and the priest of the dragon god Sebek treat them as pets, serving them food and wine, and mummifying them, to be like Osiris, and keep emanating their power, and keep them in a mausoleum. What an odd place life is.

The Djedhi initiates had to go through the kinds of strict yogic disciplines I did, and I took students through, when I took them through initiations that were not only in this time frame, but in other lives in the past, in which I was also an initiator. I would have gone through initiations in some temples that would have taken me through experiences something like S went through in his own initiation. I actually wrote about such things in some of my little books, including the stories of some student’s initiations. I was one of them, if my memories are correct. Are they, or are they implanted memories? They have been useful to the process of Shaktipat and healing and visions and the raising of my consciousness, and have been positive, never in any way bringing up images of being a reptilian, however. Was I chosen for this mission because I have always done, rituals in this kind of tradition, have the correct spiritual genealogy to bear their child?

It is hard to think of myself as one of the aliens I am undermining in this “expose”. But who is not in some way them? They seem to be woven into our reality thoroughly, part of many people’s past choices for incarnation. Were they all reptilians, all shape shifters, all wise kundalini priests, all warring conquerors? I imagine we were a mix of them. Humans now eat meat from cows that have been carved up bit by bit while they are still alive. Humans are deceptive in politics, destroying the earth, yet some are creating beautiful works of music and film, some are sacrificing their lives for others. If we look at them from only the viewpoint of human victims, we feel, naturally, anger. If we look at them from their viewpoint, our feelings would be more complex.

We can also look at them from above the perspective of being human or alien, above the warring, and see it as Divine energy flowing in currents making ripples. Where do we place our identity? Kundalini helps us rise above the sense of being either human or alien, but Divine energy itself.

According to Isa Lubiz, the serpentine channels of energy crossing at the Chakras is known as the path of the soul of Ra, (Pingala) and of Osiris (Ida). They are also Horus and Set. They must be balanced to let the kundalini raise up the spine. One of the tools for this was initiation rites acting out the drama of Osiris Slain and Risen, entombed in a coffin before being resurrected. Then, a column was raised toward heaven. This paralleled the initiates raising their kundalini to overcome death rebirth cycle on earth, and its constraints. Their final initiation was at Ra’s city, in the pyramid, magnetizing their male and female sides into one, listening to the Book of Thoth, otherwise known as the Book of Enoch, (or Ziasandra, as he is called in Sumeria,) and as the kundalini rose, piercing each Chakra, the initiate would have visions associated with it, which could trick the student up and end or divert the process.

This would be similar to the twin flames, male and female, coming together and joining in tantric union, Osiris Slain and Risen, encountering the crocodiles and dragons of the various Chakra temples attacking us, sexual issues, love, monstrous serpent fire. S’s channeled beings took us through the initiation drama and played out the roles of the dragons and the priests. In this way, the whole story seemed not simply sinister and controlling, but a liberating test we completed as part of our raising of our consciousness. They were real, and symbolic too.

This was our story, but may not be what is happening with people abducted by the secret military. Their stories may not related to mythology or be spiritual warfare they can learn from in becoming Djedhis. But it can also be considered that reptilians are manifestations of some of these aspects of God’s world that play many roles as we do, pretending we are separate from each other and from God. According to Pinkham, in the second millennium BC, the Sumerian Anunnaki and the Egyptian Djedhi synthesized the Hebrew Order including within its lineage Enoch/Thoth/Enmenduranki, and the Levites, and Jesus. Yahweh was first depicted as being combination male human and snake and was related to the Greek Serpent Goddess Sophia, wisdom. In the Kabala, Jahweh shape shifted and deceived Eve secretly when Adam was away and their child was Cain. Cain is not only a name, however, but a rank of Shaktipat priests in the lineage of Thoth, or Enoch. Cain is the name on the Emerald Tablets. No wonder the town he built was named Enoch. After the flood, the first priest schooled in Enochian Magic was Abraham, who passed his lineage on to Jacob, called Israel, (who was to return through us with the New Jerusalem.) The Levite priests were the stronghold of this Enochian Magic, becoming the manifestation of Yahweh, worshipping his serpent form at the altar with the golden snake as the centerpiece. In the Levite priesthood, which S was supposed to have been part of, they worshipped Yahweh’s dragon form, Leviathan. Their rules are the scandalous Leviticus book of the bible, recounting all the cruel and petty reasons for stoning people. Moses, the most famous Levite, was able to do things which aliens have done to earth throughout the ages– creating plagues. His teachings given to him by Enoch were the basis of mystery schools leading to the Essenes, which fostered Jesus. From Ra/Marduk and Thoth/Enoch, then came the Essenes, and Jesus.


