Interview with Barbara Bartholic by Karmatoo

2007 Interview with Barbara Bartholic

Forward by James Bartley

This is a recent interview given to a French journalist by my mentor Barbara Bartholic. Barbara is the greatest alien abduction researcher in the world, bar none. In the interview the journalist mentions me in relation to the research into the crystal methamphetamine/crank connection to the reptilians and alien abductions thus giving the reader the mistaken impression that I had pioneered work in that particular field. In fact Barbara Bartholic was the pioneer in the crystal meth/alien abduction connection.

She had tutored me in the nuances of this particularly troubling facet of the alien abduction syndrome and I then independently confirmed her findings and added some of my own.

Many have wondered as to the exact nature of the death of her first and foremost protege, Dr. Karla “Kandy” Turner. Some have speculated Kandy was murdered by the military. In fact Kandy was given cancer by the ETs. Frankly I’m surprised that Barbara decided to share a little bit of this story in this interview. There is much more to it than the aliens giving Kandy cancer. There were other aspects to it, which I can’t get into.

What is particularly significant is Barbara’s revelation that Kandy has reached out from beyond the grave and contacted Barbara and passed on a message to her that was one of hope and ultimate victory. Keep this in mind because many of Barbara’s and Kandy’s critics and detractors are always bitching and moaning about how “negative” and “fear based” Kandy and Barbara are. I’ve had the same charge leveled at me.

This is complete nonsense. If we were fear based we wouldn’t be risking our lives doing what we do. And believe me, there are consequences to stepping over the line. Any half rate UFO researcher can get harassed by the military or government. But only the truly hard-core spiritual warriors get messed with directly by the reptilians and other negative ETs. This is the difference between the Big Leagues and the Minor Leagues. It’s nothing to be proud of I assure you.

I’ve been on the receiving end of such reptilian harassment and its nothing to write home about. Not only has Kandy contacted Barbara but she has contacted others I know. Kandy is not the only fallen spiritual warrior who has contacted us from “the other side.”

As the Obi Wan Kenobi character mentioned in the Star Wars epic to his nemesis and former protégé, Darth Vader “If you strike me down Darth, I will only grow stronger.” Amen to that. Spiritual Warfare. That’s what this gig is all about.


The Interview

by Karmatoo

You’ve conducted a great number of hypnotic regressions with abductees over a long period of time. What drove you to devote years of research to the alien abduction phenomenon?

1984 was my last meeting with the world-class, brilliant scientist, Dr. Jacques Vallee. Through his inspiration, my research into alien human abuse and control has proved the hypothesis he proclaimed in his important book, ‘Invisible College’: “UFOs may constitute a control system.” .” Why do I continue to research, under terrible duress, the most important subject in our universe? It’s clear. What could be more compelling than identifying what I call a “master control system” that defies all locks, law enforcement, physics, and governments, and last but not least, human rights; or identifying an alien-organized operation possessing such technical supremacy that they can hide in plain sight. It’s a force that can delude people into refusing to believe in their existence. At the same time, alien manipulative “overlord ship” is altering the course of human life.

We are confronted and confounded by an intelligence that has the ability to:

  • vacuum a car and its occupants right off the roadway and go unnoticed by all;
  • enter human minds or habitats day or night;
  • interfere with babies still in the womb;
  • abduct young children right from their beds or playgrounds undetected;
  • change the dynamics of relationships and love affairs;
  • cause disease;
  • create mental problems and drug addiction;
  • create wars and mutate generations as in their “Breed out the love” program.

These are just a few examples of the aliens’ abilities to modify human behavior and conditions. People came for my help as if guided by some “invisible hand” during the sightings and abductions in the early 80’s and 90’s. No, flying saucers are NOT flying back and forth, landing and taking off at breakneck speed. Air traffic control would be abominable. The ‘crashed saucers with dead aliens in New Mexico’ story is old news, and obscures the real threat to our world.

Compare it to the discovery of germs. Before the microscope, there were these “invisible things” causing sickness and death. Of course, there were good germs as well, but never forget that toxins could eventually destroy the world. So it is with the alien dominance.

