Resistance to Abductions

By Eve Frances Lorgen, M. A.

As an Abductions Researcher, Counselor and abductee myself I can say a few things about how to resist abductions. Firstly, I’m not sure if any one abductee can stop the aliens (or whoever is acting behind the alien image) from either attempting to abduct or abducting the person 100% of the time. But there are some useful methods that can decrease the frequency of abductions and possibly eliminate some of the more negativistic alien abductions.

The first method is to become aware of the abductions. Awareness starts with information and behaviors that enhance one’s perceptions. For example, keen observation of one’s life, information gathering and personal and spiritual growth practices. The habit of recording nightly dreams and even lucid dreaming skills can enhance abduction memory recall.

Secondly, resolve emotional and psychological issues associated with hidden trauma or family problems. That means being willing to look at oneself honestly. Develop a strong desire and will to improve ones’ own personal growth. This comprises working on healthy relationships and solid communication skills, getting out of co-dependant behaviors, addictions and secret keeping behavior.

One of the ways abductees stay powerless is maintaining the emotional isolation (secret keeping behaviors) that serves to prevent them from personal growth and healing of any unresolved issues.

Use whatever methods available to increase ones own personal power, and then the abductions may decrease. For example, counseling and therapy, prayer groups, support groups, etc.

Staying focused on God and positive, healthy behaviors helps reduce the chaos factor that some aliens (Reptilians) seem to feed on. I’ve had many abductees disclose to me in private that the more the chaos, negativity, marital problems, drug (especially methamphetamine) and alcohol problems, the greater the frequency of alien abductions.

Also, staying abreast of information and being able to maintain a discerning mind whether or not you like the information you receive. For example, the aspect of spiritual warfare within the abduction phenomena is a reality for many. (I can personally attest to that.) Just because it’s politically incorrect to believe in spiritual warfare shouldn’t deter one from using whatever method is available to help stop the abductions. (If it works to cast out the demons in the name of Jesus, then DO IT!)

Lastly, one’s love for the truth, must be greater than ones’ need for approval in the UFO community or the world at large.

I would venture to say that the Truth, whatever it is, will most likely NOT be the popular opinion. And the method of stopping abductions may very well be something many people really do not want to do.

Because let’s face it, this whole abduction phenomena is really a warfare situation. We need to address this issue from the perspective that we are and have been in a war ever since the Garden of Eden. The only way out, in my opinion, is to focus on Love of God and righteousness. It means having the spiritual wisdom to discern good from evil and all manner of deception and where it originates. It also means having the power to cast out the evil and “negative behaviors” before they cause greater damage in one’s own life and communities.

In a nutshell, to empower oneself, you must believe you can overcome alien abductions and be victorious. Power comes from believing and acting on the Truth versus lies and deceptions. The best way to disempower the aliens is to not believe any of their lies, not allow their manipulation and control and move on toward the goal of healthy, positive and loving behaviors.


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