Part Five

Enochian magical rituals, Moon children and opening interdimensional portals to allow more ETs entrance into our world

9. What do you think were the channeled entities reasons for directing you and S ( and supposedly other satellite channelers around the world) to do Enochian rituals to open portals? Why did they want you to become pregnant with this “special child” and how was this to be done in a metaphysical sense?

Enochian rituals are a very interesting subject, which I would like to explain in depth. Looked at historically, it answers the question of who is really behind the mission S and I were led on. This same group that led us on our mission seems to be the same group that has led the reptilians to mate with humans all along, from early Anunnaki times as shown in the Sumerian histories which correspond with the Old Testament, through Elizabethan times when it was written down by Dee and Kelly and used in secret societies.

In this system, the hierophant is able to bring into his body the otherworldly beings and send them into the bodies of other people.( hosting?-EL) It is a kind of possession by beings who mate with humans, and bring in their chosen offspring into the correct combinations. ( Moon children—sort of hybrid alien –human?-EL) Though he was also described in other culture’s literature, such as the Sumerian histories, Enoch was a patriarch in the Old Testament, detailed in the Book of Enoch in the Apocrypha. He was the grandfather of Noah, who had the physical characteristics of a Watcher, and was told that in Noah’s time, a kind of cataclysm would come that would destroy people because of the breeding of the Watchers with humans. This is to happen again in our coming cataclysms. This breeding was caused by the intervention of Angels like Azazael, to cause the race of men to be created that we are now. It began with Adam himself, according to writers such as Sitchin, a kind of breeding that is now going on with reptilians and humans still.

Enlil and Enki, the Annunaki Brothers, as well as the prototype of Isis, were in charge of creating our race according to the Sumerian texts. Enlil ended up being disgusted by humans, and wanted them all killed in the flood that was coming with the nearing of the planet Nibiru, which they were from. Enki, however, who had a fatherly regard for those he had created, saved Noah and his family.

This can be looked at as a set up, creating “positive” and also negative angels such as Azazael. He taught all the hidden knowledge, occult sciences, and warring methods to humans, and is still very much invoked in secret societies learning magical techniques and warmongering. He and the others were chastised for breeding with women, as the reptilians are still doing. This is rather similar to giving the keys to summoning those negative angels in Enochian Magic, and then chastising the criminal Kelly for becoming too involved with the dark ones. (Goading humans into sin, then shaming and humiliating them is typical of demonic beings–EL) Enoch was shown the various portals the angels of destruction could come through to punish us, and humans must do the magic to allow it.

Enoch was supposedly told the magic technique, which was lost, but revived by Dee and Kelly in the 16th century, and was used in connection with Hermeticism, from Thoth, the Kabballa, and the Tarot. It is supposed to open portals to the Nephilim, the Watchers, who live in the Four Watchtowers. Enochian Magic is where the magical technique of calling the watchtowers at the beginning of rituals comes from.

John Dee was involved in the inner workings of a government based on conquering in the name of religion. Which is a theme the reptilians use in all genocidal religions. He was astrologer to Queen Mary Tudor, and Queen Elisabeth. He was also suspected of being a spy for Elizabeth, and began the Secret Service, to protect her. He was to use the magic to will together the Protestant and Catholic religions. However, the magic failed on this account, and the messages proved unpleasant for his life in other ways, providing false predictions, and demanding wife swapping. He was famed as a scryer, but in fact employed various men to do the scrying for him. Scrying involves looking into a shiny surface and seeing visions. He was given a crystal to look at by an archangel. Kelly was communicated to by archangels, Ave, Uriel, and, our man, Raphael, giving the final version. Raphael is considered traditionally to hold the Hermetic Cadeucis, which is the symbol of the kundalini to tantrikas, but also refers to the DNA. He is seen as the angel of bioengineering, which would put him in high position of the Annunakis genetic manipulation of human DNA. He is seen in the book of Tobias, hiding his identity at first through the name Azarial, and bringing two lovers together for the sake of procreation for God, a kind of love bite. ( !!!—EL)

