Alien Love Bite Experiencer Couple–Interference

This is an interview of a couple who experienced alien interference  that aimed to prevent true love, and instead, aliens tried to set each of them up with false soul mate partners to disrupt them from their spiritual path.

Interview by Eve Lorgen

Rebecca & TCell Strong

1. Rebecca, did you ever have any UFO sightings, alien abductions or visitations with interdimensional beings before your Love Bite drama unfolded? ( Pose same question to your partner)

Yes, when I was approx. 12 was the first time, I saw 3 green fireballs zip by me at streetlight level and subsequently many others.  Yes, TCell has also since a very young boy.

2. Did your parents or family members ever have alien encounters and/or unusual paranormal phenomena?

Yes, my family has.  Notably my father has had lots to the point that my Mother thought he was delusional.

3. Are or were you, or your parents in the military, intelligence/security or aerospace industry?

No.  Neither of our families have military or intelligence/security backgrounds.

4. What was your religious/spiritual faith when you grew up?

Mine was agnostic/atheist and TCell’s was agnostic/Jehovah Witness. 

5. Do you or any family member; have any spiritual gifts, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, healing, remote viewing or any other “psychic ability?” Do these traits run in the family?

Yes.  I have telepathy and psychic abilities to a lesser degree and empathy to a larger degree.   I am extremely sensitive and can use my senses to see, heal etc.  TCell on the other hand has incredible abilities in telepathy, healing, remote viewing etc.  He did have strong pyrokenetics and all the other “kinesis’”

6. Have you ever had a near death experience, or any illness, which changed your perception of reality, such as suddenly being able to perceive auras, angels, demons, “shadow people” or other things? OR–did you ever notice an increase in psychic abilities, paranormal phenomena before or after an alien visitation?

My abilities increased after I cleansed my body and ingested high and clean energy foods, herbs, water etc.  Then I could perceive a lot and it was then that paranormal phenomena and alien interference seemed very apparent.

7. Describe what events; dreams; visions or synchronicities preceded your first recognized “love bite” relationship.

I’ve been married twice.  My 1st ex smashed up my car whilst taking me down the wrong turn in the road, which was under construction.  Because of this we had further interaction and I ended up dating him and then marrying him.  My 2nd used me for my genetics and material gain while he was still “in love” with another who in my opinion, are of the same species.  Both of these men got me pregnant (by accident), same situation, where I asked them to use condoms because I had complications with birth control methods I.e. pill, IUD .  They both didn’t love me, although pretended at first.  I later found out that they are not entirely human.  All my life I’ve had difficult relationships. My second ironically when asked what would he name his children, he said that he wanted a boy and to name him Joshua, which was exactly what I wanted.  That was a strong synchronicity.  Strong enough that I thought, “he was the one”.  With TCell, I got a mysterious credit card in the mail, which enabled my ex to go to college where he met TCell.  When I saw TCell before I met him, I was EXTREMELY attracted to him and still am.  He was “asked” by 2 beings in the etheric, to partner with my ex in school, although he couldn’t stand him.  They said just go with him for now.  We need you too.  It is very important.  We’ll explain later.  Then my ex brought him home for a beer because TCell wanted to know why he was suppose to go with him.  When we met each other it was incredible for both of us.  It was love at first sight and a feeling of “where have you been” and TCell said that I sparked every filament of his being and that I lit up like a small sun.  They then told him that he was to rescue me because the bad aliens were trying to kill me.  I had health problems at the time, so I believe this.  They “ordered” me to go to his house via very strong and loud beeps (electronic) that I heard in my inner ears.

8. Did you and your love bite partner have any shared dreams, abductions or memories of being with one another before you met “physically?”

No.  But TCell was across the country and there is a song in my real name that he used to sing in his apartment with extreme emotion.  He said that he’d stand by the window and yell at the top of his lungs, with extreme sadness, “Where are you?”  He would also astral project and look for me everywhere, he said.

9. Did you and/or your love bite partner recall past life types of memories, or were you told by any alien beings or interdimensional beings that you were meant to be together?

Not I, but TCell has had these.  He recalls that he was King David and that I was Bathsheba.  He has been told numerous times that we are meant to be together.  We feel that we are meant to be together also.  Apparently my “real” father asked, no begged him, to take care of me here.

