Interview with Corvo, Author of Aliene Apocalypse

A new book in Italian about the Alien Agenda, the good and evil masks they wear, and the coming apocalypse.

By Eve Lorgen

1. Giuseppe, what motivated you to write this book about the alien apocalypse, and whose work or research connected with some of your ideas and main themes of the book?

The motivation comes from my personal history linked with a sense of social responsibility.

I was born in Italy, which is a Catholic country. As a child I was exposed to different paranormal events regarding “celestial beings” like the “Blessed Virgin Mary”. I was eight years old when I saw a a statue weeping tears of blood. In the same place there was an individual who claimed to channel the “Archangel Gabriel”. When I was 17, I went to Medjugorje in Bosnia, a location where the Virgin Mary was supposed to appear, and saw many unexplained phenomena. The entity there is revealing ten secrets regarding the apocalypse. Those experiences begged for an explination and I was not amused with the one of the believers nor the skeptics.  These kinds of messages of approaching catastrophes coming from Eminent Catholic Entities (ECE) are consistent with the ones that contactees /abductees receive from aliens. The division between “celestial apparitions” and the “ET” visitation is arbitrary.  In my home town, Catania in Italy, we had an ET contactee called Eugenio Siragusa and a Marian seer, Rosario Toscano, who declared to have had the contact/vision within five miles of distance. Sources like the seer Stefania Caterina (  in Italian language) are closing the gap. They promote the idea that the aliens are closer to “god” and that, when they come, we should put aside any criticism and submit to them. In the book I investigate on those three cases and many others.

Illustration 1: The Cabalistic Tree of Life is used in the book as a map to organize knowledge2Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro - Corvo - ITA_html_m437253e1

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is used in the book as a map to organize knowledge. The list of authors that contributed to Apocalisse Aliena is too long to be reported here. I have a great debt of gratitude with researchers like Valle, Keel, Karla Turner and Richard Dolan that opened the ground for my idea. I also owe my teachers of Advaita Vedanta – Fusho and Raphael- and Cabala  for providing me with the explination framework that I used in the book.

My formal education in Social Science gave me the understanding of Anthropology, System Theory and Political Science that is used in the text.
Those contributions are linked together to create a hypothesis that I think gives an original contribution to the field. This originality risks to upset everyone a little bit. The scientific, religious, UFO and new age communities could face their paradigm challenged by the thesis expressed in the book.  This can sound uncomfortable, on the other hand, we have to challenge ourselves. I believe that the EME interference is the single most important, complex matter that will change the world as we know forever.

2. Who are the aliens really, in your opinion? And why do you refer to them as extra dimensional materialized entities or EME?

The term Extra-dimensional Materialized Entity (EME) was initially used in some of the MJ-12 documents. It comes from the fact that they do not come from our dimension and they need to “materialize” a body to interact with us.

Following my research the more common Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is not consistent in the motivation and comportment of the being(s) considered. The amount of interaction is huge and indicates a symbiotic, long term relationship between us and “them”. Authors like Vallee and Keel have noticed this aspect already 40 years ago and proposed this dimensional hypothesis. In the meantime, we have science that supports their intuition: a a physics theory called “M-theory” or “super string theory” explains how a multidimensional universe works.

The original contribution of the book introduces a dimensional dynamic aspect to the universes’ relationship that evolves over time: those multidimensional universes, or p-brane, are not always the same “distance” to each other.

Illustration 2: Alignment of the P-branes in the four classical ages3Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro ITA_html_cfe5af5

When they are “closer” it is easier for the EME to pass to our realm of existence and interact with us physically. This explains the ancient stories about the “gods” that were “walking with men” and the fact that so many traditions affirm that they will return one day. In this context, the fact that the return of the gods is linked with apocalyptic events can be explained with the interaction of the two p-branes. In fact, the M-theory explains that the only string that can escape a p-brane is the “graviton”.  A gravitational influence is following my research the cause of past “cosmic destruction”. The book argues that the earth changes that we are experiencing are caused by those influences.

3. How many different races of EMEs are there and what are their main purposes or agendas? For example, the Greys, versus the Reptilians or the Mantis’s or Nordic human looking beings?