Enochian Magic was codified by Mathers and used in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was presided over by Crowley. Crowley borrowed from Randolph’s teachings of tantra. Randolph began an order of Rosicrucian’s. His ideas of combining tantra and hashish as the highest form of magic were very influential on secret societies. Crowley’s tantra was more male centered, focused on magical rites for the sake of the will, not related at all to love and equality. ( Misogynistic in nature, the reptilian signature—EL)

Enochian Magic is used by Satanists, such as Anton LeVay, who included a version of it in his scriptures. S supposedly sent the tantric breaths he learned from me to Levay to used by them in connection with such rites. I see this as more spite than anything else, especially as he used this to try to disrupt my relationship with my Tantra teacher. Perhaps that was part of the plan of the beings. I don’t know. Satanists certainly work well with Raphael and his teachings.

In one letter, Raphael warned Kelly and Dee, who were living lives of criminals, full of deceit, and fraud, not to listen to the demons so much. Within the system are demons and angels, and both are accessible through it. But as will my experiences with S’s channeling’s, there is no clear distinction between the two. It is the “good cop bad cop” ploy of making us believe one can be trusted, when both are working against the victim. Just as Raphael was the good cop in S’s channeling’s, supposedly working against the demons, he was organizing the charade, the mind control operation they were playing out on us. He seems to have done the same thing before with Dee and Kelly, or at least was the same energy, or a being similar in goals using the same image to appear through. There is much secrecy about the system, none of it available to the lay public as a whole, because it is so dangerous, so easily used to bring in demons. Very tricky way to make people seek it out more as a way to bring them in for their personal power. I think one need not even do it correctly, just have the intent, to bring forth the alien beings it summons, because that is its purpose.

S and I were instructed to use it in a special way at the end of our time together. It was supposed to be the correct astrological timing, which they instructed us in, and his wife was also supposed to have a role. She was beginning to get involved in the magic, and was even supposedly taking over my role as the mother for Jacob. She had been cast in the guise of being the obstacle to our mission all along, but was now going along with it, especially since S and I were platonic( by this time) priest and priestess working together to bring the New Jerusalem about. S and his wife had moved with their children to a nearby town. We were told in the channeling’s by Raphael that all the groups, secret societies, secret government, and Satanists, which of course all overlap, were all furiously decoding Enochian Magic, to use it to bring about the control over the earth under the evil forces we were supposedly trying to fight, with the help of the channeled beings. We were told the correct way to use it, which was aided by the beings, and done by us, being twin flames, and supposedly children of the Nephilim ourselves. This would be a completion of his mission as a Levite priest. It was supposed to be Yahweh’s inevitable will to bring a cleanse upon the earth, and it could be relatively harmonious, if we did the Enochian Magic correctly, or it could be unbalanced, if one of the other groups did it instead, and they were nearing completion of that project.

Obstacles occurred to the plan, particularly because of S’s wife, and the possible days to complete the project were about to disappear. It had to be done, it seemed, and they questioned over and over if I trusted God and his ways upon the earth. So, when we were supposed to do it, I went ahead and did it, even though S’s wife suddenly backed out again. I can of course see why she would be very wise to do that, although it was jealousy that prevented her from doing it. I did it at a portal I had been cultivating for years, as directed. It was a cold dark night, and I put everything into it, trying to do what God was leading me to do as best I could. However, I was chastised the next day by the channeled beings, who claimed I had done it wrong by doing it by myself, and made it disharmonious, with too much energy coming in from the fire portal of the avenging angels. I was supposed to have ruined the world, which would have been their true goal anyway, and they told me I had ruined not only the earth but other planets and planes. This was a big responsibility to put on a person, let me tell you that! They said there was no way out of it, we had failed, and I was condemned. I don’t know if I actually did anything of the sort. It was a way of bringing in dark entities’ influence at least in creating great guilt within me, personally, and a sense of being hated by God.

Maybe it was all a drama, a sham, and we were not even given the correct magical technique to begin with. I questioned it then as an elaborate set up. There was usually no way I could go by what they told us to do and really succeed in fighting the aliens, but was always told I had helped the aliens/demons inadvertently. This was of course their plan, at least to make me feel constantly disturbed and create the energy those aliens like for their human energy ingestion.

