Eve Lorgen with Chantelle Meyburgh on Aquarius Rising 2/16/24

I had a delightful interview and discussion with Chantelle on my research and Anomalous Trauma counseling related to the Alien Love Bite, Dark Cupid and False Twin Flame scenarios. These are the bullet points of some of the topics brought up:

  • My family history and why became Anomalous Trauma counselor
  • Alien abductions and some correlations with spiritual and mind control alphabet soup agencies etc.
  • Discerning truth beyond black and white narrative choices
  • Misdiagnosis issues with abductees, milabs history
  • Spiritual authorities involved in alien abductions
  • Relationship dynamics, family systems with abduction histories & milabs
  • Vastness and how multifacited this abuse is, in the world, of the anomalous types
  • Hierarchy systems, gateway project, mk ultra, survivor and “experiencer” community arguments and attacks on one another
  • Dark Cupid, false twin flame, false gurus, narcissistic abuse types of experiences
  • A type of evil these kinds of relationship experiences emanate (Dark Cupid, false guru, false twin flames)
  • Third Party Entity interference factors in Dark Cupid relationships as opposed to “non paranormal forms of narcissistic types of relationships)
  • Reptilian hosting can cause sexual addiction issues in Dark Cupid/Love Bite relationships, even unnatural kundalini activation issues
  • Woo woo strong connection qualities indicating paranormal interference
  • The female narcissist manipulator in the negative polarity issues
  • Male vs female narcissists and manpulation tactics
  • Twin flame ideology falsehoods
  • Co dependent PTSD styles are often “blamed” for their end of the dysfunctional relationship with a narcissist or psychopath in psychology trauma schools, not perceiving major psychopaths and outright EVIL
  • Enabling the predator/psychopath forms of belief in society, psychology, culture and religion
  • The Dexter psycopath serial killer show and personality types
  • The handling quality of some love bite relationships
  • The MIa Adams/Jordan FBI agent case and how many in alphabet soup agencies are themselves abductees or hybrids groomed for their positions
  • X-File stories adapted from many experiencers



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