10. Have you had any “milab” types of abduction memories? Humans in uniform taking you to a military or underground installation, do medical procedures or any mind control procedures?

No.  None.  But TCell had a love bite partner prior to myself who was seriously messed up by them and he said that she is the antithesis of me, except in taste and some characteristics.  His 10 years with her were horrible.  She was constantly messed up and manipulated by them.  He has rescued her from an installation.  He was told, when he was 17, (he’s now 38), that he was to meet his soul mate by an “emissary of God”.  They told him what to wear etc.  His life with her was hell, which affected our life incredibly because he thought I was going to be trouble like she was because of our similarities.  Looks, taste’s in furnishings, plants, wicker etc., some interests (business/bookkeeping) and he let out a lot of his bitterness towards her on me because he strongly thought that I was another her, sent by “them:” to screw his life up.  I’ve gone through a lot of abuse from him because of this but my love for him is unprecedented.  I’ve stuck by him through absolute hell, with patience and love.  He has now, after 5 years, started to come around and trust.  The first time we made love, it was and always is incredible.  We are like a lock and a key.  I feel that way and so does he.  We “fit” perfectly in every way.  Physically, emotionally; with all of our senses.  We truly think that it is possible that we are soul mates but his first “set-up” was designed to either sabotage our meeting and relationship later or he was suppose to meet me and they got him and his ex together.  She was puppetized and he feels very strongly that she was a cardboard cutout of me. 

11. Have you ever had dreams that felt like they were “stage managed” or beamed in with psychotronic equipment, being vivid, unusual and leaving you with a bad headache or extreme fatigue afterwards? Many.  We both have and do.  Not headaches, but extreme fatigue like we were battling all night long.  We KNOW that they create our dreams.  We do not know anything about psychotronic equip. But he always says that our dreams are manipulated by telepaths.  He recalls being forced to have sex with a woman in an installation and they were both terrified but he had no control over his physical body.  He has some extremely serious anger issues over all of their manipulations and abuses.  He has way more stories to tell than I.  Yes, they manipulate our dreams night after night after night.

12.. Do you or your partner have any unusual medical conditions before or after unusual “dreams” where aliens were present? Implants?

We do not recall this at all but we both do know and can see that we are full of implants and they’ve stuck so many needles in my skull, I look like a porcupine.

13. Did any alien beings, such as reptilians or even demons try to masquerade to you as beings of light or shape shift to you?

Tons!  Yes.  Absolutely.  Both reptilians and demons.

Were you ever aware of any deceitful spirit beings trying to interfere or manipulate your “good” love bite relationship?

Yes, as stated above.

14. Did any beings, or “unusual dreams”, compel you or your partner to suddenly end the relationship for no apparent reason? Especially since your awareness of the “orchestration” of your love drama? Explain how or types of interference that occurred.

Yes, we get many of these, but we always know that this is their motivation; to create chaos in our relationship. Both, beings and dreams, especially with TCell and mostly via dreams with me. We are fully aware that this is what they are doing.  They’ll come up with new stuff as soon as there is a chink in our amour, (our relationship) so to speak.  As soon as we question something ourselves, they will try and manipulate that.  But we’ve learned to communicate now and share what they are trying to impose, so they don’t succeed.

15. How has your faith helped you in this situation? Were you aware of any spiritual warfare during this time?

We’ve had tons of spiritual warfare with both reptilians and greys and other types, one group that TCell has coined the blobs because we can’t put a finger on what they look like, except that they permeate extremely negative energy.  This has gone on for 4 1/2 years and its been exhausting and we’ve been unable to keep a job steadily so we’ve been financially destitute.  They’ve sabotaged every business endeavor we’ve attempted by manipulating the people we’ve interacted with.  It’s been nuts, to say the least.  Our faith.  Well, since we’ve earnestly been seeking help from Jesus, things have almost completely stopped.  We both have stayed in integrity with each other and anything or anybody else.  We now say, “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be gone” and then I found that when they still persist, when I say “I bind you in the blood of Christ” that seems to be the magic to get them to leave.  Big time.

16. You mentioned that you are still together as a couple, many years after the “love bite” set up. How have you both dealt with this reality, and what advice can you offer to others who want to keep such a love bond –together without interference?