I set about remedying it, just in case. This became a very magical time for me. I went to the National Rainbow Gathering to do it. S hated that passionately and was very jealous, though we were not involved or planning to be involved romantically any more. I prayed, and asked to be given a sign from Raphael. Raphael was also played out for us by the channeled beings in their elaborate story–as Haunamon. They had taken us through the story of Rama and Sita in a startling way, and that was the role he had played, so he was referred to that way at times.

I felicitously ended up camping next to a person named Haunaman, supposed to embody Haunaman according to the Haunaman order. I don’t think he had any connection to Raphael, but gave me a very encouraging message. He had had a dream vision years ago that I had played a role in. I was a little warrior man in it. This was amazing, because after praying to find a way to free people from what I had wrought, I dreamed that I would meet a man at the Gathering who would introduce me to a walking mirror of myself, who was a little warrior man. In this man’s dream, I went to the top of a mountain, which was ruled over by a magical, powerful tyrant, and I encountered a giant. The giant was sending a kind of lightning upon me, but I cut it and escaped in a little boat made of an eagle feather, down the river, off the mountain. Then, I went to the neighboring mountain, where the peaceful people lived in harmony, in little houses made to look like animals, probably made of clay, which can be sculpted to look that way easily. I was making a portal between the two worlds, the controlled and the free mountain, going back to the controlled mountain, and showing people the way to escape and move to the mountain the happy, Rainbow like people lived. This was amazing, as that was what my goal was at that gathering, to create a portal out of that horrible future, and into a free one. It was actually an extension of my original plan for my life, brought about in an odd way. Maybe it never even occurred other than in my mind, but this was what I put all my passion into accomplishing. And I used a tool to do it, which that man gave me.

After his dream, he had seen an eagle fly toward him from the direction of the sun, circle him three times, and fly away. Three days later, he went searching for the eagle, and found it killed by an electric fence, its feathers scattered in a perfect circle that mimicked the perfect circle of a pond right next to it. They formed a figure 8 together. There was a feather outside the figure, and that was exactly the unique feather he had seen the little warrior ride off in as a boat. He saved the wing, and through the years had given the feathers to those working to free us, such as certain Indian chiefs who were working for this goal with great success. He gave the last one to me, and that was the tool I began using in a figure 8 pattern, to create the portal to bring people who did not need that particular lesson, that reality, into a different future. I felt rather absurd doing such a huge thing, feeling I had that kind of ability, knowing it could all be made up. But I continued in my life to help people move out of control as much as possible, and through this whole experience with S, learned much more thoroughly about the nature of the beings we are fighting, their tricks, and names they hide behind. I continued using the feather, which helped at least because it was encouraging to feel I could actually have some power to do good in the world, instead of just destroy it, as they claimed I had.

When I got back home, S was insanely angry, and I discovered he had cut the ties between us all the way back to the beginning. This was a blessing, though I didn’t know it at the time. He also said his wife had become pregnant, and he had seen a vision of her with 12 stars around her head, as she was apparently bringing forth Jacob/Israel, instead of me. He had found a new priestess. He had told Anton LeVay the secret tantric breaths. He had written to publishers, threatening to sue them if they published my book. His priestess had contacted Masons in a town I was considering moving to, and told them to kill me if I did. I saw all this as simply going insane, and making at least some of it up to hurt my feelings. This also made me question how much of the channeling’s had been related to his own subconscious, or his own involvement because of reptilian blood he probably had himself, which would create that kind of vengeful jealousy, mimicking Yahweh as he had in his religious organizations all along.

There were supposed to be others involved in our same mission, and they happened to be in the other areas of the earth that had been colonized by the Anunnaki early on I don’t know if they really existed, or if the channeled being put that in as part of a made up story for our benefit. They were not told to do the Enochian ritual, however, I don’t think. We didn’t begin as the leading twin flame couple of Nephilim spiritual heritage in this mission, but ended up so by default, when some of the others died, because of the affects of the ticks (implants). For example one woman had a tick and killed the man, and one man killed his woman because she had a tick.

The ruling families throughout all these cultures were half brother and sisters who married. This was even the tradition for Biblical patriarchs. This they related to the twin flame idea. But it is supposed to be hard for twin flames to both exist together without one dying, according to the channeled ones. Oh woe.

