Predatory Aliens, The Love Bite and Psychic Vampirism

Bullet Points of Interview:

  • Human and ET involvement in abduction programs and the Mia And Jordan Case
  • How alphabet soup agencies spy on, influence and effort to neutralize abductees and those they believe may be hybrids or too powerful of UFO research group influencers
  • Aliens who cause illness illness and death with “yellow astral energy balls” into specific targets
  • My own recollection of being given a “yellow ball” in lucid dream with milab handlers to give me breast cancer years ago but I deflected and delayed it until years later
  • The work of Barbara Bartholic, Karla Turner, the Ted Rice case
  • Untimely deaths and censorship of key UFO/ET researchers who held some of the darker truths of aliens and some human groups in league with them
  • The similarity of some ritual abuse “trauma splitting” events and alien abductions that can program their targets to promote a particular program, narrative or life mission
  • Identification with the ET, alien or special ambassador mission or hybrid status can lead one astray from true trauma recovery and alien manipulation
  • Human Souls as a battery that powers alien hosting, programs and agendas
  • Dr. Corrado Malangas understanding of alien motives for humanity

Interview of Eve Lorgen with Paul Ponnsot of France, 11/25/23


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