The Alien Abduction Phenomena: The Epitome of Confusion

By Eve Frances Lorgen, M.A.

Even the UFO experts are baffled. There is no truer test of faith than to be immersed in the confusion of the alien abduction field. Perhaps the nature of its confusion tells us a bit about what we are dealing with. Is the ancient “author of confusion” the mastermind behind UFO and extraterrestrial encounters?

The mainstream stereotype of the alien abduction experience has been portrayed on popular TV series such as the X-files. This image is usually limited to the classic spaceship snatching the victim on a dark lonely road at night, then subjecting them to a series of alien medical experiments, which almost always includes intense scrutiny of the reproductive organs. After the subject is released, they may realize that they have lost a few hours of time, yet recall nothing about the interim of the UFO encounter. The abductee may find odd body marks such as triangular puncture marks, bruises, and implant scars with no memory of how they got them. Days, weeks, or even months pass until flashback memories of the incident surface, re-experienced as vivid dreams.

For those who are unfamiliar with the alien abduction field, you may think that the phenomena itself is hallucinatory. Conversely, if real, that the extraterrestrials are carrying out a genetic study of the human race. After all, most scholarly UFO abduction researchers keep pointing in the direction of the physical aspects, such as genetics and the alien hybrid-breeding program. In Dr. David Jacobs book “The Threat” the author addresses the sociological implications of the aliens deliberately wiping out humanity, saving only the hybrid human offspring, and specific abductees in pre-chosen bloodlines for the apparent purpose of human farming and breeding.

Other researchers such as John Mack, Ph.D., author of “Passport to the Cosmos”, focus on the evolutionary consciousness raising of “experiencers” catalyzed by the abduction experience and repetitive contact with aliens. This reality shattering way of life forces the abductee into a new paradigm of understanding the universe.

There is a mesmerizing trend even amongst educated researchers, that all the negative alien abduction reports, cannot be the fault of the spiritually advanced extraterrestrials. Instead, these traumatic reports must be carried out by the evil-government mind-control-projects.  (There are abductions or military abductions (MILABS) carried out by human secret government, but it is also believed that the secret government works in conjunction with the malevolent alien factions. Perhaps those humans working with these negative aliens have had their souls taken over, or sold them over to the aliens?)

The late Dr. Karla Turner’s books, Taken and Masquerade of Angels demonstrate other theories, which have slipped through the cracks. Dr. Turners work emphasized the joint collusion of human military and alien abductors. Not only were there alien Greys, but “reptilian” humanoid creatures, who appeared to be in control of even some elements of the human military-and our government! Clearly, by the millennium, the UFO phenomena revealed itself to be much more comprehensive than we had ever imagined.

Whatever the hypothesis might be, there is a tendency towards black and white thinking and confusion. It is clear there is some kind of war going on behind the scenes, and the evidence is confusion!

Are there really good and bad extraterrestrials– or are we seeing a cosmic rendition of the “good cop–bad cop” game? Do we have a convenient and believable cover story for each respresenative belief system regarding the alien’s motives?

Amidst the blanket of confusion most people are too distracted to see the magic trick taking place before their very own eyes. The confusion factor maintains the secrecy of the author of deceit.

While huge egos pontificate their scientific theories and logical sounding arguments about UFOs and their abducting occupants, they overlook one of the most important aspects of this alien induced human suffering. The hearts and souls of the people.

In the 2000 book, The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships, I address the core issues of the alien abduction phenomena. This groundbreaking work demonstrates what I believe to be the heart of the matter. Our most cherished commodity is our own hearts, our precious love lives, the very essence of the human soul. According to the Love Bite hypothesis, aliens will engineer and manipulate human relationships to engender the maximum drama and emotions out of the abductee. Love relationships, even illicit love affairs, are set up and destroyed for various reasons. The aliens appear to have a vested interest in human emotions and genetics, as if they are bioengineering the perfect human for their own exploitation.

What the people of the world want is sweet pabulum, wishful thinking that the extraterrestrials are here to bestow upon them great spiritual truths and evolution in consciousness. Instead, the ET’s may be offering us a sweet tasting pill, which, after swallowing may be bitter indeed.


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