Some skeptics claim that abductions are no more than memories from delusional episodes, and a number of psychologists seem to adopt the false memory theory (supported by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation), which denies the accuracy of adult claims of “repressed” memories of childhood sexual abuse or alien abductions. According to this foundation, real trauma is almost never forgotten, and memories recollected through hypnosis are almost invariably false and induced by hypnotherapists. Is hypnosis a good technique to get back abductees’ memories, and how do you make sure that hypnosis brings back true memories of true events?

One would think that by the year 2007, these foundations [False Memory Syndrome Foundation] would funnel their money into the most important research of all: the problematic alien abduction phenomenon. Most mental health experts remain in the Dark Ages when it comes to the validity of actual alien abductions. It’s still diagnosed as a mental abnormality.

To demonstrate this archaic response, consider the case of three attractive psychiatric nurses, working together at the same psychiatric hospital, who decided to spend their summer vacation together in New Mexico. While enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery, they agreed to turn off the main roadway onto what appeared to be a short-cut to their destination, which was a health spa. Fearing they were lost after hours of driving, they stopped at a small store in the middle of nowhere.

It was actually the entrance to an underground facility, camouflaged by an old storefront. Hypnosis revealed three matching descriptions of a large underground reptilian alien base. As the women left the store, they were disoriented, unable to speak properly, and barely able to reach their destination. One nurse sitting in the back seat was writhing in considerable back pain. They begged me to work with them to see what had happened. After extensive regressive hypnosis, they were all in agreement that they had been abducted and subjected to forms of mental and physical abuse.

I was curious as to whether they would seek help for their post traumatic stress from their superiors. They answered in unison, ”Noooooo! They would not believe us and would diagnose us as delusional. We would be ostracized from our highly specialized fields as mental health nurses and counselors.”

The mental health experts you refer to are not critical thinkers. They are taught to think within the parameters of their chosen field; they are taught how and what to think. It’s all laid out within a prescribed framework.

It’s logical to reason that children subjected to abuse could not possibly survive the memories of horrific experiences. It’s obvious they [the psychiatric community] haven’t done research into alien abductions. Healing comes to those who relived the truth—not false memories. When a victim is healed of destructive, self-medicating addictions and lingering fears and phobias related to their abduction experiences, they have peeled back the layers of stage-managed deception to see the truth. The hypnotist talented enough to execute this process has to be a specialist, trained in years of alien abduction memory retrieval. If executed correctly, hypnosis is a miracle tool.

Ninety-nine percent of abductees, after they see the truth, walk away, never wanting another experience with the so-called “space brothers.” Some of the participants who have had their egos curried, are made to feel special and desire contact, expecting to someday become recognized for their exceptionally privileged interactions with the aliens.

Things became complicated when Karla Turner explained that some E.T.-related experiences were, in fact, “Virtual Reality Scenarios” implanted by aliens– false memories, in a way. According to you, what’s the point of such a move?

Mixing and matching people, dissolving happy relationships is a sordid source of alien amusement. Alien mind control and the ability to manipulate time exceed the understanding of our greatest minds.

After researching her own family’s alien experiences for five years, Karla kept urging me to write and lecture. At the time, my caseload was so heavy I suggested that she might present my work in the form of books and lectures. She actually quit her professorship at North Texas University, and began the venture that eventually resulted in her untimely demise. As she publicly revealed the dark side of alien abduction, her days were numbered.

While doing her own research, she observed that virtual reality scenes projected into the minds of friends, family, and even her own could be effective in undermining the stability of relationships. The aliens know your deepest weakness, and they will attack with a vengeance. It was in one such scene that she was informed by an alien that she was in line for an ‘adjustment.” That’s when the process to terminate her life began in earnest; the murder began with psychological warfare.

Is there material evidence suggesting the extraterrestrial nature of the abduction phenomenon?

Yes there are physical objects, but there is absolutely no funding or money for sophisticated analysis.

However, most contacts appear inter-dimensional in nature. Some claim to have been awakened and summoned in a conscious state to board a hovering spacecraft that appears small in the initial phase, and enlarges to hospital size, with long corridors and examining rooms. As reported with out-of-body and near-death experiences, the consciousness of the individual separates from the flesh body and maintains awareness. In much the same way, it appears the aliens possess the technology to separate and project the person to their habitat. The body appears to reassemble at the alien base of operations. Are they taken to a spacecraft that’s zooming into outer space? Is it an illusion? Your guess is as good as mine.