As I’ve stated above.  The ONLY way, and believe me we’ve tried EVERYTHING, so the only way to stop it is to have a strong faith in Jesus and to state the above.  No amount of spiritual fighting (ourselves) has stopped it, instead, it’s only left us exhausted because they just bring in stronger guns, so to speak.  Also, know oneself.  Learn what are your thoughts and what isn’t.  And COMMUNICATE with each other.  Always.  Build unit integrity.

17. Other Love Bite experiencers have described how the love bond they shared with a “love bite” partner is like no other “lover” they have ever had.  Telepathy, telesthesia and such a strong love connection, which can activate even a “kundelini” type of experience. Was this love the most profound you both have ever experienced?

YES.  BIG TIME.  ABSOLUTELY.  Either they have manipulated our past lives and present to torture and experiment and observe like science lab rats, how human’s behave in the matters of the heart OR we are truly soul mates, the good aliens assisted in our meeting and the bad one’s do not want the love frequency on the planet so we become their targets in earnest. *

18. Did you experience an increase in alien visitations or other interdimensional beings during this time?

Yes.  It was definitely increased.  Oh yes.  From one degree to another actually.  It has been 24/7/365

19.Did the  “alien beings”  who tried to interfere with this set up also try to switch off either partner or break off the relationship?

Like I said, either it was the same creeps with set up and sabotage or it was the good guys with the set up and the bad guys with the sabotage.(* or is is a good  cop/bad cop cosmic alien game?–el)  They’ve tried big time to switch us off and break us up.  Big time.  As explained previously.

20. If so, how were you able to maintain the relationship, and did the connection change its nature after these manipulations?

Sometimes.  Things definitely got worse until we learned to communicate due to our desire to stay together.  We’ve broken up, very briefly, 3 times in 5 years and each time we got back together, our love has just gotten stronger.  Unfortunately, because of his life long fighting with them, he sometimes had resorted to drinking when he was super angry and just wanted to escape from all the b.s., but when he did, he became vulnerable.  He has now finally, after much drama, realized this, as I’ve pointed it out to him.  Luckily, I don’t drink so I can see clearer than he that way.  But now he does realize that they have played him when he gets in that state so he does it less frequently now and guards his thoughts when he does, if he can.  It is still sometimes difficult.  He has been very, very angry with me because of my apparent obsession with the paranormal, so I’ve wasted alot of time on the Internet and I have gotten us spiritually in trouble because of a few that I have opened up to and he then has had to fight off.  (Which is why you have not heard from me in so long.)*–It is very common for the abductees to be harassed for interacting with a researcher or when  contemplating going public to help others–el)  I’ve needed to work on solidifying us first and delving into this in moderation.  My desire has been to find answers and gain understanding.  Well, I did.  I learned that other’s have helped their situation by calling on Jesus.  So, it’s a good thing.

21. Were you ever aware of the beings trying to do another love bite set up, after this particular love bite drama. Oftentimes the abductee will be set up many times with different partners throughout their life.

Yes, I’ve been set up many times through out my life and every relationship sucked.  Even this one at times, but the love is so very, very strong.  On my part it is unconditional and on his part he is just very, very tired of it all and we both desire a very simple and happy life together without all this bull.  Yes, there have been a few “synchronicities” but we know it for what it is so there is no success on their part to bring someone else in the picture.  We also know that no-one can hold a candle to the other, in their place. 

22. Is there any cases in the abduction or love bite literature/interviews that you resonated with in terms of similar experiences?

I don’t really remember the stories now as it’s been approx. 3 years since I read the experiences of others at your website, but I do recall, and TCell was in agreement when I read them to him, that there were similarities with some of them, which is why we feel, but really it was obvious, that we were set-up because we were. Blatantly.  As far as abduction, no, because we don’t recall ever waking up on a table or even a table.  They do their experiments on us right where we are, except when TCell has been brought to various installations and forced to have sex with other, also terrified female victims.  He hates them with a passion for it and just before I met him, I would wake up paralyzed, fighting to wake up and succeeding because they were trying to float me out of the window, and I believe to a waiting ship.

23. Thank you again for being willing to share this with others and me. It will shed light for others who are struggling with trying to understand this phenomenon.

