SIMBAD Session Results with Serbian Abductee

A colleague in Serbia translated their SIMBAD  session results into English. Vladimir is an abductee who has undergone at least 4 SIMBAD sessions with an abductions hypnotherapist who is familiar with the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy. (

These are his words describing his SIMBAD findings and implant sketches. Some are quite detailed.


My name is Vladimir. In the late summer of 2012, I went through a regressive hypnosis experience, with an aim to liberate myself from alien abductions. The procedure of my regressive hypnosis session was based on Dr. Corrado Malanga’s SIMBAD exercise.

By the help of this technique and under a guidance of a hypnotherapist, I have managed to get rid of a considerable amount of implants which were placed on my body and on my Spirit, Mind and Soul components. I also managed to remove various attachments and entities who have installed those implants and finally, to get rid of the influence from AAM and PAM. (EL-AAM is Active Alien Memory, and is a spirit and mind component of an alien who uses the Soul energy of the abductee to come to life and use its will on the abductee. The PAM is the passive alien memory, which is neutralized from its spirit, so it no longer can use its will be used to influence the abductee like an alien “parasite”. The AAM is like a computer software program of an alien identity, enlivened by the human Soul component.)

I had been abducted from third month of my life, as I still was a fetus in utero, till the moment my Soul component realised what was happening.

And, during the session, I was able to gain a pretty nice view and feeling of these implants. I have memorised them visually and eventually, I made an effort to express them graphically via the attached images. The purpose of these images and explanations is to show people how the implants look like and what was their purpose. All of the implants which I encountered during the sessions, I have experienced as “energetic”, as if they contained in themselves some sort of light or electricity.

I went through 4 sessions altogether during which all implants were removed. After that, I was able to exercise SIMBAD by myself, without a guide. Before, I was not able to carry out SIMBAD by myself,  as I was blocked by the implants.

Implants detected at the first session:

These implants were installed in myself by two reptilian entities in my 3rd year of life.

1. The implant consists of three energetic discs which are connected by energetic fibers, which bind them together and it goes along the spine to the atlas, where it branches off into smaller filaments. The rings are placed into the lumbar part of the spine. The purpose of the implant is to block impulses from the lower portion of the spine, the sacrum– which is an area connected with sexuality. It was used for giving pleasures to reptilians by diverting my sexual energy to their direction, instead of it being used for my body. I also perceived it as being placed on my Mind component.

2. Implants on temporal bones. At he beginning, I perceived at as two red dots, however, later when I was removing it, they looked as two scrolls. Their purpose was to control the frontal lobes of the brain. I saw it on my Soul component, as well. On the soul, this implant develops into the implant No 4.

3. Cones in the head. They are used for transfer of impulses from outside to inside, and from inside towards outside. Something like a device for monitoring and control. I saw it also on my Spirit component.

4. This implant represents an “energetic filed” which has developed In front of my Soul and it is connected with Implant No 2. I felt that it was used to block the Soul component.

5. Green cone which is levitating under the plexus area and it was connected to the spine by some sort of tinny filaments. When I was removing it, it tuned out into a small ‘medusa’; it looked like a real sea jellyfish. I do not know what it was used for. The cone was implanted on the Spirit component, as well, however, it did not turn into a medusa when I was taking it out from there.

Implants detected at 2nd session:

Implants placed by Horus-Ra, when I was 7 y.o.:

  •  A sphere in the shape of a golf ball in middle of the head. Tinny filaments are branching off the ball through bone marrow, throughout the body. The implant is used for control purposes. It hinders the will.
  • Another implant from Horus-Ra branches out from the same golf ball and affects the whole nervous system. I forgot to ask about its purpose, however, I have a feeling that it manipulates the nervous system and the secretion of hormones. The ball is in the middle of the head, where the pineal gland is.
  • Implants placed by mantides and greys on behalf of reptilians and their master “eye in the pyramid”. It happened when I was 7 y.o.

    Implant placed on anal area and the sexual organ. Used for sucking out the energy and also for preventing the energy flow along the spine column. It diverts the life force to the other side, through the ring. The long filament which comes out of the ring goes up along the spine.

    • Implant on the heart. Belongs to Horus-Ra. Not clear when it was placed.

      This implant was placed in the breast, where the heart is. It is used for the prevention of interaction with the Soul component. It blocks the flow of impulses to the heart area and it emits out one’s negative energy at the same time. It prevents interaction with any positive energy.

      Implants on the body and the Soul. Installed by reptilians and their master “the eye in the (glass) pyramid”, when I was 3 months old fetus.