The classification of EME based on their physical aspect is misleading, part of their deception strategy. One of the original thesis presented in the book is that we are facing a single metamorphic race. Analyzing the evidence emerge that entities of different aspects are collaborating together during the same abductions. Abductees report that a defined hierarchy is evident near assigned roles. Additionally they can create and “possess” physical recipients. So I wonder if we can apply to them the tools that Charles Darwin used for classifying races. The physical aspect seems to reflect more a social function than a biological difference. For example, the Greys take the role of  “workers, the Reptilians are “warriors”, the Mantis are “scientists”, the Nordic “priests” and so on. This distinction is also present in the tradition of many human cultures, where spiritual classes are associated to certain social functions. While in human cultures we use clothing for distinguishing the roles, I think that an entire body could be much more efficient. Bodies are “containers” for them. In the book, I hypothesize that the traditional division in classes is another relict(? or aspect) of the EME social engineering. When the “gods” came they imposed their way to organize society and to describe the universe. Those activities were secondary effects, aimed at the most important goal: religion. As Jacques Valle noticed, the alien presence seems to be related to the creation of systems of belief. The text examines different historical cases of “cultural gods” and concludes that the most important social feature for them was the creation of a form of religion with specific ceremonies. The fact that we have so many different revealed religions, often in total disagreement with each other reflects the fact that the EMEs are divided in clans, that fight for an establishled “realm of influence” were they can feed.  The abductee Ken Bakeman reports a story regarding a “reptilian” that was very upset for the destruction of his “feeding nest”: the Confederate State of America (!).

This brings up a “political aspect” to the alien presence: we are assuming a total alien control on human evolution. To investigate such a matter, a new discipline is required. Because the so-called “exopolitics” is in my opinion, polluted with wishful thinking about the “positive ET” intentions, I refer to this matter as “Ontopolitic” from the greek ὄντος (regarding the nature of being) and polis (city, society). This definition becomes necessary to cover the “non conventional” political goals of the aliens.

As reported by writers such Karla Turner, Eve Lorgen, Salvador Freixedo and Corrado Malanga,  their scopes includes feeding with an energy that living beings release in situation of stress as well as in devotional states. From a political point of view, this kind of objective require to extend our conception of what is “war” and how to win it. In the book I present evidence that the group of control  over the alien interference arrived to a similar conclusion and is facing a real challenge.

4. What about the higher dimensional beings who are believed to be benevolent like angels and “spirit guides” how do they fit into the apocalypse?

Given the fact that we are facing a category of being able to project any appearance and/or good feelings in our mind, it is hard to distinguish who are the “good guys”. The marian seers, the alien channelers, even demonologists like Aleister Crowley were convinced to be on the right side. Only in the Hollywood movies somebody says: “yes, I’m the evil one”.

Magicians describe several techniques to handle the EMEs and try to have an eye-to-eye relationship, but this requires special training and very often ends badly. The definition of “benevolent” per se, is questionable. I own a farm where we grow chickens: every day we feed them, we protect them from predators and inclement weather.  Are we “benevolent”?

This is a message released by an ECE declaring to be God the almighty:

I am the God of all creation. I am the God of love, of compassion. I am also the God of Justice. My hand will fall on humanity, who, through the evil allegiance to the Evil One, refuse to follow the path of love and truth.[…]For those who will not listen […] no mercy will be shown.

Despite the tone, there are thousands of people who think that this above is a benevolent entity.  Maybe the safest thing to do is to assume that positive EME’s do not exist. As a rule of thumb the mystics say, “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Cut Off His Head”. I think that the best is to put aside those definitions and examine the interest of the parties. We will discover a trend across all of them, also in the words of supposed positive entities, toward the establishment of a form of cult aimed at feeding the entity in question.

5. Are EMEs mostly male or do they have equal numbers of male and female?

The presence of Mary is very relevant and feminine. In the book I list 260 cases of marian apparitions starting from 460 A.C. For several centuries, she has insisted to be elevated to the same level as the male divinities. Apart from her, the EMEs are mostly of male appearance. Abductees report that certain beings emit a female wave also if they don’t have any primary or secondary sexual characteristic.

6. Are all the EMEs some form of energy vampire or feeder? And how do they feed on human energy? Do they feed on other life forms on this planet also?

All the evidence point to the vampire direction. The term, however,  automatically evokes negative feelings. In nature we have two form of vampirism: parasites and symbionts. The difference consists in the mutual advantage of both parties.  (EL-Symbiosis is mutually beneficial. Parasitism eventually harms the host.) I suspect that in the common definition of what humanity is, we need them, we are hard wired for it. In this sense the relationship would be symbiotic.