You are welcome Eve.  I hope it does help others.  If you need further elaboration on anything, please let me know.  Also if you know of what other’s have done successfully to lead normal lives, I’d be interested to know what they did, even though, what I’ve found is the only thing that seems to work…. Jesus, communication, unit integrity and commitment.  We also really want to do some Wernicke’s because we know we have them and TCell knows that he has some serious booby-traps also.

* Authors comments:

A repetitive theme in love bite relationships has been recognized, in that the aliens (or whoever is manipulating these people) seem to know ahead of time if a person will have a soul mate in the future. They then will seek to sabotage the “real” soul mate partner from finding their mate, and instead set up a cookie cutter counterfeit to the abductee–which turns out a disaster. This counterfeit love set up serves to keep the abductee disempowered and finding the true soul mate that is destined for them. When they do find the “real” partner, they often have an uncanny resemblance to the former love bite partners that they had before. Then if they do meet the “real soul mate” the dark forces seek to either control and manipulate the relationship to their agenda or try to break it up.( ie, harvest the energies by creating chaos) True love connections which have a “tantric” soul matter quality are very powerful and can literally change the world.

Other comments by Rebecca:

James Bartley’s articles have been very helpful in elaborating on the types of dreamscape and astral manipulation done to many abductees.

TCell and I do have exceptional abilities and we are very loving and integrity filled individuals. After doing much research on the subject due to being severe targets by them, I have come to the conclusion that the reason why they do target certain people and sabotage their lives is because these individuals, with strength (monetary, community etc.) could and would be a force that would certainly be strong to undermine their activities and goals of controlling and destroying humanity.  I also do believe that they are under Satan’s leadership.  I’ve personally met them and they have no heart at all.  They have gang raped me, tortured me, tried to manipulate me…. etc.

Part of my story that I wish to relay also is that I’ve been married twice before and both of those relationships were a set-up.  Both of those men got me pregnant (by accident).  Where I was naive enough to give them responsibility to use birth control and they both failed and (it’s just a coincidence-not), the ONE time they didn’t, I got pregnant.  I didn’t want these pregnancies but out of my pure love, naivety and desire to mend the rift between men and women, I gave them the choice to have these children, which of course, they wanted them.  Both pregnancies were very strange, I will elaborate later, but the point is that “they” tried to manipulate me and restrict me through motherly love.  Both of these children are hybrids and I do not see them anymore.  My ex’s tried to run my life, emotionally blackmail me etc.  Long story that I’ll share in my own book in detail in the future.

I stated at the end of my “interview” with you about the suggestions that I would offer other love bite victims; Jesus, communication, unit integrity…. I would also like to mention that besides guarding one’s own thoughts and discerning if they are your own or not, the same goes for emotions, sexual desires etc.  I have noticed in the past, although they don’t do it anymore because I call them on it, that when I get really aroused “all of a sudden” or I get really sad or angry “all of a sudden” and I analyze why I am feeling this way and realize that it isn’t me, it’s them either using an implant as a receiver or they’ve got a beam on me to create arousal, anger, sadness etc.  I then state to them that I KNOW they are causing this and to cease it immediately, then in Christ’s name and I bind their curses against me in His blood – everything turns back to normal.  They do this with everybody.*  Like aphids milking ants.  It would be good for people to more aware of external forces causing a myriad of emotions as well as arousal.  For instance, one time I got off of work and sat with a co-worker all night talking to him (I knew him for a while), when I was ready to leave, as I was out the door, all of a sudden there was this serious passion in the air.  I never, ever felt such intensity.  This happened many years ago when I didn’t know what was REALLY going on, so I went with it.  He invited me back in, we ended up having sex and this guy was rotten.  Hooked up with them totally.  He was selfish during the experience and it left me feeling like a husk.  An empty shell.  I was VERY weak for 4 days, cold, shaking… It was the most horrible thing.  I thought I was going to die.  So, the point is, EVERYONE should be aware of this and guard themselves well.  Know themselves and take proper action, as mentioned to cease all activity along this line, immediately.  Take charge of it with no fear.

* Author’s comment: Awareness of how these beings interact with humanity, creating endless dramas that “milk” us for our emotional energies–is the first step in becoming free from their influence. In general the more we apply solid spiritual principles of integrity, discriminating wisdom, compassion and selflessness and mature love–the less we will to be in their realm of influence. I think this is the ultimate spiritual test. And remember, it can and HAS happened to the best of us. Even Jesus Christ got crucified.


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