Other experiences take place right in the person’s dwelling. Stage-managed imagery can control the minds of the participants to believe any scenario. There are reports of subterranean environments, detectable by the dank, musty odors. Some describe being transported to the interior of a mountain or underwater environments. So the spacecraft are inter-dimensional, but can appear physical.

Is it possible to avoid the repeated trauma of an alien abduction?

It all depends on the kind of contacts you’re experiencing. If it’s traumatic, you will experience the trauma. Look, it stands to reason that if you don’t even know ‘they’ are present, how can you avoid the trauma? Frankly, they feed off of your reactions. Trauma is a delicacy, this is truth.

You will not hear them knock at your door, cheerily announcing “Bonjour, Madame! We’re here to collect sperm and embryos! Tonight, vaginal and rectal probes are scheduled, but calm down. You won’t remember a thing in your conscious mind. Blood pressure pills, pain pills, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, alcohol, downers and uppers will take care of any lingering effects. Night-night!’

Humans are hunks of sedated flesh on an examining table; alien property to do with what they will while we are under their control. This can and does happen in your own home. If they want to change the sexual preference, they can. The husband you went to bed with, Bob, is now Betty in the morning. Or, if they want to see how he copulates with the neighbor down the street, man or woman, they can put them together on an inter-dimensional level. At the same time, you might fall hopelessly in love with the young guy pushing a broom at the grocery store.

Isn’t it time we asked, “Who or what gives the orders?” Why in ‘cosmic’ terms are they allowed to control humans? WE all must wake up; demand answers to these questions. Who runs this planet, anyhow?

Karla Turner thought that alien abduction process was especially harmful to human beings, and could even prove to be lethal in some cases. Well, it’s an understatement to say that this is not exactly the feelings of many abductees, scholars and researchers like Whitley Strieber or Richard Boyland. What do you think about it ?

My deepest respect is for researchers, scholars and many abductees who thankfully remain safe and secure during their valiant attempts to understand the ever-enigmatic UFO phenomenon. However, people must understand that the researchers who promote the alien agenda prosper. They are almost always rewarded for their efforts. For example, Richard Boyland and Whitley Strieber are both very much alive, while Dr. Karla Turner, described as a modern-day ‘Joan D’Arc, lies silent in her grave.

Those of us who reveal the darker side risk our lives on a daily basis. Many have died in the process, and have struggled with both financial and marriage difficulties and endless health problems. Not only have loved ones [of abductees who have come forward] died, but an alarming number of abductees I’ve personally worked with have just recently died of exotic brain tumors.

Dean Warwick, the most recent researcher who decided to tell what he knew about the numerous missing children and underground bases, died on stage before he reached the microphone. This is a warning: once you step beyond the veil, you will never be the same. Take it from me—don’t go there!

Many brave individuals threatened by alien, non-human entities traveled to seek the truth. Many had been warned by the aliens not to explore their abduction events, or their loved ones would die as a harsh punishment for disobedience. Past research has proved that alien information can be unreliable, although ‘their’ pronouncements of death threats in these cases proved to be true.

Rumor has it that Turner’s death was alien related. What about you? What do you think?

Kandy called me as soon as she came back from the cancer specialist for an emergency visit. She had just awakened that morning with a spectacular symbol imprinted on her liver. It was larger than a fifty cent piece in size, and it was embossed in a meticulous way. The angles were perfect, and it was a perfectly embossed symbol.

When the doctor, a cancer specialist, examined her, he said, “You must have had a visitation by aliens, because there is no human doctor or medical facility that could ever initiate a situation like this. No medical technology could create that impression on a human body.” The blood had been excised from this area so perfectly. The doctor said that nothing we have in medical science could extract the blood and create these perfect angles. He knew nothing about her involvement with aliens. You don’t ever bring that up around doctors, so he had no prior knowledge of her alien connection.

Jacques Vallee cautioned discernment when evaluating psychic transmissions. I was schooled that way, so I normally wouldn’t pay much attention. But something unusual happened just a few months after Karla’s death. This particular night, sleep was interrupted by the sad realization I would never hear Karla’s enthusiastic voice again, and I woke up at 7am on the morning of March 19, 1996, jolted by a loud explosion. A nearby transformer blew and caused a massive power outage. Naturally, all the electrical clocks stopped working, but so did my battery-powered grandfather clock.