The differences between the EME Clans consist in the ways they use to collect life energy. While a certain group of clans focus on physical sacrifice, others prefer more softer forms like prayers and devotion. A sizable group of people subjected to stress will emit this vital energy. It is noteworthy that the presence of UFOs increases during any aggregation of crowds, including rock concerts, political demonstrations or sporting events. (EL any references to this statement and from whom? Was it Vallee?)The cattle mutilation phenomenon shows clearly that animals can be also used for energy feeding. We should not forget that sacrifice of animals or even plants to the gods was practiced for millennia. The evidence shows that a quality hierarchy exists. For example in the bible, “god” has a clear preference for Abel, who sacrifices an animal, versus Cain’s vegetable offer.

The ability to feed on this energy is not limited to the EME: Aleister Crowley describes how to feed on the heart of a victim to get energy.

7. What about the apocalypse and coming disasters that so many of these EME’s tell us about? Are they creating them or is this part of a greater plan?

It is probably a mix of manipulation and physical effects provoked by the gravity side of the dimensional dynamic. The prophecies released by the EME contain a mix of information and lies. The aim of the message is to scare us so that we ask for help. A precise information is empowering the recipient, while uncertainty is required for better control. One special event that is often prophesied by ECE is for sure an artifact: the Warning. The Warning is a cosmic event, probably related to a comet, that would cause a world-wide Near Death Experience. When we die and we are disconnected from our containers (notice the plural) we see a kind-of rapid replay of our existence. I myself had this experience because of a motorcycle incident when I was 15. The replay is linked with a “judgment” of the life itself operated by the “higher self”. My understanding is that this experience can be provoked artificially. For non educated or materialistic people this can be a very shocking experience because they will face a void in their life. The ECE declare that this will be the last Warning from God before the punishment. Curiously enough they also prophesy that humankind will find “silly scientific explanations” for this event.

8. What is the alien hybrid project really about? HAve they succeeded in your opinion in created true alien-human/EME hybrids that support their agenda?

It is probable that the hybrids are nothing new. Instead of using this term we should speak of humanity versions. We are probably the 5th  type of containers created by them and the hybrids are the “next generation”.

The evidence presented in the book point out two motivations for periodic exchange of the container’s (body) format. First is that humanity become too “noisy”, as stated in the myth of Gilgamesh. This is interpreted as being aware of the EME’s deception and not any longer willing to give them life energy freely.  A similar opinion is expressed by Credo Muttwa:
Human beings are starting to care about the world in which they live and in which they find themselves. But, the aliens, the Chitauli, the Mantindane – call them what you will – are not going to take that lying down. They are going to punish us, as they did centuries before.

that the Chitauli brought down a fire from Heaven. They took fire from the Sun itself and they used it to burn that great civilization away. They caused earthquakes and tidal waves and destroyed the great civilization of the Red people of the long green hair, who are said to have been the first people ever to be created on this Earth. It is said that the Chitauli allowed only a few surviving people to escape the destruction of Amariri, and that they are prepared to do this again in the very near future.

The hybrids are described as being more passive, like small children, so they are more suitable to host the new human, the kind the Aliens prefer. Besides, the EME are looking for containers that can host/possess them directly. In this supposed paradisiacal world to come, the “gods” are again walking among us and need bodies for that.

9. What about the human soul? Do these beings have souls as we understand them?

What is exactly this “soul” we are discussing? Our culture has a very poor understanding of this matter and modern languages, e.g., English, reflects such a lack of attention. The western mind is heavily influenced by 2000 years of Christianity in this matter.

A complete chapter of Apocalisse Aliena is dedicated to an expanded description of the “Souls” – notice the plural– following the Egyptian tradition. It is too long to be discussed here,  the bottom line is that three different concepts are used: the containers, the vital energy that animate the container and the consciousnesses. See the image below those concepts to applied to the Tree of Life:

Illustration 3: Egyptian soul applied to the Tree of Life; to the left the containers, to the right the vital energies and in the middle consciousness1Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro - Corvo - ITA_html_79171f58

In modern terms we can take a computer as a metaphor: we can distinguish between the hardware (container), the electricity powering the machine (vital energy ) and finally the software (consciousness). Now we need to extend this concept to  “virtual machines”, a computer inside another computer. We get a kind of Russian nesting doll construction. Those layers are called kosha in Sanscrit (“veils”)  .

