Interview With Kundra

by Eve Lorgen

Part One

Questions 1 & 2: The pre-Love Bite state, etiology behind the original Love Bite set-up.

1. Kundra, prior to meeting S, what were your primary goals and spiritual awareness level? What kinds of projects were you working on?

I had a constant sense of radiant powerful joy emanating from my being, which I felt was huge and bright and effective. My goal was to continue to raise myself as far as possible out of the clutches of this world, and to help others as well.

I did a lot of healing work, which involved seeing what was going on with people, and sending the healing, as well as working with them behaviorly and emotionally. I traveled on other planes easily, and was also grounded in this one, in love with the earth itself, with a harmonious relationship to it. I was concerned about the nature of control on earth, but was always vibrantly alive, and could send that extra energy where it was needed.

I checked my progress against Saraydarian’s descriptions of levels of consciousness, and I was at the highest level suitable for this plane. People called me up all the time asking questions, and I could help them with their concerns and spiritual education.

I had just learned new levels of Tantra, gone as far as I could go with my teachers, and was following in their footsteps, helping to teach the workshops. In one, a group of us had completed an amazingly powerful ritual, and for the first time ever on earth, two people knew and practiced the highest level breath in our tradition together in a ritual. It had only been practiced before by yogis just before dying, but not in a tantric context.

I was excited that my own projects were really coming together, with much cooperation from many others. We had created a kind of light-hearted “priesthood”. I was the high priestess, but it was not really hierarchical, no rigid rules, promises, any of that. It was held together partly by a magazine I edited, and the priests contributed to. I also wrote books, which showed people how to raise their frequency, what to expect when it happened, what it was like to have it assisted by Shaktipat, the energy transmissions I did, and other gurus did. I was chosen by many people to be their guru, though, again, I was on equal footing, with humor and friendship and a relaxed relationship. Through Shaktipat, I helped them raise their Kundalini, the life force energy that gives one a sense of his own divine capabilities. My role as a priestess and guru was to help people become their true selves, to grow out of the programming of this human culture.

The magazine talked about the deprogramming too, and pointed out how it was happening. For example, I told about the Satanists in the government, and the mind control they used. The writing projects were doing better and better, finding an increasingly large audience. The priesthood also had projects, and one in particular we did at a regional gathering. I had prepared for it for a long time alone, in many ways, and by teaching a high level tantric breath to all the people who were at the gathering. We did the intense magical project, which had to do with moving together into an alternate reality of noninterference. (Not that we would disappear off the face of the earth, you understand.) That’s when s actually came out to see me for the first time, and stayed at the house where that gathering was winding down. He saw how relaxed we were with our bodies, walking around without clothes when it was sunny, hugging affectionately. This in itself really set him off in jealousy and judgment, which never went away. He said he could become my high priest, but instead, the affect was to break up the magazine, books, and priesthood from the moment he came out.

I was naive in some of my understandings. I needed to learn more about the dark side of the things I was working with, which I certainly did. I had to become a more astute warrior than I was to lead people into any more dangerous territory. My spiritual development was fine, but I had not learned nearly enough about what we are up against!

2. Why do you feel your relationship with s was a love bite set up? What was S’s experience? Did he tell you that his guides or channeled beings sent you to him? What was the reason or “mission ” together?

He had been told by his Tarot reading that he was supposed to find his twin flame, and leave his wife, as their marriage was miserable. When he called me up, after reading the magazine, he felt immediately I was the one. The Tarot readings we were doing were with the Crowley deck, and that black magician had received similar messages to the ones we eventually had, from reptilians. The readings we both got were manipulated all along, I think.

S certainly set me up, if nothing else, with the magic rituals and potions he sent me to use to make me fall in love with him. The love rituals were done with the sigils of Egyptian entities, invoking the same Sumerian reptilians that spoke to him during the course of our relationship. I wanted to help him rise above his militant approach to life. That was my nature, helping people raise their frequency when they wanted to, though he didn’t let me know what he was really like right away. It was a good set up opportunity for anyone wanting to stop what I was doing by putting me with him. The beings he channeled said we were supposed to be together because we were twin flames, and could therefore be very useful in combating the state of control over the earth, which was something we both despised. Maybe we were helping them battle some other alien species, but if so, both sides were disgusting! They said we had worked together on missions before, in other lives, but that he had always gone over to the “wrong side”. We were to make up for the mistakes he had made before when becoming an evil and controlling person, himself. That was a danger in this one too, and I was to keep him in line. There were supposed to be a few other twin flames working together on this project with us, in various places on the earth. It was kind of an extension of what I had done with the priesthood project, but with expert guidance and aid. They were brilliant, with great knowledge and poetry.

