Paranormal Love Bites! Eve Lorgen Interview with Melissa Tittl on the Cosmic Cantina

Paranormal Love Bites! Eve Lorgen Interview Alien Sex and Lies

Episode Description from the Cosmic Cantina:

We’re talking paranormal love, baby! But not necessarily the good kind… I interview Eve Lorgan and discuss her research into seemingly serendipitous relationships—are they real, or could they be manipulated by some other-worldly entity.

Then Josh walks us through a wild tale of sex with a giant ,hairy alien being in China.

And finally Matt brings us to a weird climax with UFO researcher Dr Karla Turner and her investigations into alien coercion of abductees participating in some sinister alien agenda.

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Interview was Jan. 14, 2023. There is mention of another case unrelated to the Love Bite in China and also mention of the late Dr. Karla Turner and the Masquerade of Angels book. They went into more detail on the Ted Rice case and some of Karla’s work. They did do a comical sort of demonic invocation of a succubus or incubbus(?)at the end which I did not listen to, nor would invite in or suggest in real life. They used comical dialogue throughout to offset this somewhat disturbing and dark topic.

My interview portion is about 15 min the show is over an hour with other conversational style with Melissa, Matt and Josh.

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