10. How does the work of Dr. Corrado Malanga fit into your theories as EMEs and their agenda of feeding on humanity?

I respect the work of Malanga, which is  unique in the Italian landscape, too much depending on foreign inputs. Malanga’s intuition to use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to handle the phenomenon is innovative. On the other hand, innovation is not always required. NLP is defined by some of his creators as a “kind of magic”, and it is magic in the original sense of making use of i-MAG-es. “Mag” is the original root for “power”. Malanga’s SIMBAD (Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively) makes declared use of the imagination to solve the problem, but doesn’t offer a framework to explain why or how to handle side situations. John Lash in his book “Not In His Image” calls the imagination “Epinoia”. Lash takes a theoretical approach with less theory, Malanga takes a practical approach without a solid framework. In fact a working paradigm for handling this phenomenon existed for millennia and is called “Hermetic Cabala”.

Illustration 4: The Yugas Through the Cycle of TimeIMAGES4 small

11. How does the Feminine Goddess religions such as Gaia and the Sophianic Myth of our planet as a living Aeon fit into their various religious agendas or creations? Do they fear the power of the living planet herself and those who connect with her Organic Light?

I’m not sure if I have a definitive answer to this question. The dualism between a “good” feminine aspect versus a “bad” masculine one is part of the New Age culture that was influenced by the messages of  channeled EME like Ra and others. Dualism is a tool that the EME often use to create a sense of belonging to a certain group versus the “other”, the “enemy”.

12. How can we as aware and awakened humanity, prevent these EME’s with various religious and social agendas for control, overcome or disempower their entire agenda on feeding on humanity like they’ve done for thousands of years?

In the previous example of my relationship with the chickens, what could change our relationship? I suppose that if they would start to speak to me and organize political demonstrations and strikes I would give them (some) freedom. The evidence shows that the EME handle us as inferior beings, easy to manipulate. Basically they think that we are “stupid”, and that we deserve what we get. In history, small groups of humans have discovered the alien deception. The EME were always ready to handle an agreement. The most important group is composed by the what conspiracy theorist call the “Illuminati”. More pragmatically, they are old families that pass the secret of magical power and working relationship with the EME in their bloodlines. Another case that I introduce in the book is the so-called “Omega Secret”, a Vatican insider that came to Cristoforo Barbato, an Italian journalist, telling about an agreement between the EME and the Vatican. Also the military of the MJ-12 control group made the “grenada treaty” with aliens in exchange for technology. All those are only modern editions of the “devil pact” and typically the human side end badly. The EME have a very long experience in deception and manipulation.

13. What kinds of methods have you found helpful in your awareness and understanding of the Alien issue? And also, what practices have you found to be helpful for enabling a solution to the alien interference?

The approach that I follow is to use the Kabbalah and Vedanta (see for more information on my school). The first–the Dimensional Theory–which researcher Keel originally proposed, provides a “map” of the dimensional planes and their relationships. The second methodology is of “Discernment” and “Detachment” that I mentioned during the interview.

In my research I do not use hypnosis. The main source of the original information in the book is an “Imaginative” method that I learned by practicing the operative Kabbalah. “Magic” comes indeed from the ability to imagine (Imago in Latin). The method has similarities with the work of military remote viewers, or even with the Malanga’s SIMBAD. In my opinion these are only “partial rediscovery” of a certain knowledge which has never been lost. This is being actively used by the old noble families, who many call the “illuminati.”

A good public description in English of the method is available in the mirror page of the late magician “emperor Norton” (

I then refer to the existing literacy to compare my findings with the work of others.

Is the resulting proposed hypothesis valid?

During my research I found that the concept of “real” as opposed to the “fake” does not lead anywhere in this matter. The deception is part of the game. At this point we can only speak of “degrees of truth”, or even better of concepts that are adequate to describe and address the subject matter.

In my opinion the finding in “Apocalisse Aliena” are impotant enough to be considered, because opens from the inside a world that was rarery disclose.

EMEs in medieval literature are described as demons, and texts constantly recommend to be careful with their deceptions.

They will use any idea that you’re particularly fond of to deceive you.

According to the Vedanta any entities that stands between the researcher and one without Second (Sat Cit Ananda) should be discarded. In this sense, any distinction between entities “positive” and “negative” vanishes.

The source section of my book includes 150 books on UFO, abduction and related things in several languages (italian, Spanish, French, German and English).

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