They had many plans for us, such as having their child, and creating portals for them to come through. It was an involved process that mimicked not only Crowley’s instructions, but instructions given to people over the course of history. They wanted to use us to bring forth the reptilian agenda as it has been presented to one prophet after another, such as Moses, Enoch, Edward Kelly, Mohammed, and so many more. Of course, they claimed to be wonderful, but the more I learned about them, I knew they were not something I would chose to bring through. S, however, liked them. He didn’t question the macho power mongers like Ra, as I did, as they mimicked the violent part of himself which wasn’t coming out overtly any more. It was hard to make a true distinction between him and those he channeled, and they were even supposed to be his future or higher levels in some cases.

He was supposed to have been the Levite priest, Aaron, who of course would have gone by the rules, in Leviticus, about stoning people for just about anything, such as wearing mixed fabrics. He would have been led by Archangel Michael to do battle for Yahweh, to kill the Canaanites, and their animals, for example, to take over their territory. He still felt the same way, saw Anglo Saxons as Yahweh’s chosen people and had gone through a period of despising other races. He was very religious, and an excellent magician, as well as learned in politics. He was intelligent, handsome, strong, charismatic, very much in love with me. He went through hell during the whole experience. He was torn apart by unfounded jealousy, and attacks by entities, the process of Kundalini, electrical interference by “positive” entities, confusion, battles, the temporary break up of his family, sudden changes of perspective, worrying that he was going insane.

But he also was elevated, going higher and higher according to the trance channeling’s, into more exalted aspects of himself. He received great explosions of energy from our tantric lovemaking, more than I have ever seen. When the friends we were living with wondered about why we were going through all that, he said “yeah, but what are they learning? We’re learning something new about ourselves every day.” And he was right. We didn’t have the calm peacefulness they did, which I coveted, but we were put through a kind of trial by fire in a kind of historical drama that played out the battles between male and female, controller and controlled, spiritual groups, etc.

Our love was full of omens, signs, synchronicities that had been planned out all our lives. It was the only time I have every thought I was with a twin flame, ever had that desperate need to be with someone so strongly, and it was the same with him. But he seemed to be carrying out his role as a Levite priest still, in this life, and deviously attacking those who were not “with the program” of the Babylonian Brotherhood. They said he had gone bad before by going over to the side of the controlling entities, but really, that is what they wanted. They didn’t really want me to keep him in line. They wanted to ruin the priesthood, my spiritual development, the information I was publishing, the affects my energies were having on the world. He didn’t know that, and was tossed and twisted in the experience as much as I was. He wanted to be more balanced and spiritually advanced, yet at the same time, still was influenced by his ideas that he had been programmed with ideas the reptilian force has promoted on earth since they first arrived. The conflict within himself tore him up.


Part Two

Questions 6 & 7: The alien/ET connection, manifestations of paranormal activity and a tantric sexual love connection that is unlike any other!

The alien/ET connection, manifestations of paranormal activity and a tantric sexual love connection that is unlike any other!

3. At that time or beforehand, were you aware of any alien activity of visitation of interdimensional beings? Or abductions?

I have had some such events throughout my life, before and after that time. During that time, however, those events seemed to occur more to S than to me, and were constant. They were overwhelming, but built up my strength against them at first. Finally, my strength seemed to be torn down, confused, but I was actually being educated in the clever ways the reptilians and others operate. They were trying to confuse me about it, and did, for a long time, but it has come to be a great learning tool by now.

S and I both had a grid work of blue round lights we saw out the corner of our eyes often. They changed in sync, his experiences of them matching mine. I suspect these came from implants in the past that tied us together for that mission. They said they were our ties as twin flames, and later Isis said they were the sequins on her gown as she passed by.( Isis was the same goddess as Ninti, the expert medicine lady of the Sumerian Anunnaki, who came with Enki and Enlil.) We were instructed in ways to use them. Overall, I seemed to have a kind of immunity to the kinds of attacks S had, but it didn’t matter, cause his affected me. So, becoming high frequency didn’t do me a lot of good, did it? My sense of being here to help people raise themselves up led to some unsavory experiences!