Later that evening, I received a call from a psychic, Joanne Miller, who has occasionally worked with the Atlanta police department. She had seen Karla only one time, at a lecture in Atlanta. On this particular day, March 19th, she had gone to the store. When she got back in the car, she was overwhelmed with Karla’s presence urging her to “call Barbara Bartholic immediately.” The following is the message as I received it from the psychic. The fact that all of my clocks had indeed stopped that very morning caused me to listen carefully. I’m including this so that you can decide for yourself what you believe:


(From Joanne) She’s murdered.

(Karla’s message) The malfunction of your clock is the signal to you that I am present. Must present facts. Must keep up work. Don’t stop because of fear. Fear is their power. Not finished fighting. Will help from other side. There are good forces there. If you do not speak out, you are all accomplices. Death is not an end. I will watch over you. You are a witness to a crime. I love you.

Terence Mc Kenna, who died in 2000, put forward the theory that psychedelic drugs containing DMT like ayahuasca allow you to communicate with extraterrestrial beings evolving into other levels of consciousness. James Bartley goes even further and says that consumption of certain amphetamines (Crystal Methedrine, to be more precise) is dangerous in so far as it put you under the influence of negative aliens. Did your investigations confirm such things?

In the late ‘80s, an epidemic of methamphetamine addiction infected youngsters subjected to alien abductions. These individuals were living in a rather poor, rural community. This all-too-common side effect made me realize the aliens might be embarking on a serious drug program.

Currently, the number one drug problem in the United States is methamphetamine. It’s called the drug of violence. Once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop. It wreaks havoc on families. This drug opens the user to extreme psychic abilities. I’ve seen users actually read the mind of another person. This drug allows open access, enabling the alien to possess and dominate the addict.

Users have reported obsessive interest in child pornography, viewing it nonstop for days. Most importantly, many of the children born to addicts appear to have a different brain pattern, and many are without empathy. It’s a ‘breeding out the love” program. Yes, addicts do seem to interact with the alien, non-human life forms.

During the nineties, abductees like Katharina Wilson, Katie Davis or Melinda Leslie for instance, reported evidence of covert military involvement in alien abductions. At that time, this kind of report was very unusual and minimized by UFO researchers. Did you record an increasing number of that kind of accounts?

No, I have not noticed an increase. Many of the cases you refer to live close to military bases. The participants in the ‘siege’ were used for breeding purposes, death, disease, and foremost, mind control projects. That’s another sensitive area that people risk their lives to speak about.

So what must we deduce from this? That Secret Military-Intelligence community and government are involved in abduction, mind control, and harassment of alien abduction experiencers? Or that these kinds of events are screen memories implanted by aliens to cover the real activities of abduction?

Marianne Friedman, whom I felt would follow in Karla Turner’s footsteps, died soon after she was abducted and interrogated during a dream, in what appeared to be a joint military/ alien base. She was tortured, and required medical treatment and future surgery on her neck due to her inhumane treatment. She was a warrior, and uncovered so much information about the human mind and the use and function of ‘implants.’ She was intuitive, and no novice to the aliens’ medical agendas. She could not discern whether the aliens had used illusions and mind control to make her believe the human military was involved, and admitted she remembered reptilian alien forms wearing American military garb, confusing the memories.

Now we will never know. Following the alien intimidation to break her willful resistance, her beloved dog suddenly died of cancer. She followed shortly thereafter—dead from a sudden brain attack at the age of 47.

According to you, what did Karla Turner contribute to the alien abduction research?

Dr. Karla Turner knew the odds, and yet began to reveal the truth, knowing it could cost her life. With her unyielding tenacity, even after she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she was focused and determined to stay the course. She wrote the books and gave dynamic lectures that are changing the course of people’s lives. Her lectures, which you can see online, are inspiring people and inspiring courage in people. She disseminated the information and encouraged numerous people.

Even in death, Dr. Karla Turner’s legend has brought forth more young people who are carrying on the fight to unmask the deception.


Karmatoo © Karmapolis – mai 2007

She thanks her friend, Shannon Hall-Harris for helping make this interview possible.


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