This whole story they led us through was so similar to the historical colonization of earth by Annunakis, it felt to me like the yearly plays that are and have been acted out throughout various religions. For example, S was Osiris, and when he was thrown into the Abyss in a long torturous part of our story, they called him Osiris Slain. Finally, he became Osiris Risen, but that state was never secure.

Every Pharaoh’s court acted out this ancestral story yearly, and was also seen as the embodiment of Horus, the son of Osiris and his half sister, Isis. “Horus” kept the rule of the Annunakis alive on earth, and this was what the channeled beings wanted us to give birth to, their child, presented to us as Horus and Jacob, to be the son of the twins, but with Isis giving her essence.

The heartless manipulation of humans by various alien races, including the Annunaki from Nibiru, is part of our soul memory, and by acting it out, I was able to learn more about it, to allow it like a dream to filter up more knowledge contained in my subconscious. It led me to do more in depth research into those religions and histories than I had already done. I dug much deeper, and deeper, and learned why not only S, but I too was calling unto myself those beings, which were not as benign as I had thought at first. Sadly, all of the ancient, hierarchical, and glowing beings have had to come into question. There have been no sacred cows for me, and that I think, is what is required to be able to avoid being tricked by them. We have to see through the veils to what even all our earthly ancestors knew was the historical background of our lives. And we have to see more clearly than they did, because they were often eventually duped by the aliens into thinking of them as gods. The aliens have corrupted true communion with the Divine, making it almost impossible to find anything that resembles a pure doctrine of Divinity. They have interwoven themselves into everything, to keep the kind of power they want over us. We have to go above that illusion, to study the texts and realize that even Yahweh was one of them, to see and feel above that level to a higher plane.

This can obviously be done, by anyone in any culture or religious background, through, for example, discriminating Tantra, and kundalini, and Taoist and Zen meditation, passionate prayers to be put in touch with only the untainted God that Christians who follow their own Christ consciousness know in their hearts to be there. To be in our own hearts. Because we are created by that God, we emanate from It’s essence radiantly, and we can feel that beautiful urge of God to create. Shamanic understanding of that is what led to the teachings of Tantra and Kundalini, so that others may also understand it. Because I communed with the Divine so powerfully, and helped others to do it too, I was targeted by the aliens to be neutralized, to be put under their illusion of power.

I have learned not to idealize any conquering culture’s representation of a god, and I am aware that there is much more unpleasantness to the Egyptian Pharaoh, Aknaten and his god Aten than pure understanding of Divinity. However, Aknaten, who was liberal in his treatment of his subjects, abolishing slavery among them, treating them with personal kindness, apparently tried to break free of the illusions of the manipulating alien gods, such as Ammon/Ammon-Ra/Ra. Aten was not a humanoid or animalistic god who warred and raped humans and manipulated them genetically, made them be attacked by other tribes, then changing his mind, made them attack the others. As best we understand, Aten was formless, glowing, radiating, the essence the others came from, such as Ammon-Ra himself. Aknaten threw off the power the priests of Ammon had acquired, and said people could bypass them and have a clear communion with Aten.

This is similar to what I was doing in this life, and I knew some people who had been the priests of Ammon in that life when I was associated with Aten in my own way. These were people involved with the reptilian hosts. This story with S was acting out that drama once again, trying the same techniques of re-establishing control. The priests of Ammon, high in the government of Egypt, killed Aknaten, and ruled once more.

According to the channeling’s, S was supposed to have been involved in the killing by the priesthood of Ammon-Ra. We were supposed to bring in the child who would anchor their power on earth, a grandchild of Ra. We were supposed to help the Annunaki bring down this civilization through the Enochian magic they also gave to Enoch, and John Dee,

Enoch, who shows up in other cultures’ histories as well, shows up in a Jewish legend, “The Ascent of Moses”, in which Moses is taken up to the heavens to convince him to lead the Israelites. Enoch is here said to be the angelic being, Metatron, showing him around. Enoch is Moses’ ancestor, the son of Jared. More about Enoch, the man so concerned with the Deluge his descendent will have to contend with, can be found in “The Apocalypse of Moses”. It explains that Enoch’s father was named Jared (Descent) because in his days the Watchers, otherwise known as the Guardians, the Sumerian Annunaki, had descended to the earth to instruct them. Even in Egypt, their gods were called the Watchers. Enoch was the first man who learned languages, mathematics, astronomy etc. from the Watchers when he was taken up by them and taught. He became instrumental in the forthcoming cataclysms. According to the Sumerians, Enlil was becoming upset that Enki had genetically altered humans so they could reproduce, and that now they were having sexual relations with the Annunakis, mixing their blood, noisily starting to populate the earth. According to “The Apocalypse of Moses”, otherwise known as “The Book of Jubilees”, it was Enoch who told the Lord about what the Watchers were doing, mating with the human women, and that is why the Lord decided to let them die in the flood, why he took Enoch up to teach him the things he did, including, supposedly, Enochian Magic, which was to bring forth destruction of man, except for his own descendents. Noah was nonhuman of countenance, and in a scroll, was described as being the son of the Watchers, the giant Nephilim, which means the “People of the Rocket ships.”