One day, bird demons attacked, and we had bird poop land in the van on my notebook when we went into a store. We were staying at a friend’s house that night, and the morning we got there, the floor was totally covered with a homogenous covering of bird feathers. There were a few attacks like that that I was included in, but usually I was put in the position of Isis, reviving him, whom they called ” Osiris”, from death. *(This is a type of archetypal role playing the channeled entities will do to their ” students”. I sometimes wonder if this is done to deliberately activate the egos of the couple- or perhaps to insert them in a mythic drama that the couple lives and acts out)

One attack was their insertion of a “tick”, alien implant) into the back of S’s head at the medulla oblongata. They came to attack that night, while he was asleep, and I fought against them all night, ending up unable to even stand up in the morning. They told me they were inserting a tick and that he would forget about me and his mission. That was the only thing I remember them telling me, without going through him. I could feel it happening, very strongly. When he channeled in the morning, as best he could, being goofy and forgetful, they said it was a tick, to make him forget about me and the mission! When they told him the same thing they had told me privately, that was strong proof to me that this was real. Whenever he had a tick, which came and went, he forgot our mission, and our love. He wanted to go back to his militant days in another state. He would change personality. Which one was really better, in the long run, I don’t know.

They seemed to siphon off our memories, sexual energies, powers, and put in something new. They waited until things were great, building up more energy through wonderful sex and love and accomplishments, and then took it out, and he would become distant and impossible to deal with. They themselves were other dimensional reptilians, though they never told us that. They said we were fighting such things together. Sneaky.

4. What kinds of things did you notice around S like night time visitors, increase in paranormal activity, any energy drainage?

Odd voices would come through when he would channel, such as the day many came through all at once on the tape. Or the day it sounded like a mechanical object vibrating. Or when he channeled Ra and things would flash and move around, and his wife would see the same things in the scrying mirror S did. If I said the wrong thing against Ra, the car would stop working. I wrote a chapter undermining Ra, and it disappeared off the computer the next day. When S got in his wife’s car, everything electrical in it quit. He was always having electrical jolts applied to him by the beings. His covers would hover above him. He would be bloodied, thrown across the room, have bite marks appear. One day, he and his wife both got paralyzed on opposite sides of their bodies. His children woke up with blood spattered all over them. The list goes on.

5. How was your soul and physical connection with him? Were you able to experience a tantric sexual experience with him? Was this stronger or better than any other man you had been with?

My sexual and love bonds with S were stronger than they have ever been with anyone, in some ways. I worshipped him. Our lovemaking was earth shattering. We felt each other’s energies so strongly, that he could move, across the room, and shivers would go up my spine. One day, I was doing healing for my father, and I decided to use the immense energy I gained from thinking of S, so I took that and circulated it through my father’s body. S called up just then and asked what I was doing. He said his pelvis was circulating, and his kids were making fun of him for walking like Elvis!

He and I had such a bond that being apart for a minute was painful. We pledged our love forever, and I was going to marry him, which is bizarre for me, and I got to where I wouldn’t even look at a man at all, like a woman in Afghanistan, to placate him. I was always about to lose him to the Abyss or something, so that love was extra desperate, which was part of the plan. I’m sure he liked that.


Part Three

Questions 3, 4 and 5: Shaktipat energy, Tantric Sex and Kundalini

6. Can you explain what Shaktipat energy is, and how to give this to someone for healing or raising their Kundalini? When did your first Kundalini experience start? Did this also happen to S as a result of your relationship( or giving him shaktipat or even tantric sex) with him?

What is Shaktipat? It is a mysterious, magical grace of fiery power beyond ordinary human words. How to explain how to give it? It is not something that can be learned from a formula, something that anyone can decide to give. It is very, very rare on this planet that anyone gives it. Some who give it are well known, and do it to many people, and those people are almost worshipped, treated as incarnations of gods. Some people give it to fewer people, on a more one-on-one basis, with a closer relationship to those they give it to. They are also meditated on by their students in images such as holding the guru at the third eye as an image of god-awareness to identify with. There is a kind of pact that is entered into that is not a temporary or casual thing. It is the most important gift I can think of, but one that requires a tremendous responsibility in the giving. It must be the right time, one must understand the future of the person and the vagaries it may cause in being able to handle the Shaktipat. There is as much perfection in this process as possible, but in this case, with S, the Shaktipat was taken from me unintentionally.