1. Implant on the Soul. Used for “plugging in” of my “hybrid offspring” to my Soul (energy). The hybrid children were made from my sperm, which they were taking during abductions from my 16th year, and from ova of women who are unknown to me. They experimented with the sperm and female egg cells. So, my feeling was that the ring was used for sucking out energy from the Soul component.

2. This implant was placed in such a way to grow together with myself, while I grow in my life. It was installed on the location which corresponds to some of the chakras and it ends in my sexual organ. It was used to block and control these places and for syphoning out the sexual energy.

Implant from “The Boss” placed in the 6th month of the pregnancy, while I was still a fetus.

The breast plate which is hooked back to the spinal column. Used for control, or better to say, as a ‘pressure’ for lowering down awareness. The implant behaves like a collector of energy from all body’s energy meridians. “The Boss” was first waiting for the others to place their implants, and then he placed his. While being under hypnosis, I was saying that all people were having this implant. I have got an insight and a feeling that it was really so.

Dark Matter

  • I perceived that some sort of a dark matter was covering whole my skeleton and the cranium, except of the facial bones. It had some spherical shape with three points in the region of atlas. It was covering the body like a crude oil. I was under an impression that it was coming from another galaxy. Did not ask when it was installed and for what purpose.
  • Note EL: This is similar to some reports (in an AMMACH interview Aug.2012 with contactee Alistair Martin, Miles Johnstone and Joanne Summerscales) about a black sentient oil, believed to be an alien sentient lifeform of sorts. Believed to be a nano particle sentient life form. ( See

Implants from Horus-Ra, (The Lord of the Rings?!?sic); unknown when it was placed?

 Rings on the legs and arms. “Bracelet” on the Mind. The rings where also present on the Spirit and the Mind, though, in somewhat different form. Used for control purposes. The bracelet seems to be designed for Mind control or for the purpose to block the formation of a bridge between the Soul and the Spirit.

  • Implants detected at the 3rd session

    Implants from greys, another type of mantides and a type of a high ranking reptilian. He seemed to be more powerful in the hierarchy than normal ‘reps’ (I felt it like an “asura”, very arrogant and mean entity). This implant was placed into me 3-4 weeks prior to the session.

    Placed into the hips, the scrotum and the spinal column. Purpose: fear amplifier. It was meant to block recognition of the components, as well. However, it somehow was not functioning well on me.

    Implant from Horus-Ra, PM, the Boss, the “eye in the glass-pyramid” and the installation was carried out by the “reptilian-asura”. Installed in 38th year of life.

    These implants were very precisely designed and they were very hard to remove. They were located on my hands as “gloves” (1), on my feet as “shoes” (2) and, on my head there was also something like a “helmet with a mask” (3). “The helmet” contained inside tentacles which were branching out and spreading throughout the brain. The “helmet”, “gloves” and “shoes” were connected by an energetic filament through the whole body. My spirit had on himself a sort of a helmet, too, which did not work. The helmet was not present on the Mind component, however, it had on himself something like a “yellow glasses”. The Soul had “gloves” and “shoes”. All these implants were eroding my will for living, causing depression and self-pity, destroying self-confidence, inducing laziness and apathy. The mask seemed to act as a trigger for lying.

    Implant from Medusa and a gang of 47 greys.

    1. This is implant was placed by entity Medusa and we discovered it in the 1st session. I experienced it as if it was made of aluminum foil. It was hooked to joints of clavicles on one side and and the lower part of my stomach, on the other side.

    2. It was placed in my 12th incarnation from entering PM (Primordial Man, also known as Adam Kadmon), from below, and I entered him through some sort of meditation. This event happened before 39 incarnations. My first body was not PM. I started as a plane rock or a mineral and the number of my incarnations prior to entering into PM was pretty high. The implant was installed in several phases, from the 12th incarnation after entering PM to my 17th incarnation, when it became integrated and hooked to myself all the way till the moment we removed it through regressive hypnosis. At the moment we destroyed it, it ceased to exist in the now, past and the future. I was 5/6 year old when the implant, which I named “medusa,” was installed into my body. The entity Medusa attended the event with a gang of 47 greys. The implant was installed through space/time and it is functioning through all incarnations after its integration. The implant is also developing through space/time and when finally developed, it remains in all further incarnations. All three components, Spirit, Mind and Soul had a filament which was installed on them, which was not working. These filaments belonged to the entity Medusa. This entity, Medusa, placed also an implant in my knees which was designated to act as a sort of a magnet for negative energy. I did not draw that one as I forgot how it looks like.