S and I were to be like Enoch, bringing forth knowledge of the Watchers to contribute to the destruction of earth, but leave it a child who could survive the cataclysm, a child of the Watchers, who would then repopulate the earth with their kind. They even addressed me as Enoch, sometimes. Scary, eh?

Even if there was really no such grandiose plan for us, but just a disruptive story based on their historical events, it was a story we were living out that existed within our own DNA as descendents of Noah. And it was a way to personally confuse me in my own mission of rising above the control of such aliens, through the ascent of the kundalini. I see the ascent of the kundalini as creating some kind of acting out of this inherent DNA story almost inevitably, as their alien control is thrown off, with their great resistance, and as free flowing Divine energy courses through the person, becoming the person. The beings he was channeling were the aliens who try to keep us in ignorance, stuck on the lowest planes, worshipping them, focused on making money and surviving. When his kundalini was raised prematurely, which was not something I would have decided to do for him, he had too much of their programming to be able to go through the story easily. They had great power over him. And they took advantage of this situation, actually created this situation. It is a kind of labyrinth to go through to make it out of the control of the aliens to the extent that it is possible and remain a normal member of society. It is possible to go much farther away from their control, gain siddhis, or abilities, from more concentrated kundalini work, to go beyond all the rules of third dimensional existence, in a setting far from the madding crowd. This was happening to me, and a series of such events kept me from going too far with it, as that is the most threatening action of all against them. My own labyrinth was created out of the men I loved.


Part Six

Questions 10, 11 and 12

The Reptilian masquerade behind channeled entities. Reprisals for challenging “Ra” and Kundras uncooperativeness to conceive a Moon child

10. Did the channeled entities ever mention anything about alien abductions or the presence of reptilians, the government secrecy, etc?

They spoke of some of the attacks against S as being by the aliens, or as the unfolding of Leviathan, attacks by government time manipulators, etc. We were monitored closely by black helicopters, phone bugs, etc. Physical evidence of abductions and attacks occurred from time to time with S and his family. But the channeled beings did little to protect us from any of this.

11. When you started questioning Ra’s material and refused to have this special “moon child” what was their response to you and S?

Utter disgust. They wanted me to go along with them, but perhaps they knew I wouldn’t, and it was a set up. He didn’t question it, and was ready to have the child, so they weren’t angered by him specifically for that, but said he was a failure in this mission because of my resistance. When I didn’t want to bring forth the child, they implied for a long time that it could be symbolic, not a real child. But they kept putting dreams of having children in my head at night. Then, when they said it had to be a real child, they had us tricked, cause it was set up for the symbolic child, all the tunnels in place, and when they said it had to be physical, and I refused, and S cut the tunnel he was to come through, they horrified us. They said that Jacob was nursing on the two tits of the tunnel, and now that it was cut, he had to nurse on S’s mind, which would make him go insane. I could attest to that.

12. Do you think the reptilians or aliens visiting S ( and you?) had anything to do with the beings who were being channeled? What was their connection? Do you think they were under any particular angelic hierarchy?

I believe they were one and the same. He was channeling beings who claimed to be gods in a pantheon of aliens. They said the Enochian angels were S’s subjects from the future coming back to fight to create the proper future. He seemed to be a kind of important figure to the angels/aliens in the future, perhaps related to the metallic horse that all the Montauk people were taken to in the future to make sure their planned future was anchored. Mathers, who brought the Enochian magic to the Golden Dawn, was led by these Secret Chiefs, who lived in caves, and he called to them to help him through the rituals still used in secret societies. These were the same ones that the Nazis called to, fearfully, the reason they wanted to maintain their Aryan purity. They also spoke to Crowley, in the name of Horus, who maintains the reptilian force on earth, the same one they wanted to bring through S and myself. He takes over once Osiris, son of the first reptilian god on earth, has been killed, and gone underground, to emerge on higher dimensions. There is a text called “Egyptian Mysteries” of unclear origin, which is supposed to show the ancient rites of Osiris, in which all comes from him, and goes back to him, like a snake eating its own tail. It is used to indicate the supposed initiations of modern secret societies based originally on the Annunaki, the “People of the Rocket Ships” who came to earth, digging tunnel in the earth to mine gold.