We were astral traveling to meet each other, and he was only seeing my astral levels, which is where he was used to operating. I wanted him to see the real me, and appeared to him long distance one night, as my whole self. I think the experience of being in contact with me caused him to go through Kundalini awakening. This was not my intention, and I don’t know if it happened because of the power of my presence, or, very possibly, because I was chosen by the reptilians to be a transfer of this energy to him. Then, without telling me, he did a ritual that took that Kundalini raising into the past, to a certain period of his life, as if it had occurred way back then. I was horrified to learn of this. Then, he told me that it was a mistake, because he was a Satanist back then, and those contacts were activated with that power. I believe it was not done with ignorance as he suggested, but with intent to bring through those Satanic reptilians.

Shaktipat is an evolutionary prod, and Kundalini is an evolutionary step. I feel that the way to avoid being caught in identification with the body, which is a goal of the Satanic/reptilian/counteractive force, is to rise above the battle-consciousness, while learning about it at the same time. I have learned much more about the battle going on since I was working with S, and the experience with him was a great teacher. If one is to give Shaktipat, one should explore all the lower frequencies of life, and oneself, and others, as well as the higher.

To look at the battle from a higher plane, we can experience a fluidity, a flow of energy. We can have a sense of the contracting and expanding of the Divine, of potential harmony, and what harmony feels like. Within harmony, there is the forward evolution such as the movement of the earth in its path. And there is also the force that keeps the earth going slow enough, so that it does not fly out of orbit, into chaos. That is the contracting force. Both are required for harmony. The contracting force is not evil. But it can become evil, when it is not in harmony. Harmony does not mean equal balance, but includes more evolutionary force, as there is a progression as part of harmony. Shaktipat helps bring individuals into more harmony. It can also be diverted to give the illusion of power to the disharmonious contracting forces. It is considered dangerous, because if it goes wrong, it is like a snake turning to bite you.

This led to a kind of battle within S, and a battle for his soul. A battle to twist the Shaktipat away from its natural goal of freeing him from the hold on him of those very ones wishing control. So the situation was complex, obviously. Kundalini changes one’s perspectives from –reading about, thinking about, meditating on— to experiencing, being, radiating, tunneling through, feeling as light…. It is a kind of oscillation that vibrates through the spine and brain, setting one up as a superconductor of high frequency life force that is in harmony with the earth, and goes far beyond the normal concepts of things like earth and earthly existence. It opens up parts of the brain that most people never function from. It puts the pineal and pituitary into a shared vibration. It takes one out of time and place. It has very physical, measurable effects, creating a standing wave in the body. You become a wave.

I would say that I was around 27 when the Kundalini effects were overwhelmingly obvious for me. I was constantly conceptually flying up through a tunnel, as if going through an eye that extended farther and farther back. It was always a part of me, something I came in with as a talent. The flying took me through a kind of mystical space that left me writing down and drawing concepts all night long, night after night, when I was also teaching English in University, with a son and husband. I soon divorced, which left me free to follow my spiritual path. I spent hours of dedicatedly willing myself to accelerate, putting tremendous effort into it. When I studied Tantra yoga, my evolution was greatly accelerated. Kundalini is not activated primarily by thinking and understanding, but by specific physical work that is defined in tradition, and can also, to some degree, be accessed within our innate wisdom.

7. How did this affect you and S? Did it increase his psi or did it please the channeled entities in any way–did they ever comment on this aspect of your sex life or Kundalini?

Kundalini is something rather lonely to have activated, if your partner does not have it. It was exciting for me, but a great focus that required constantly supervising him, which included begging him to do what was necessary to keep it running correctly through the central channel of the spine, and not get off balance to the right side, by being too “macho”. I would go through fever and cold as I sent him the energies, and his temperatures corresponded perfectly to mine. Much of the process of guiding Kundalini is not conscious to the normal human mind. I had no choice but to guide it once it was raising, and to try to encourage him to overcome the effects of magically changing the time frame of it. In a way, this was the real godly mission, and the reptilians were a kind of manifestation of S’s resistance, his dwellers on the threshold, though they were of course, also real. They manipulated into dominance that aspect of human nature that resists the raising of awareness.


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