    3. Implant medusa from 4th session. I felt that this part was supposed to protect the implant No 2. I do not know who placed that one. I had a feeling that this implant acts as an outer layer, holder or a protective cover for medusa. It was located on my torso and its tentacles were ending in my back.

    The Medusa, was often pretending to be an old woman or a female lover and it was hard for me to see her real appearance. Eventually, I managed to see it in the 3rd session, after we removed some of the implants which were preventing me to see clearly. The Medusa looks like as she was represented in the Greek mythology: she had four fingers, sharp-pointed teeth, a grayish snake like body, and on the head, she had strange hairs. She looks closely like that:

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find on internet any better image.

    The implant placed by 6 greys, mantides, a female reptilian entity and human looking aliens with fair hairs, in white and blue uniforms who had insignia on left part of their breasts in the form of a red, five pointed star. This implant was not visual in the beginning, it was represented only by sound, so I was not able to locate it, at first. When I managed that, it became visual. It was installed in the 2nd year of my life.

    This implant was placed above my head to block access to my Higher self. It looks like the children’s toy, a spin.

    Implants from the 4th session:

    Implants from fair haired “humans” in blue and white uniforms with insignia in the form of red, five pointed star. Placed in the 2nd year of my life.

    1. Remaining implant, the “spin,” above the Spirit, Soul and Mind, from the 3rd session.

    2. Implant placed by fair-haired “humans”. It was located on the top of my head. During this session we were pretty disturbed by those forces, so we forgot to query the purpose of this implant. Due to the distraction activities from outside, I could not get the feeling of its purpose, as well. The filaments  of the implant branched out throughout my body.

    Until the end of the 4th session, we were busy with clean up of the implant remnants in my body, my Spirit, my Soul and my Mind; and locating remaining clones of mine and hybrid-children. These remnants, pieces or fragments, I did not draw, as they were just broken pieces, like a remaining tentacles, or a fragment of a broken ring, threads, fibres etc…

    The Serbian original article is here:

    Additional comments from Serbian colleague:

    Just some additional explanation. I the article, in connection with some implants, an elusive entity was mentioned, named “The Boss”. The entity is not mentioned in Malanga’s cosmology, however, it has been perceived by several of Tamara’s clients in various forms which it changes frequently (dragon, monster…. Vladimir said, when he was chasing it to destroy it in the context of SIMBAD, it has changed shape several times and at the end it shapeshifted into his mother.) Although, in Malanga’s Tree of life, which he published in Genesis, there is one sephirot with a question mark, on the same level as PM, which you can see on the attached picture gen-2c. Translation from the picture:


    Coscienza – consciousness

    Secondo creatore – 2nd creator

    Primo creatore – 1st creator

    Anima secondo creatore – Soul of the 2nd creator

    Uomo con anima – Man with a soul

    Alieno incorporeo – Bodiless alien

    Alieno corporeo – Alien with body

    Uomo senza anima – Man without soul

    Golem (at the bottom)

    So, I do not know if that entity could fit into the sephirot with the question mark?! Malanga said that this being theoretically exists, however, he was not able to describe it.

    Another entity frequently encountered in the context of SIMBAD, but not mentioned by Malanga, is a ‘medusa’ (‘jelly fish’). It seems, there is an entity looking like that, and implants looking like that, as well?!

    There are other drawings from several abductees on this web site link:

    Notes from Vladimir on the black oil like substance, and an experience similar to AMMACH’s Alistair Marin with his “empathic 911 download in an altered state”:

    In the first part he( Alistair interview) mentioned something similar to my “trance” experience. As he can feel death of people in 911, so I also was made to feel all the pain from the all wars, rapes, death, etc., and I fell down as I experienced it, but I never was in the war, and I never hurt anyone physically. It was after my “fight” in trance like state with this black oil like substance who cover my bones.( See sketch in article of skeleton) In trance, I burned that black oil substance with the light from my bones. The feeling of pain was sort of a response of another entity’s, not response of the black oil substance, that’s what I think and what I feel during the “shamanic trance”. There was a lot of weird things going on in those days. Recently I have similar ” games” playing around me. More about that you can read in this article:
    In regression I clearly see again that black oil like substance and my Soul component and I clear it from my bones. I felt that this oil like substance is from another Universe. 

    Here are some additional sketches drawn by Vladimir 20 years previously, relating to Horus-Ra, the medusa entity and a sperm extracting device:








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