Angels have been around far before Christianity, of course, and those who act in the dramas of organized religions have been shown to be suspect, alien, controlling, warmongering, enough that I don’t see angelic hosts as beings that are pure and evolved, myself. It was Gabriel who started Mohamed in the massacres that still continue. I do believe there are pure beings like that, who are also called angels in our lingo, but are something different than the contrived hierarchical levels of messengers for Yahweh. As far as the Yahweh angels, I do think these channeled ones may have been involved with Raphael, who is involved with mating humans, and also with the other levels of angels, who were seen at the time as fearsome dragons, and space ships creatures.

Azazael was the angel who taught humans the skills that caused such a ruckus, and I suspect any major magician such as those in secret societies would call on him for further instruction. He became to be worshipped as the goat headed one. In Leviticus, it is described that the Israelites would sacrifice a goat to him. He was one who gave the information to Enoch. He is also called Baphomet, the devil worshipped by the Babylonian Brotherhood, the goat headed, scaly god of the Templars. Dee said the Enochian word Baphomet, means opener of the door. Such as the portals the avenging reptilian angels come through.

Masons believe that Noah, that Watcher hybrid, passed down the knowledge he had learned in stone tablets, which were found after the flood by Hermes/Thoth, thus the Hermetic tradition. It is popularly held that the Hebrews gained their understanding of pagan masonry from the Babylonians and then introduced it to Egypt when they were enslaved. When they escaped, and took over Canaan, the worship of their tribal god, Yahweh, didn’t go over so well. To make it more palatable, more Sumerian and Babylonian legends were grafted into it. Tammuz was worshipped as a god of descent and resurrection with the seasons, and he gives birth to the legend of Hiram Abiff, the hero of Masonry. They act out the rite of Hiram, a kind of Osiris, buried in a tomb marked by a tree.

The beings he channeled can be seen as manifestations in spiritual warfare, causing deviance of his kundalini, and also as playing the roles of the visions one sees in Osiris kundalini initiations. The roles are played by the priests raising the kundalini, of those in the reptilian bloodlines. According to Willian Bramley, in “Gods of Eden, In old Egyptian lore, the distorted teachings of the Mystery Schools were created by the “great teacher,” Ra, and important Custodial “god,” (67).(Ra is the same as Marduk., that warrior who with Canaanite soldiers, took over Babylon). Only those who were, messengers for the gods, were allowed these initiations. Then, as people missed a pantheon, and were attracted to the other cultures’ pagan gods so much they often made icons of them, Yahweh was said to have legions of angels working for him, as he traveled around in his smoking, loud, vibrating spaceship. Aknaten’s priesthood taught Moses, and was Aten, as interpreted through the alien Ra, was transferred to Yahweh. Yahweh led Moses and the Hebrews with great punishments of plagues, huge hailstones, killing many thousands at a time for disobeying him, in the same way other Watchers had done, with the same methods that have been reported throughout history when plagues were spread, for example, from aliens seen spraying cities with a thick nasty fog that immediately sickened everyone. And, as now, Yahweh promoted war and genocide, “giving” others’ land to the Hebrews, which meant they had to kill everyone in the lands, and if they were good, Jahweh would help them, if not, he would help the other side against them. So it seems to me that the aliens/channeled beings were angelic indeed, messengers of Watchers, involved in a form of kundalini initiation. The initiations are a form of divine grace or control, depending on how corrupted the methods are. The Sumerian gods went to Egypt, India, the Andes, Canaan, all over the earth, spreading their initiatory rites, and fighting against the uprisings of true spiritual teachers of the kundalini as a way of communing with God and recognizing our direct relationship with It as souls. But our souls have chosen to incarnate into these forms, and we are learning even through the corrupted rites to be better warriors against their perpetrators.


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