Eve Lorgen Interviews for July-August 2023

Here are several interviews which were conducted in July and August 2023 on the topic of Alien Love Bite, The overall UFO/ET disclosure themes playing out and elements related to alien visitations, invasions, manipulations, mind control, dream hacking and more.


James Bartley and Eve Lorgen with Rob at Typical Skeptic: Uncovering Truther Psyops, Negative Alien Agenda.

YT Description: Eve Lorgen and James Bartley have each spent 30 years investigating the Alien Abduction Phenomena, Milab Abductions, SRA Abuse, The Negative Alien Agenda. In this Video James and Eve talk about the Real “Psyop” and talk about the many different Targeted UFO/Alien Researchers and exposing the Reptilian Agenda.

8/24/23 Eve Lorgen with Judith Kwoba on Night Flight

Eve Lorgen: Strip Clubs & Reptilian Hosting – HR1

This one is good, a thorough overview of an interview from 2014, and its implications and current issues surrounding the ramifications of reptilian interference and hosting, individually and collectively.

8/29/23 Eve Lorgen with Yohan Tengra of India

Origin and Research behind the Alien Love Bite and DArk Side of Cupid books.

Love obesssions and hyperdimensional interference, cases, what it means, how to identify, what to do to heal. How alien love bite and manipulated relationships differ. UFO/ET disclosure topics cherry picked so that the real issues, especially behind “alien manipulation” is never taken seriously.



Show with James Bartley and Eve Lorgen : Bloodlines of Control 8/23/23

Groups involved in abductions, milabs, SRA and certain forms of targeting. Spiritual laws of access, UFO/ET disclosure topics which are censored and revealed.
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